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  1. lmao sounds like my current job (software architecture) 🙂 Maybe I need a different plan 😉
  2. I think the setting up of inter-vlan firewalls will be their sticking point but maybe I'll get a chance to talk to one of their networking guys when I go to their showroom on Thursday. I can do the networking myself if need be but, I'm throwing $ at this to save myself time and get a quality initial setup. @cdepaola Your point about where to skimp or not is reasonable and while i'm not convinced the 310 is the best value for the money, i'm prepared to invest there to make the integrator's job easier but I'm resistant to just tossing out the perfectly good pfsense box I purchased. Anyway..
  3. We purchased a new house and rather than go the DIY route i've decided to go with a c4 dealer to set us up. I'm ok trading $ for time & a professional setup however I'm evaluating the proposal the dealer made and was wondering about places where I might save a few bucks here and there. He's pushing an araknis 310 switch and, although it seems a bit pricey, i sounds like a solid unit from what I've read here and it's what they are used to configuring so I'm prepared to go with that. I'm less convinced I need the router he's proposing... I'd rather keep my PFSense firewall and open a do
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