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  1. It’s a CAA66. The Russound driver doesn’t specifically name this unit as supported, but it works like a charm.
  2. EA-5 movement isn’t possible because it is where everything else is (theater, CAT6 to cameras, cable for cable modem, etc. The Russound is connected via Ethernet to RS232, but just barely…. via a powerline Ethernet adaptor.. So, the HC800 would simply get the synced audio from the EA-5 to the Russound?? That might be a really great option!
  3. Hmmm.. sounds like a potential option. I have a line on a well priced Triad One which was why I was originally thinking in that direction.
  4. Would this maintain native control through the C4 interface? i.e. Pandora, Tidal, or airplay?
  5. I am looking for some help to figure out whether or not a triad one would work for my specific scenario. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Currently, my EA-5 and Russound whole home audio systems are in separate locations and I have no way to pull them into the same location to provide a wire from the audio output of the EA-5 to the audio input of my Russound system. I am able to control my Russound system with Control4 via an Ethernet to RS232 adaptor (Global Chache’). As a stop gap, I am currently using a long range Bluetooth transmitter from the EA-5 to a Bluetooth receiver on the Russound. It works ok, but sometimes it doesn’t sound great. So, I am looking for a more permanent solution. I came across the Triad One and was wondering if this would solve my issue? Could I have the Triad One provide the audio out to the Russound (synced with the EA-5 audio) while still maintaining zone control of the Russound system via Ethernet from the EA-5 as I have today? Thank you!
  6. So did you use RS232 or Ethernet? What level of control do you have? Valves, temperature, lights? Any limitations?
  7. About to start new pool construction at my home. I have the opportunity to choose between Jandy and Pentair automation and I am wondering which path I should go? i.e., which one is better for C4 integration and overall control through C4? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  8. Not to hijack the thread, but it is relevant. Has anyone noticed that sometimes the Tidal playback on C4 gets wonky? I’ve noticed that sometimes a song will playback twice or music will stop playing. This happens predominantly when I’ve selected to shuffle playback.
  9. Both replies here are extremely helpful, and how I had assumed that it should be wired. I have done a fair amount of electrical work around my home, including many other 3 and 4-way switches - so very familiar. Thank you both for the detail here!!
  10. I just picked up a KD120 and an auxiliary switch to replace two 3-way switches in my home. I do have a neutral wire available, but I’m a little confused with the wiring instructions that came with the keypad. It shows that for a 3-way configuration that the yellow auxiliary wires must be connected together. Since this isn’t possible in an already built home, is there another way to wire this? I have hot, neutral, ground, and a traveler at both switch locations. Thanks!!
  11. I don't think that they are. He/she doesn't respond to PMs.
  12. @AK1 - currently working with him and his team. Top notch!
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