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  1. Many thanks but does this mean Control4 cannot add a virtual dummy load? Alternatively, could the problem be resolved by using a different virtual driver?
  2. Does the Control4 Lighting System cater for Dummy Loads to be added to stablise flickering LED spots or tape? If so how do you add a Dummy Load?
  3. Where can I find guidelines on the tests to be performed by an electrician to certify the installation of our centralised lighting system? Do they cover testing every circuit?
  4. Thank you very much for coming back to me. 1. I agree on about the Reports (i.e. Panel, Module & Load Reports) from a user perspective. I should have been clearer as I was looking at it from our electrician’s point of view and how it would help to determine the cable run(s) from the consumer unit/braker(s) to the terminal blocks and network cable requirements. What does the electrician need to know to decide the number of breakers per panel? Will the Reports/can the Reports also hold information about 3rdParty equipment housed in the Panels such as DMX Modules, Network Switches and Control4 Dry Contact Input Modules - they will all need cables?. Does the electrician need to factor in the installation of an Auxiliary Switch? 2. With the exception of the DMX Modules, we are using only using Control4 equipment (i.e. Keypads, Terminal Blocks, Adaptive Phase Dimmer Modules , Relay Modules and a 0-10v Dimmer Module). Our Lights are from a variety of manufactures using a variety of physical Constant Current or Constant Voltage drivers depending on the requirement for the lights. Will this impact the virtual driver(s) used on our systems for the lights? When you say, “stop using PRO when it’s obvious you shouldn’t”, please excuse my lack of knowledge but is there an example you can give me as I do not understand this comment. 3. Is there a list of the screen controls that are allowed using the I-Series and Control4 that is not available to the K-Series that you can share with me? 4. As the norm is view only for CCTV cameras on Control4, hopefully in real-times, is it also normal to have a Hikvision specialist set up the CCTV and NRV and take the homeowner through the features and how to operate them? 5. We have the new Mini Door Station (C4-DS2MINI-BL). Our Control4 operating system is 3.2.1 and we are using Intercom Anywhere app version and iPhones using iOS 14.4.1. We have experienced periods where we have missed visitors or deliveries whilst being at home because our iPhones did not ring or register that someone had pressed the bell/intercom button. They hear the bell but don’t receive an answer from us. Do you know of any known problems given this additional information? Thanks again for your help.
  5. By way of an introduction, I'm new to this forum and I'm a homeowner with a Control4 System that controls our lighting and CCTV. I have a few basic questions and do not want to reinvent the wheel. I am looking to find out: The scope and use of information in the Panel Report, Module Report and Load Report. The lighting information needed to determine the virtual driver used to control each light. For example, does the Control4 driver work with all lights? Alternatively, what information is needed to determine what the best driver is to use for a particular light? Why does Hikvision say you should use a I-Series and not a K-Series NVR with Control4? Why have CCTV system that us cannot really control using Control4. If you need a separate app, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having Control4? Are there some know reasons for the Door Station being unreliable. We have been at home and missed visitors and deliveries because our iPhones have not ring/notified us that someone is at the door. Are these the sorts of questions I can find help about on this forum?
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