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  1. Aack. Wrong system for me I guess Hopefully can salvage the whole house audio, and will stick with Home Assistant for general automation.
  2. Thanks eggz - unfortunately do not know in any reasonable detail what is there. Also don't know versions, OS,etc. There is a multichannel amp for whole house, two small "Control4 boxes" in the house, and a wall mounted touchscreen. We move in a week, so will have more detail then. So even adding something like a new light switch requires a dealer and cant be done with HE?
  3. Apologies for what must be a common question, but couldn't find an FAQ or intro content. Any links to good content? We are moving into a house that has a Control4 system. It is used mostly for whole house audio, but also some light control. The house has an alarm, but I dont think it is integrated. Do I need any account info from the current homeowner in order to establish my own login/account and to use the existing config? I am a very technical user - currently running Home Assistant at current home. Will I be able to do things like OS upgrades and adding devices
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