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  1. Samsung Terrace has full sun versions in 65 and 75. 10k and 13k
  2. leon Soundsculpture https://www.leonspeakers.com/ente-sound-sculpture
  3. If you are being nickeled and dimed, it is your wonderful dealer doing that. C4 sells product and services to dealer. Dealer resells product and services to you. Unless you bought a 4sight sub from C4 directly, which is doubtful, you have never purchased anything from Control4. Maybe a 4sight renewal ($99per year) was a direct purchase. Other than that, every charge you have paid is to your dealer. All of your nickels and dimes are because of the dealer. Oh and any "terrible customer service" is, again a dealer issue. If you need after hours service, your dealer either offers it or doesn't. Has nothing to do with Control4. You as an end user have no point of contact with Control4, only your dealer does. The only time C4 ever steps in is rarely when a terrible dealer screws someone over C4 might step in to get another dealer on board. Sounds like everyone of your issues stems from your dealer. And the fact that you sound like a DIYer that shouldn't have purchased a dealer-centric control system in the first place. Oh and Alexa does suck, but again nothing to do with Control4!
  4. Micros retail for $599 USD. The Nanos retail for $599 also. Core (required to use Nanos) retails for $1499. Nothing else is included. Software licensing starts at $600 for one year license for 9 or less rooms
  5. You can order Contemporary APD in White now. I only checked a couple of colors and the y were back ordered. Contemporary Color change kits show backordered as well. KDs show as backordered too. Short answer, can order now but only white APD in stock
  6. But the Epsons aren't 4k projectors are they? 1080 chip with pixel shift? The Sony and JVC are native 4k chipsets.
  7. Sony 950H or 95J if you can't get the 950H still. Sony over Samsung All day every day.
  8. Use Roku Ultras for your video sources. Flawless IP control with C4, direct app access etc. Also half ish the cost of Apple TV. Apple TVs are only reliable with IR control and lack direct app access etc. Not sure what you mean by the ads on a Roku. I push Netflix/Prime?Hulu etc on my C4 remote and launch directly to those apps, hardly ever see the Roku menu. Don't use built in apps on TVs except in rooms you rarely use . Video over IP becomes fairly close in cost to matrixes over 8x8. But flexibility and scale are a win. Figure 1k per source and 1k per display at least for Just Add Power Binary Moip etc. Plus the POE switches and network infrastructure. If using C4 for control, use C4 lighting. If this is a new construction use panelized, especially for this large a house. For shades you can use Lutron still with a RA2 select hun as interface, or Qmotion with native Zigbee, or Screen Innovations. Wire for power if you can and control if possible. If you want the TV audio over the distributed system, you will need to bring audio back from the TV if usoing local sources to an audio matrix then to the amps. If all central, video matrix/voip audio extracted to audio matrix. Use Zektor audio matrixes. C4 can integrate with Honeywell, DSC and a few other security panels. Carrier infinity will be separate.
  9. The Triad Nano is a solution only for a small secondary room and needs a sub to sound even decent. The Micro is pretty good in a decent sized living room and for its size works pretty well. Still needs a sub IMO. The Mini is good by itself but its huge. (and really still needs a sub) Use an AVR and a Triad Micro or Mini and a sub and you'll be happy. Two channel Nano or Micro off a Triad 8 zone amp with no sub isn't going to good IMO.
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