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  1. i made all steps as well but nothing working with Control4 Am i Missing something? Am i write the Device Address Correctly ? Am i using the proper driver for switch loads? Please Advise
  2. i have Issue with the Driver i used HomeWorks Network that requested username and password and i made new but there is no option for IP for Processor and it didn't appear anything about Processor in Discovered Tab. also i can't find this driver online. can you share it ?.
  3. in my Project, Customer needs to integrate his Fire alarm system with Control4. and from Fire Alarm Panel i got 2 cables (NO - COM) which is coming from Relay. but i need only when there is a fire the Programmer Do something Like announcement or some thing. where i can connect this cable coming from fire panel to EA-5 relay or EA-5 Contact cause i need only to know the status of Fire there is fire or no? and which driver i can use? please advise.
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