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  1. @Cyknight I tried disconnecting every connection from every Sonos in the house - include even the “Sonos network” connections and the audio endpoints in each room. Literally every single Sonos had zero connections. I then reconnected only audio volume 1 to the Sonos Port. At this point, audio endpoint 1, audio endpoint 2, and audio volume 2 were all the AVR and only audio volume 1 Sonos. At this point the only Sonos connection in the house was this one audio volume to one Sonos in the house. Even with this, when I play a non Sonos source C4 controls the Sonos volume. if I exchanged audio volume 1 and audio volume 2, C4 controlled the AVR volume for everything including Sonos. I also tried making audio endpoint 1 and audio volume 1 as Sonos, and audio endpoint 2 and audio volume 2 as the AVR. When I did this, C4 controlled the volume as it should - Sonos volume when playing Sonos and the AVR volume when playing anything else. The only problem with this was that C4 thinks The AVR isn’t involved with playing Sonos and opens up a bunch of other problems. Based on this I’m assuming that C4 only checks the audio endpoint (and not audio volume) to figure out whether audio endpoint 1 or 2 is applicable. That’s why when I’m setting both audio endpoints as the AVR, it’s directly applying audio endpoint 1 for any audio source, disregarding what the audio volume 1 is configured to. Do you have any recommendations on what I can do?
  2. @eggzlotand @Cyknight let me clear up any confusion, since I guess the info is over multiple messages in this thread. I’ll put it all together here. I have one AVR in the room that’s shared for both audio and video (the Sonos is a Sonos Port connected to the AVR via a digital coax cable). So, at any time only one source can be active - whether it’s through watch or listen. What I would like to happen is: 1. If a video source is playing, the AVR and TV are on. In C4 the watch icon shows active and listen icon shows inactive. 2. If any non Sonos audio source is playing, the AVR is on and the TV is off. Changing the volume controls the AVR volume. In C4 the watch icon shows inactive and the listen icon shows active. 3. If Sonos is the audio source playing, the AVR is on the the TV is off. Changing the volume controls the Sonos volume (since my receiver has the Works with Sonos integration Sonos switches to the correct receiver input and the receiver’s volume is fixed when Sonos is playing). In C4 the watch icon shows inactive and the listen icon shows active. So at any time, only watch or listen can be active, but not both. All of this is working fine except for the following: 1. If any source is played when the room is off it works fine (except that in the 2nd scenario above, the Sonos volume is being controlled instead of the AVR volume, which @Cyknight is helping me figure out in another thread). 2. If scenario 2 or 3 is started while scenario 1 is going on, the TV doesn’t go off. For this, I’m adding a command to turn the TV off when Sonos starts playing, so I’m fixing it only for scenario 3. If there’s a better way to turn the TV off that takes care of going into either scenario 2 and 3 from scenario 1, that would be great. 3. Only when scenario 1 is playing the TVs built in apps, and scenario 2 or 3 is triggered, both watch and listen icons show active, which should be be the case. This doesn’t happen if the video source that was playing is something that is connected to the receiver - the watch icon goes off in this case. This is what I’m trying to figure out a solution for in this thread. Thanks for all of your help!
  3. Got it. Will definitely try this as the first step if the problem reappears.
  4. Got it, thanks. I'll review all of them. The setup has only 2 Sonos Ports, 3 Sonos Amps, and 1 Sonos Roam. So none of them have any inputs. I'll review all of them to look for any possible link though.
  5. @Cyknight thanks. We're still trying this out. We're being careful with reviewing the Sonos connections, so that we don't do something in a hurry and land up with new problems. I'll let you know what we find tomorrow. Do you recommend reviewing connections for all Sonos in the house, or is only the Sonos in the room with this problem enough?
  6. @Cyknight definitely! I hope it returns and your recommendation works, because I'm more skeptical of a problem that goes away on its own. The issue you faced before - was it from the time you first set it up? In my case it worked fine for a couple of months, and then the problem suddenly started. I'm not sure if it was related to a few factory reset's of the TV that were done around the time this started or if the timing was just a coincidence.
  7. Thanks @Cyknight. I have an optical cable running from the TV to receiver, but that supports only 5.1 I'm not using it. I'm trying to get Atmos from the TV to the receiver, which needs ARC. Your trick worked partially to make C4 think the receiver is involved. I connected the TVs optical out to the receiver. With this change I no longer need the programming that was previously used to turn the TV on when the TV's built in apps are used - now C4 knows the receiver is involved and controls the receiver. However, the original problem still continues. If I play something from listen while watching a built-in app on the TV, both watch and listen incorrectly stay on. This doesn't happen if I do it while watching something connected to the receiver - watch goes off and only listen is on as expected.
  8. Thanks @Cyknight. We had tried updating the driver, but not setting it up from scratch. The slow response of mini apps on the TV has been happening for over a week now, but surprisingly after your message yesterday it's been working fine! Since nothing had been done to fix it, I assume it'll start happening again soon. When it does, we'll try setting up the TV from scratch as you'd recommended.
  9. @eggzlot and @tekki70 thank you. I have the TV going off. The only problem is that the Watch icon stays on in C4, making it look like both Watch and Listen are active. Having the TV go off I’ve done, so the problem is only within the C4 app, not the behavior of the actual devices themselves. And this happens only if I turn on listen while the TVs built in apps are being used, not while other video sources connected to the receiver are being used.
  10. I’ll check for any possible link. Would I need to look under programming for any linkage or under connections? Could it also be because both audio endpoint 1 and 2 are the receiver? If I make audio endpoint 1 volume the receiver and audio endpoint 2 volume as Sonos, then it always controls the receiver volume for Sonos and other sources.
  11. I agree. But the audio source is Sonos. So if I hit play in the Sonos app, I would have to first go to the C4 app. All this is possible, but I’m just hoping to find a clean solution. I did try that. The problem is that once I hit play on Sonos, turning off the room causes Sonos and listen to go off as well. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Maybe I program the play command again after took off so it would work, but there would be end up being a pause in the music.
  12. You’re right. When I press listen, I’m done watching the Fire TV, so I want watch to go off. That’s what I want to happen and it is. The problem isn’t while watching the Fire TV. The problem is when I’m watching the TVs built in app. If I press listen then, it doesn’t turn off watch. Both watch and listen are now on, and it doesn’t make sense because as you said I’m done with watch at this point. That’s what I’m trying to fix.
  13. This is outside the US and Roku isn’t sold here. I can of course order it with international delivery, but not all local apps are available on the Roku. So the Fire TV Cube would still be needed. The digital audio cables from what I understand don’t support Atmos. They support 5.1 at the highest. Is there a way to get Atmos using it?
  14. @knowitall thanks for your thoughts. The only app being used on the TV is Apple TV for its Atmos support. A Fire TV Cube has been connected for everything else (for precisely the reason you said of avoiding ARC). The other options are to add: 1. Apple TV 4K - but this wouldn’t support mini apps. 2. Roku Ultra - which is a lot more expensive than a Roku stick and I’m not sure if it’s worth that simply because the Watch icon stays on if an audio source is started while watching Apple TV. The situation isn’t something that will always come up, nor is it a disaster if it does. That said, it just feels a bit unrefined when it happens. Regardless of ARC working or not, it seems like the C4 issue is unrelated to that. It seems like C4 doesn’t allow for the possibility to recognize that the AVR is involved via ARC while using built in apps. I feel this is something common enough that should be accounted for.
  15. Thanks @msgreenf. Is there any workaround for it? I’m trying to understand, why would C4 do it this way only for built in TV apps?
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