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  1. We're delighted to support www.superklick.com in their venture to make accessing #Velbus hardware and training as easy and painless as possible. www.velbus.eu/products If you're looking for the best in home & commercial automation and digital control or want to offer it to your clients and need training and support, give www.SuperKlick.com/smarthome a call. ***** Fully supported in Control4 ***** https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4225048754288726&id=1355268827933414&m_entstream_source=group
  2. Not many more weeks left until all of you can use the www.velbus.eu/products hardware in your projects. Get in touch to arrange a demonstration of the kit Here's two videos that give some hints of what's possible https://youtu.be/Z5v9kWD-Qa8 These drivers will be available to everyone around the world. If you buy from a UK or Belgian distributor, the drivers will be provided absolutely free.
  3. We're planning on including this Weather station in the Control4 driver It provides :- Wind Speed Rain fall Light Level External Temperature As well as 8 button events which can be configured within the device to signal that any combination of parameters have breached a threshold. For example., a button state will show as pressed if Wind speed has exceed 62KPH AND rain fall if greater than 100mm per hour for more than 10 seconds. (As shown here) Or Light level is below a threshold AND wind speed is above a threshold AND rain fall is above a threshold
  4. Just to show what a wall full of Velbus edge lit panels looks like, check out this LinkedIn post https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paul-vereecke-4abb5129_velbus-tactile-switchestop-design-and-ugcPost-6821104365906997250-H3bv
  5. I'm sure this isn't a surprise to anyone, but here's a little demo of a Velbus glass panel displaying live "Now Playing data" via the "Memo Text" feature. Volume & transport control is done by monitoring button events. It'll also be possible to force an Edge Lit Oled panel to jump to a page, as well as setting the edge colours. https://youtu.be/Z8eNarsBUgc
  6. Thank you to the >100 people that have viewed this thread. (July 2021) If you can post a reply, positive or negative, to guide us on this journey, we'd really appreciate it. We want to create a set of drivers that will really bring extra value to your projects. On that subject, how many of you use or want to use #DALI devices? We've considering adding the Velbus DALI gateway. https://www.velbus.eu/products/view/?id=455434 It supports :-- 64 Dali channels (Set & Read) 16 groups 16 scenes (with colour support)
  7. Update I'm reliably told that the Velbus drivers should be ready by the end of September. If you have a project / client in mind, use this link to see if there is a Velbus distributor in your area www.velbus.eu/sales Or post a reply here and I'll help
  8. What a wonderful answer. Thank you so much, that's very encouraging. I / we really appreciate your reply. If you want to grab a bit of Velbus hardware to try, I'd be happy to do you a great deal on a demo kit. (If all goes well, we should have C4 drivers in about 8 weeks)
  9. Hello Group We've started the process of getting drivers written for Velbus in Control4 and would really like all your help and guidance. Obviously we'll cover the basics but we're interested in knowing how much control over the more interesting features you would want and use. For example the relays and dimmers both have the ability to set an ON duration. So instead of setting up a timer in Control4 to turn something OFF after a timeout, the Velbus module will take care of that. (From 1 second to 3 days) (Yes, the timers are resettable to accommodate multiple triggers) The fade time for dimmers can also be set in a single command. IE. 30 minutes to fade to a level. (Sunrise simulation etc) Please comment on this and help us delivery a solution that could make your lives easier. Things I'd like to ask regarding the Glass Panels in the range, are.. "Would you like to be able to push text into the displays" "Would you like control the edge colours" I'll ask all these in a separate post, if there is interest. Thanks in advance for your time and input. 8 pages of 4 button with fully adaptable display. All 4 edges serve as RGBW ambient lights and Feedback (in different colours if required) All Velbus glass panels contain HVAC thermostats, with 4 pre-sets for heating and 4 pre-sets for cooling.
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