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  1. Any one in Australia have the discreet IR codes for tv brand Ffalcon? Ive been in contact with the supplier whom have been anything but helpful in supplying IR codes. Ive tried multiple TCL and Roku TV codes and have been unsuccessful with the input selection code. Input selection is within a sub menu on the remote under source.
  2. I have created a new TV driver in driver wizard and learn the code for the TV. An Australian Brand tv goes by the name of Ffalcon. I have free to air, an apple TV and a roku. My issue is learning the codes to change the input. I can hit "watch tv" and tv will turn on and to free to air television. When i select either Apple TV or Roku it does not change the input- im narrowing this down to having not learnt the codes to change to the correct HDMI input. The original remote only has a "source" button in which you toggle it to move to your inputs. There are no dedicated HDMI 1/ HDMI2 etc buttons on the original remote and i am not using a receiver- direct from the source to the TV. Can anyone help with how i learn these codes in wizard? As mentioned above the input selection is within a sub menu on the TV so im not sure how to learn the individual input code. Thanks
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