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  1. Hi, Am looking for a simple wall-mount "volume knob" to control my multi-zone design with Amp TS-PAMP8-100. I want to give each zone an easy way to turn up/down the volume. Any idea? Thanks PS: my 8-zone design is composed of C4 EA-3, Audio-matrix TS-AMS8-1165 and Amplifier TS-PAMP8-100
  2. Overall, what would be a good option when I need to setup 8 Wi-Fi audio sources to attach to Triad matrix? Chromecast is not really an audio device but it has the "Google cast" protocol and all mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, iOS, etc) are compliant therefore will be able to stream music. Thanks
  3. Hi, Am new to Control 4 and I am setting up a home with audio distribution (8-zone). 2 questions: 1. What is the difference between "Triad 8-Zone Power Amplifier" & "8-Zone Matrix Amplifier"? 2. I would like to attach 8 chromecast (coupled with HDMI splitter) to the 8 inputs and allow real audio distribution, since chromecast can run in both Android & iOS. It will offer good flexibility. What do you think? Thanks
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