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  1. Yes, I saw the post, thank you. But I agree, they are asking too much. Plus, I am not a fan of buying used AV equipment. I was wondering if there are any other reputable brands I should look for that may work. Thanks
  2. I am having trouble finding Leaf units (didn’t realize these were also discontinued). Any recommendations on a good quality balun I can use to replace the C4 unit? Thanks
  3. Great! I will give it a try. Thanks for the quick response!
  4. Hi… One of my Control4 baluns seems to have stopped working. My understanding is that these have been replaced with the newer Leaf units. Can I simply swap out the one unit (have 5 total) or does it require upgrading additional equipment on the other end? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  5. Understood. Thank you for the prompt reply.
  6. Hi everybody... I am new to Control4 and these forums. I recently started playing around with some of the limited programming we can do without a dealer and came across Composer ME. But when I downloaded it off the Customer Portal, the versions did not match. I downloaded the most recent available ( but it seems my Controller is on a newer version ( Where can I find this version? Screenshot appears below. Thanks in advance for any help.
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