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  1. Thank you. We haven’t purchased a C4 yet…still building the home so I’m doing my research. I’m not sure I followed the previous post about “AirPlay to AirPlay 1, then any room can select that source”…when you AirPlay, the device just turns on. Unless there is something that C4 adds that I’m not understanding. For example, on my phone I can AirPlay a video…it gives me two TVs to choose from. I can pick either, and BAM, the tv starts playing the video. But I can’t AirPlay a video to two TV’s at the same time.
  2. Ok, great! So if I airplay Apple Music via sharebridge, can I select multiple rooms? Or does AirPlay only allow one room to be selected at a time?
  3. Hi folks, I’m brand new to the forum we are building a home with 8 zones of speakers (2 speakers in 8 rooms). Two questions I have: 1. Does C4 have native Amazon music option? I prefer Apple Music, but sounds like I would need to AirPlay it. Which leads to my second question: 2. Isn’t any music app on my phone going to require airplay? Meaning if I open Amazon music on my iPhone, I still have to airplay, right? Or do folks open C4 app and then there is an Amazon music app within the C4 app? Thanks!
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