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  1. But this one only works with TCC thermostats? I see what seems to be an official Honeywell Home driver for C4, but it hasn't been updated since October 2020. EDIT: My dealer let me try the driver I mentioned, it seems to work well. Except I can't figure out how to get indoor humidity reading and control...
  2. Hey all, Wondering if anyone knows what driver exists that will give me the best C4 experience with my Honeywell T10 Pro? Also, any free options? regards!
  3. Hi there, I can help you test this on my current Homebridge setup running on a Synology NAS. Let me know! Thanks
  4. Hi all, Up until this morning I was able to see snapshots and motion recordings captured from the Chime for the last 7 days, but just a couple of hours ago everything under History disappeared, and all motion events since are not being captured. Is there any known cloud issue ongoing today with C4?
  5. I upgraded to Composer HE 3.2.2 and now it seems the driver properties page is appearing. I do have to say though, this properties panel has a lot less settings than the HTML page directly on the Chime does. The sections are similar, but it seems many of the more advanced settings remain hidden on the device's GUI via that backdoor link.
  6. I read about the HTML settings missing from HE and found the /setup/network/network_streaming.html link in another thread. I was able to set up my motion zones in there, and change some stream settings, but there is nothing in there regarding recordings or notifications. Is there another HTML settings page that can't be found in what I'm accessing?
  7. Hi there, Pretty new to all this stuff as I just got my new home integrated with some small things, one of those things being the PoE version of the Chime Doorbell. I'm trying to take it easy on my dealer as I've overwhelmed him with so many questions and requests, I'd figured I'd leave the not-so-important concerns for this forum. I was reading up on the Chime's original marketing that stated: "Chime stores 7 days worth of video recordings in the Cloud for playback through the mobile app or Control4 touchscreens. For more comprehensive surveillance systems, you can pair Chime to re
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