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  1. Yes to multiple access points. Many thanks for your tip about a printer only SSID.
  2. Yes. We have a 5.0 and 2.4 set up by installer. Most everything is on 5.0. HP printer was 5.0 and AOK until this weekend. HP support said to change to 2.4. But cannot connect to either because they show available without opportunity to put in password.
  3. I have AT&T internet service and router. Control4 installer installed an Araknis router and and two Araknis wireless access points. For most activity, we use the networks set up on the Araknis equipment. These are not allowing re-connection of the wireless printer because of no opportunity to input the password. Printer will connect to AT&T router with password, but signal is very week compared to Araknis network used for Control4.
  4. For no known reason, my HP wireless printer lost connection to my Control4 network. Networks, both 5.0 and 2.4 show up on the printer screen as seen. However, they do not show the padlock as secured and will not connect because they do not give an opportunity to input the network password. Printer wireless does work. I set up iPhone as a hot spot and printer connected - required hot spot password. Why would Control4 networks not give opportunity to enter password to connect?
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