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  1. Interesting- any links to this configuration? I'm not real savvy on IFTTT so this might be an adventure!
  2. From my reading on this forum, geofencing seems to be a bust so I'm thinking my only way to set a home/away status is with a boolean variable. The real trick- how does one trigger it? Some ideas came to mind, but they have a number of challenges: Use the alarm panel. Maybe, but we don't set the alarm very often (small children and dogs) except on vacations. I suppose I can change my habits, but I fear a lot of false alarms to the cops.... 6 year olds are notoriously unreliable when it comes to verifying the alarm is off before they let the dog out the back door... Program a keypad button near the door that sets home/away. That's not very "smart", but effective. Set a timer that's reset every time a manual activity inside the house happens. TV turns on, lights turn on, etc resets the "Home" timer. Would have to figure out how to separate scheduled activities from manual ones. My primary desire is to have the HVAC setting change based on the occupancy. My last house had a Honeywell Lyric thermostat and geofencing worked beautifully. I'm struggling with it in this new house- the builder installed Cor thermostats and they don't have geofencing.... Any other ideas?
  3. Apologies- I'm still new to this. I assume I need to download an agent before it'll appear here?
  4. C4 integrator spec'ed this DSC TL280(R)E Internet Alarm communicator and had me call my alarm installer to have it installed. They also do C4 and advised against it: The DSC NEO can have 1 communicator connected. The TL280RE is an internet only communicator with the RS232 so it can “talk” to the C4. With the NEO panel you can remote access it through 1 remote app. Either alarm.com or C4. We typically install the TL280LER-AT when we are setting up an AV system we installed. This allows the RS232 communication and cellular communication to TBI (No alarm.com) One of the other issues, that has happened several times, is we are not able to work on or program the C4 and your integrator cannot work on or program the DSC Neo. If there are issues with the programming we end up at a standstill. Basically 2 companies saying the other doesn’t know what they are doing. Unfortunate but happens. We are ok coming out to work to get your system integrated but wanted you to be aware of the issues we’ve seen doing this. If you agree to have us set up our end with DSC and something with the C4 isn’t working and it cannot be resolved by the 2 companies we still have to charge our service charges. I guess he's saying I need the TL280LE(R)-AT? BS or legit? My integrator hasn't yet responded, so I thought I'd ping the experts here..
  5. That's exactly what my installer said as well- Chime records continuous. Which seems like a catastrophic limitation.
  6. It works if I click on the Chime- I get a live stream form my doorbell. But when I select one of the Luma 410 cameras, I get nothing.... Just the spinning circle...
  7. Two questions: My installer told me that adding the Chime to my 510 NVR "it always records and it will fill the hard drive up really quick". I have the base 1TB model, but adding another 4TB drive is $109 for a WD Purple drive if that will be sufficient. Currently have five 410 cameras. Thoughts? I personally don't like relying on the "history" tab in the C4->Security->Cameras section. Again my installer claims C4 only keep snapshots of the cameras and I cannot view live feeds of the IP cameras in the C4 app or on my TV. I have to open the Luma app. Somebody said I have to change the streaming from H.265 to H.264? I assume that has other drawbacks like poorer compression?
  8. I can confirm that the Chime rings a standard mechanical doorbell just fine.
  9. I have the motion video setup as described, but I don't appear to have an option for that video clip when I setup the push notification agent. Just the snapshot. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Ok, so after more tinkering with C-HE, I stand corrected- you can change the motion zones and sensitivity. I don't see an easy way to snooze alerts, though. The viewing angle is indeed wider with the Chime- just that the image is compressed horizontally on the live Chime call. The real difference is in low-light conditions where the Chime is B&W and the Ring is still full color. Is that configurable?
  11. The Chime app is a standalone app (C4 Intercom) and runs on IOS, so yes- you should be able to have it ring and display video on any device running the app, including an iPad. HOWEVER- If you don't have any C4 screens or C4 audio, I would suggest a Ring doorbell instead. I went from a Ring Elite to the Chime and I'm seriously considering going back. The Chime is nowhere near as intuitive as the Ring, nor is it as flexible. The Ring app makes it simple to configure all aspects of the device- snooze motion alerts, change sensitivity, set motion zones, view past events with video, etc. The Chime is just far less sophisticated. Or at least less sophisticated to the common person with C-HE available. Motion alerts are inconsistent and have to be configured in C4. My installer still has to configure something because I have zero access to past video or motion events. That's right- a video doorbell that I can't see any history. Who knows why. Oh, and the video quality of the Chime sucks in comparison to Ring.
  12. DAVIDN


    Can you explain how you can use Alexa to geofence trigger into C4? Alexa can see my Advanced lighting scenes which I created in the C-HE "Agents" tab, but none of the other things like Variables. Do I create a fake scene called "Geofence-Home" with no activities so that Alexa can fire that off? Then trigger the Agent Variable "Home" based on the Geofence-Home scene being triggered?
  13. Perfect- thank you! You configure that directly in the Chime doorbell (via the IP address) or some app I don't have? That doesn't look like Composer HE.
  14. I guess my installer failed to do that- my LUMA app only shows the surveillance cameras, not the Chime. Thanks- I'll add it to the list of things for him to fix.
  15. That will get me a media clip at the time the doorbell rang and a specified period before/after? What about motion events- can it be configured to save video from those events too?
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