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  1. do essential forward phase switches add zigbee mesh? I see the c4 thermostat does but the im not sure about tge essential line of switches.
  2. My dealer added the tilt sensor to my garage, under my great room but it wont let me access the sensor state. It shoukd open and closed as it should under the monitoring tab of composer he, but under programming (i wanted to have the lights flash on state change close to open) it doesnt show. Nor does it show under system variables. Any thoughts on what I'm missing?
  3. Oh yeah. I mis read that you are correct.
  4. C4-V-ODIM120-WH & C4-V-OSW120 https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/outlets The Control4 Plug-In Outlet Dimmer and Switch easily plug into outlets to offer complete control of your plug-in lights. Control4 Smart Lighting control solutions are suitable for all homes and let you add rooms and functions when it makes sense for you. Also a wired outlet. Only the bottom one is zigbee controled also they act as repeaters. Is always an option but backordered.
  5. If I had a control4 switch controlling the dryer vent fan for my laundry and I wanted to automate it, when dryer is turned on (120v, not electric) turn on fan. I was thinking of using a TP-link energy sensing plug to be used as the trigger to turn on the switch. Is there an easier or cheaper way?
  6. Switched to Active cooling state, which worked. I needed to add a delay to account for some a/c stuff, but it works great! Thanks for all your help working through this. Hopefully I can pay it forward at some point. I will wait on heating active as its two stage, so hopefully not as loud.
  7. Yeah. I dont disagree, its located right in our living space in a column between the kitchen and greatroom, but moving it to the attic is something I cant afford at the moment. Ill keep poking around variables, if nothing works ill just wire in a relay
  8. Just curious what are your favorite lighting systems that work with control 4 and allow for changing either color or white temperature? Ideally looking for recessed options and accent options.
  9. Hi South Africa, grateful for your response. The variable changes, but only when I select on not auto for the fan at the theromostat. When I press execute in the upper right, of the programming screen in HE. during testing it works. It doesnt work in practice because Im assuming the variable doesnt change. Any way to log just that variable?
  10. Android works fine, but the iphone app is using a ton of battery. No intercom just the os3 app. Thoughts?
  11. My issue is that the fan state changes physically, but doesn't seem to be changing in this variable (fan state). I'm using the newest Control4 HVAC so it should know what is going on...
  12. Ir emitter. It works. Programming works when I click execute.
  13. Tried "On" and it still doesnt work in practice. It does work on execute for when the fan is off for vol down and up for when the fan in on.
  14. Tried "On" and it still doesnt work in practice. It does work on execute for when the fan is off for vol down and up for when the fan in on.
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