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  1. New to the C4 ecosystem and really like it but surprised that there is no native geofencing for my iPhone. I've read about IFTTT solutions but don't want to start messing with that. I had a network of Nest products at my old house and this feature was baked in and extremely useful.
  2. Hi Guys, New to this group and Control4. Bought a house in Toronto that has a ton of C4 stuff and met with the support dealer this morning - not impressed. He was supposed to "teach" me about the system and what we have and the first statement was that the controllers are old and you should buy new ones, the cameras are old and you should buy new ones, the system needs to be reformatted and I need to reprogram it for you. Anyhow, didn't leave a great taste in my mouth as it sounded like all he wanted to do was find a way to sell me new stuff. Does anyone have a Dealer in Toronto that they trust to not take you to the cleaners?
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