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  1. Hi, I have a fairly large install base of homekit device, Is there a solid reliableway you can see and control homekit devices from control 4 apps, screens, etc. If not , this may not be the right platform for me. thx bob
  2. Hello, Looking for feedback on affordable decora style smart switches/dimmers/etc that interoperate seamlessly with C4 system. Prices I am getting quoted on c4 stuff is not something I can consider, need a reliable, affordable option. Have a considerable base of Leviton Wifi Smart Switches but not able to get confirmation from control 4 as to if these devices are supported. Thanks, Bob
  3. Thanks, do you know if this will also be the case with leviton decora wifi (homekit) light switches? This would be a much bigger issue for me as my install base in sizable.
  4. Is this the TCP command driver from chowmein soft?
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate the fast responses, much appreciated.
  6. Thats what I was leaning towards but looking to confirm this is best solution, Thanks.
  7. I have the Yale locks with homekit module. Will this be an issue when it comes to integrating with C4? Will I have to switch my modules over to Zigbee? Thanks Bob
  8. looking for a video doorbell that will integrate with my c4 system. Recommendations w/ pros and cons appreciated.
  9. Hi, I have the pentair system described in title that I would like to control via C4. Is this system fully supported? Does it work reliably with C4? Do you need to purchase additional drivers for this? Any help much appreciated. bob
  10. Hi, kind on confused after perusing the forum. Does C4 have reliable support for Liftmaster MyQ garage door openers? Do you need to purchase a driver for this? thx bob
  11. trying to figure out if C4 remote/system are compatabld with Apple TV 4K voice support, or will you need to use the Apple TV remote to use vice services support? thanka bob
  12. trying to confirm if the driver for ecobee comes at an additional cost? Same question for Yale real living locks? Do you have to pay fir a driver to on board/control these devices? thx bob
  13. Hello, was wondering if anybody has any information on possible C4 support for Amcrest PoE cameras, Planned support? Third party driver availability, etc? thx bob
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anybody can confirm good interoperability with Leviton Devora WiFi Switches (HomeKitones). Also do you need to purchase a driver for this? thank you. bob
  15. Hi everyone, new to C4, does the system support wake on lan so I can wake up a PC in a rack?
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