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  1. I deactivated QoS again and it still works so it was probably the built in switch in EA-5 that was the problem.
  2. I moved the NAS to where the switch was and connected it directly, it works now Kind of good to be home sick for a few days. Soon everything will be working perfectly😁
  3. I tried setting the priority higher for media in my router (the Pakedge is just a switch I came to realize). It seems like it worked for the EA-3 but not the NAS.
  4. The NAS is directly connected to the built in switch in the EA-5. I can stream from a laptop connected wirelessly to the same network while the NAS is connected to the EA-5. But since I am not a digital engineer, maybe it doesn´t matter if the NAS is directly connected? Maybe the stream goes through the Pakedge router anyway? I should probably try with a different router.
  5. The Pakedge router is not between the NAS and the EA-5. Was that what you meant?
  6. I have an EA-3 which has had problems streaming Spotify since the start and now my EA-5 has the same problem streaming from a NAS. The problem is that the sound drops out every second so it sounds like studdering. Both controllers have ethernet cables connected to them connected to a Pakedge router. The NAS is an old Netgear RNDU2000 which is also connected through ethernet cable to the EA-5 (built in switch). It works fine when I stream music from the NAS to other units (laptop). The NAS worked fine for several years but the EA-3 has had problems from the start except for when playing Tunein.
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