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  1. Ok spoke with DSC, and they said they can configure it but they need the alarm center to activate the SIM card and provide me the number. Called back to the alarm center, waiting for an answer on why they didn’t do that. He also said the Peer Key is zeroes because the Sim isn’t activated. Thanks Again for your help on this!
  2. Called the tech support through My Alarm Company. They have no clue at all about the product. They’re trying to find someone who knows what I’m talking about lol.
  3. I have MyAlarmCompany, don’t have Connect 24. So call the central station and give them the C4 IP, got it. Thank you
  4. Going to call DSC in the morning regarding the peer key. The 425 subsection allows you to choose between Ethernet and serial. So I put in Bits 3 and 5 like it said to do. Is this what your referring to? Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!
  5. Own Key is like you said: 12345678 Peer Key is currently: 000000 and it’s not letting me change it manually, just goes back to zeroes. i set the EA-5 Controller IP on the 428 subsection, not sure if that’s what you mean.
  6. Here’s where I am. I programmed all the 851 settings at the keypad after TL280 install, I don’t have the DLS software. All pretty straightforward, only weird thing is my Peer Key is all zeros, non-editable. After adding the settings I power cycled, and then put the data in the C4 driver, and got the establishing connection. The TL280 or the keypads show no errors at all, and it seems to be online. The connection status LED is blinking. I saw a couple of other DSC settings that had to be On in order for it to work, so I made sure they were on, which they were. Power cycled again, and still same thing.
  7. Yes the TL280 IP is on my network. The version is TL280LER. It is LTE/Ethernet. Just not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for your reply
  8. Hello, have a DSC system with an EA-5 controller and just added the TL280 to the system. Configured according to all known recommended settings in the driver docs and the DSC manual, and still getting a never ending Establishing Connection on the C4 side. I don’t have any errors on the TL280, and I can see it on my network. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance.
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