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  1. Very creative!... thanks for sharing. It also led me to one of your previous posts that listed driver developers...which identified at least two ways to rename devices. Thanks! Sure glad to find that function; I've had to rely upon my dealer for name edits. That feature will save a lot of time (and expense).
  2. I'm new to C4 and Composer, but had a previous home automation system with When/Then programming capability. I found your post while looking for a way to (1) determine the elapsed or remaining time on a running timer and (2) display that information either in a notification or on the screen. Do you know if that can be done and/or would you be willing to share your "workarounds for both hours and days using thermostats to display the hours / days to go in the countdown and Blackwire’s emoji pack (up and down arrows) to change the starting point (up / down and hour / day)"?
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