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  1. It was the led globes. I changed them for halogen and it’s fine now.
  2. It’s actually a wireless keypad. I’ve just moved into a property that has Control4 already installed so trying to get my head around it.
  3. I’ve put new led globes in with the new light but when I remove them the dimmer goes off. I’m going to get some different globes and try that.
  4. I’ve just taken the globes out and put them back in and the dimmer switch flashed green lights and the white light has come back on but when I turn the lights on it shuts down again.
  5. I tried this but nothing seems to happen. When I put the light globes in the light they flash on and off
  6. I have just changed a light in a bedroom and when I turned the power back on and turned the light on it stayed on for a couple of seconds and then went off. The dimmer switch flashed green for a couple of seconds and then back to white and now it has no lights on whatsoever. The light is wired up correctly so unsure what has happened. Any ideas?
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