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  1. LM and other companies are not incentivized and I honestly prefer not to use anything that is cloud based. Hayward is another example. They have a cloud based API and a local API for controlling their OmniLogic MSP. I signed an NDA with them to get the local API document but it's extremely poorly written and I've had to go back and forth many times to get them to update it. I finally have a local integration but it was a pain in the rear end only because of their poor documentation. The solution I implemented for my LM works with any garage door or gate, and is not cloud based. I wouldn't call it a "hack" either.
  2. Does Control4 have a device similar to the Lutron Visor Control Receiver? If so, you implement what I detailed for any garage door or gate and have something that is not cloud based or beholden to a manufacturer.
  3. I'm not a Control4 user, however, if your clients have Lutron RA2, you can completely abandon the MyQ API. I currently automate my LiftMaster 8550WLB using the following. You can also apply this to gates. Interface Module. One end plugs into the LiftMaster 8550WLB and the other into Lutron Visor Control Receiver Output 1. To open or close my door via a GUI, I actuate the ID associated with the Visor Control Receiver Output 1. Two Magnetic Contacts. One installed on the garage door for the fully closed position (when contact is closed door is fully closed, when contact is open door is opening) and the other installed for the fully opened position (when contact is closed door is fully opened, when contact is opened the door is closing). This gives exact open, opening, closed, closing status. The other ends of these contacts plug into the Visor Control Receiver Inputs. Input 1 would be for fully closed and Input 2 would be for fully opened. In RA2 Essentials you add two virtual switches. You then program the Visor Control Receiver Input 1 to turn Virtual Switch 1 on or off based on the status of the contact. You then program the Visor Control Receiver Input 2 to turn Virtual Switch 2 on or off based on the status of that contact Lutron RA2 Appliance Module. I plug my LiftMaster 8550WLB into this module and then plug the module into the power receptacle. This allows me to completely turn off my LiftMaster 8550WLB in certain conditions (e.g., while on vacation, alarm armed Instant mode, etc.) and to control it via the automation system GUI Honestly, dump MyQ. It's cloud based and you are subject to them making changes on a whim thereby breaking your clients' installs.
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