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  1. Can you buy new car visor remotes for that garage door and program them? If so, buy the new remotes, wire those to a relay on Control4. That may be your easiest solution.
  2. That's basically what a GRI 2600 water sensor is.
  3. One option to consider: - Leave the Lutron dimmers/switches in place. (Mixing the dimmers won't look very good in my opinion). - Extend Control4 ZigBee network using Control4 receptacles. This is all dependent on styles, colors of both the Lutron equipment and Control4.
  4. This is our preferred method. But you can also use something like GRI 2600 (either 2 wire or 4 wire conductor) if you have an open Contact/power on your processor. You will need a dealer to add/bind. Regardless of what option you choose, I also highly recommend @Cinegration Water Agent, click here for driver details!
  5. Not sure how your garage door is wired, how the zigbee signal is but if you connect a Z2io to the VCRX in parallel and you could then bind a relay to the "Relay Garage Door Controller". This way the Lutron system could open/close it and so could the C4. Just a thought. You would need a dealer to install/bind it.
  6. Most times we aren't on site when doing the initial programming. We export the report and program everything first and then test it once the site is complete. There is a "Relay Garage Door Controller" driver that will show a picture of a garage door when it's open/closed but it requires a relay to be bound and a closed and/or open contact to be bound as well.
  7. I can expand a bit more on the programming You can name the VRCx Outputs "Left Door" for contact 1. "Right Door" for contact 2, 3 and 4 in the Lutron software. Set the outputs to Pulse for each door you want to open/close You can program the buttons on the VRCx to Pulse for 1.0 second or so to open/close the door(s) with the Lutron software. When you activate the VCRX, it will assign an ID to it to the VRCx ID xx This ID will have 6 buttons associated with it. Use the Reports >> Integration to generate a report of all the IDs Search the RR-VCRX-WH it will list the ID and each button you program will be listed there. In Control4 add a Lutron RadiorRa2 Keypad driver and assign it the same ID for the VRCx from the ID Report. You can use Custom Buttons and label it "Garage Door" then list Open/Close for each door on the VCRx Use the button XX press to trigger the VRCx button to open/close the doors. Pretty much what net_tech said 🙈 You will need a dealer to add the keypad driver if it's not already there.
  8. I am not a fan of nest thermostats. I have fixed more HVAC problems/installs from other companies that use them then I care to count/remember. One of the things I have seen is that if the battery gets low, the thermostat shuts off so it can charge the battery. In a winter climate where temps can get down to -40F... the last thing I want the thermostat to do is shut off 🙈😂. While the Control4 thermostat and many others do have 4 AA batteries, I never use them to run the thermostats (we install them but just back up purposes).. again, don't want anything happening during cold winters. We always supply power from the furnace, it's safer and better.
  9. It depends on two factors. 1) what was the previous thermostat wired for / what type of furnace it is? IE. was it wired for a 'communicating' thermostat. IE. 4 wires. 2 wires for power, 2 wires for data? Where does the wires go back to? @DanITman was referring to this. Some newer Carrier furnaces use communicating thermostats for their high efficient 7 stage furnaces. If it is a newer Carrier and you want to install a different thermostat you will have to give up the 7 stage efficiency. It means it will burn more gas, it's not a lot more, but it is something to consider. 2) If it's a standard furnace, it depends on how many functions the furnace is doing. - How many stages of heat - How many stages of cool - Is there a fan connected? If it's a simple single stage heat with fan control you need 4 wires but they have to go back to the furnace. - 2 wires for power - 1 wire for fan - 1 wire for heating While it is possible to run some thermostats off batteries. I don't recommend doing it.
  10. 100%. I wouldn't update a Control4 DS2/Firmware outside of Control4. Depending on what version of DS2 firmware you are running, if it's old, it may wipe your default password and either make you pick a new one and/or assign a new root password. This was to make it compliant with California's laws. I can't recall the exact firmware it did this on and how it handled the new password requirement. Just remember it happened.
  11. Are you using the 2N driver/firmware or the Control4 driver/firmware? Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the only way to update the DS2 firmware is by updating the Control4 driver. There is a spot in the DS2 GUI to update the firmware with a file, but I have never seen a standalone firmware for the DS2. (Not to say it doesn't exist). Do you know what version you are currently on? What version are you looking to upgrade to? Are you using any custom VOIP, call group settings?
  12. @ashwinmj I just took a few minutes to test your use case using Room Control. I can confirm the "Room Control" driver does not work. I Created programming that when the room entered to watch mode to activate a light in my room. it could not do it using my iPhone to automatically turn on the TV via Airplay. I could trigger a light to turn on when the TV is turned from the navigators inside Control4. I used a Sony TV that has an IP driver but same results as you.
  13. Have you tried using / programming with the "Room Control" Driver? You may be able to achieve custom programming using this driver. Rather than monitoring the TV, you could program based on the room's variables. You may need a dealer to install it, but it may be able to achieve what you're after.
  14. This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but it might give you some ideas. We actually cut out the rock to make room for a one of a kind custom made copper back plate to match the rest of the front exterior. The copper back plate is wrapped around a base we supplied the metalsmith. The edges are copper welded and polished, you can't see any edges. The fit and finish on the copper plate is amazing. We then installed a flush mounted DS2 onto the back plate. I think it worked out awesome, but I am a little biased 🙈
  15. That's ok Zaphod, we won't hold that against you . Our patch panels and AV racks are the accumulation of 13+ years in the industry. We are continuously trying to improve each one we do. We even custom make panels and equipment to achieve our vision. If you'd like to check out more of our work, I welcome you to check out our Instagram page. EVS Instagram Page Account = EVScalgary
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