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  1. Thanks for the info, I'll make sure to make sure the new AP matches the IP range of the Ruckus. These are R500's and I've got three of them spread out, I had good coverage for awhile, but now its really bad, I just want to test out another type to see how it works.
  2. With the Ruckus I have, wifi has horrible coverage, it goes up and down, could be a bad AP on it, but I won't known until I try a different system
  3. Well thats beyond the point, I just asking if by replacing with a new wifi, regardless of the type, it should not involve making any changes to Control4 hubs or such.
  4. I've got a bigger pipe to my house and I want to move from Ruckus AP's to now Ubiquiti. I'm hoping it going to be an easy, just name your new wifi to the same as the old and the same password?
  5. I had my control4 system setup by a local rep, and looking into handling more on my own, I logged into my account online and found that under the users there is a linked account going to his personal email. Is it safe for me to unlink that account? He hasn't been by to do anything in about 2 years.
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