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  1. Thanks. Does Composer HE work on a Mac? I have not used it, but I could probably get Composer HE since it seems like it can be useful to make some tweaks without bothering (and waiting for) the installer/dealer.
  2. Thanks, "Roku" shows up as "Watch" option (but not "Roku Channels", nor "Netflix", nor "Amazon-Prime"). I do have "Roku" as a 'favorite', but in order to get to Netflix or Amazon-Prime I first have to select "Roku" and then within Roku I navigate to those streaming services and select them. I wanted to avoid that extra step if possible.
  3. Thanks, that is what I would do, but I do not see the graphical Icon for Netflix or Amazon-PRIME on C4-Mobile nor the C4-Tablet, else I would press the graphical Icons and make them favorites. I guess I should have asked - ┬┐How do I get the Icons for those two streaming services to show up on the C4-Tablet or the C4-mobile? Currently, the only way I can access Netflix or Amazon-PRIME is to first select Roku and then from within Roku I navigate to the select the streaming service. I want to avoid having that extra step.
  4. Will I need an installer dealer to set up Netflix and Amazon-PRIME as "favorites"? Or is this something that End-Users can set-up? I have OS3 on the C4 and the streaming services (Netflix, Amazon-PRIME) are accessed via Roku Premiere-Plus. The Roku is set up as a favorite but I want be able to select Netflix and Amazon-Prime directly from the Room's home page without first having to select Roku.
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