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  1. OT: for a chipped (not cracked) screen. Any easy fix recommended? There is a small chip on the screen area of a T3 I have received.
  2. On the C4 Touchscreen data sheet it says the more screens you have the lesser quality when doing intercom anywhere. Is this correct?
  3. Can an app on a native Android TV be put as a shortcut? If not can it be set up as a shortcut under watch? If for example the app I want to use is NBA League Pass. Then Pressing WATCH and then select the NBA app would turn on the TV and start the app? I am quite sure that this would work for a dedicated android box like chromecast or nvidia shield, but not sure this would work on a Sony Android TV?
  4. I am thinking in terms of advancement in other technology such as smartphones and voice activated services. If someone rings the door station and your sitting on the couch with your phone nearby, would you really get up to the living room screen to talk/unlock or just do it from the phone? So in that aspect already your dependency on the touchscreens are reduced. Same with a NEEO remote.
  5. Would you have all 10s if you got chance to change?
  6. How come is it impossible? Because of cost or infrastructure?
  7. If you have installed 18 screens then why is largest system to date 4 screens? Or am I missing something here?
  8. I thought T4 was the best choice hands down if price is not an issue?
  9. Update: Do not need any more T4 screens at the moment. So just looking for T3 at the moment. Any size/type/color is fine.
  10. Please send me a pm if you have any screens for sale. Prefer black but can consider white. Need a total of 8 screens. At least 2 of them will be the table top version.
  11. Anyone with experience from the Akuvox systems?
  12. Looking into adding Akuvox R29 or X915 as a entry system instead of DS2. Anyone have any experience with this? The Intercom Anywhere functionality should be the same.
  13. Thank you for all the answers. Some follow up questions: - does this need to be installed by a C4 dealer or is this something I can do as an end user myself? - What device should I use for 1080p and 4k sources? Just the single input encoders? - If you know of any good MOCA adapters, please let me know if you have some that you recommend. Although I think using the coax that is already there and pull Cat6a would be a better choice? - Would there be any lag in running 1 input to say 3 different screens at the same time? Or will they be in sync fully? - I see there is an audio delay license, is this a must have?
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