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  1. Hello I have just moved into a new home with a control 4 system. The system has 5 keypads each with 6 buttons on them. I believe from research that these are ZigBee pro. The lighting in the home does not work, the keypads seemed to have white leds showing apart from 2 on each keypad that were blue. The previous owner has taken their router with them. There are two 8 channel dimmers. There is 1 Bus Ethernet gateway. There is 1 C4-HC250-BL-1 controller. I just want the lighting working from the keypads. So far I have Installed a new router Assigned the IP of the controller to in the router I did do a network reset on the controller but I did not do a factory reset. On the keypads I pressed the top button 9 times bottom 4 and top 9 each keypad turned off and back on again with all leds lit blue. The controller has the power and link lights lit The dimmers led are flashing orange/green. We can control all the circuits by using the buttons on the dimmer units but not from the keypads. I am waiting for a pro to get back to me but in the meantime what would you recommend I do next? Thanks in advance
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