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  1. Is it possible to, for example, click an experience button and have the navigator switch to that room's control source? I have a room with 8 TVs and a projector that I'm trying to program individual control for each TV. The easiest thing for the client would be to have an experience button that, when you press it, switches the navigator to the video source in the "room" with the TV listed on the experience button. For example, pressing TV 1 would take them to TV 1's DirecTV control pad. Is something like this possible to do?
  2. Finally got it working. The two things that messed me up were the passwords having special characters and ... I forgot to make the connection in Composer. D'oh. All good and working now.
  3. Yep! Finally figured out part of the issue - it doesn't pass special characters in the password properly so I had to change the password on the NVR to not contain special characters. However I'm still having issues. I'm getting the following error messages: Which is weird because at one point I did get all the test URLs to work, though they're not working now (it gives a 403 error saying the URL isn't validated - except for the H.264 URL which passes the test).
  4. Thank you for the link - I'm trying to get this driver to work, but it's a no go so far. I'm getting either "CHECK YOUR PORT NUMBERS" or "CHECK YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD" errors, despite those parameters being correct.
  5. I'm working on a project that uses Colorvu cameras from Hikvision, however the general Hikvision IPC driver does not work to integrate it into Control4. What driver do you use to integrate it? I reached out to Hikvision but they said they don't have a driver for this camera.
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