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  1. Thanks. After reading the comments, I’m leaning on using Sonos and keeping C4 geared towards other stuff. Maybe one day it’ll all integrate and play well together 😀
  2. Thank you to everyone for your insight…I really appreciate it! One more question that is probably silly…if I buy Sonos amps and connect to my wired speakers, can I also use C4 as another music option without integrating Sonos? Like do the speakers have to be plugged into either the Sonos or the C4, or can they share the two systems somehow so I can keep sonos app and also use C4 if I wanted?
  3. Got it, so the C4 audio matrix is not a good solution if I intend to use the soundbar as one of the speakers?
  4. Hi all, we are a big Apple Music family, and are moving into a new home that has ceiling speakers in multiple rooms. I’m trying to figure out if the best option would be to get Sonos amps versus control4 with a bridge to airplay Apple music. We also have a Sonos arc sound bar which we would like to integrate such that when we play music in the family room not only will the ceiling speakers come on but the sound bar will also act as a speaker. Will control4 allow for this type of set up with the Sonos sound bar or is it better just to use Sonos amps and the native Sonos app for this type of control. Appreciate any advice, budget isn’t so much of a concern as long as it’s solid and easy for the family to use. We do plan on using automation for other things, so getting C4 isn’t the question, but rather if I should pay extra for Sonos amps or if C4 will do what I’m looking for.
  5. Thank you. What would require remote programming though after it’s all set up? Do you mean like if I buy a new TV or want some new scene set up? Or is there some other regularly required maintenance?
  6. I don’t see a section for newbie questions, so if I’m posting in the wrong section, please point me in the right direction! My question is basic…we are contemplating C4 for our house, but my question is whether the native remotes for tv’s and blinds and audio etc will still work, or will I have to go through the C4 system? Like if the entire C4 system goes down for some reason or there are other integration issues, will I still be able to flip a light switch and have my lights turn on, or pick up my old Sony TV remote and use my TV? Also, how often does maintenance need to be done on C4 (like will I need installer to come do firmware upgrades etc yearly)? thank you!
  7. Thank you. We haven’t purchased a C4 yet…still building the home so I’m doing my research. I’m not sure I followed the previous post about “AirPlay to AirPlay 1, then any room can select that source”…when you AirPlay, the device just turns on. Unless there is something that C4 adds that I’m not understanding. For example, on my phone I can AirPlay a video…it gives me two TVs to choose from. I can pick either, and BAM, the tv starts playing the video. But I can’t AirPlay a video to two TV’s at the same time.
  8. Ok, great! So if I airplay Apple Music via sharebridge, can I select multiple rooms? Or does AirPlay only allow one room to be selected at a time?
  9. Hi folks, I’m brand new to the forum we are building a home with 8 zones of speakers (2 speakers in 8 rooms). Two questions I have: 1. Does C4 have native Amazon music option? I prefer Apple Music, but sounds like I would need to AirPlay it. Which leads to my second question: 2. Isn’t any music app on my phone going to require airplay? Meaning if I open Amazon music on my iPhone, I still have to airplay, right? Or do folks open C4 app and then there is an Amazon music app within the C4 app? Thanks!
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