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Found 16 results

  1. For sale is the Control4 C4-LU862 4K Ultra HD 8x8 HDbaseT Matrix with 6 4K Receivers (C4-LU1E). Brand new condition. If it wasn't for the box you would think it was brand new. Most of you know but the C4-LU862 Is one of the best Control4 4K matrix's (apart from the C4-LU1082D and Control4-LU862D) with 6 HDBaseT outputs. It does UHD 4K@60Hz 4:2:0, UHD 4K@30 Hz 4:2:0 with 10bit HDR and also down to FHD 1080p@60Hz 4:4:4 10bit HDR. The C4-LU862 also has the lowest range @ 100m and also carrying audio (All common surround sound formats from Dolby Atmos to Multichannel PCM), Ethernet, IR, RS-232 and POE. The 6 C4-LU1E receivers are the best with UHD: 4k@30 4:2:0 10bit or down to FHD 1080p@60Hz 4:4:4 10bit HDR. It also outputs audio (All common surround sound formats from Dolby Atmos to Multichannel PCM), Ethernet, IR, RS-232 and power. Again most of you know the specs but more details on the Control4 website its the C4-LU862 with 6 x C4-LU1E receivers: link to the products details on the Control4 site. Looking for £2000 for the Matrix and £125 per receiver or £500 for all six. So for the full fit its £2500 plus postage. Happy to ship anywhere in the world as its all boxed up ready to go in a box about 40cm x 50cm x 15cm. Collection from North West UK is fine by me also (Covid rules though 🤫) Cheers If there is no interest from you guys then I will stick it on the popular auction site. There is some interest on the Facebook Control4 Users Group though. Control4-LU862 Front: Control4-LU862 Rear: Control4-LU862 Rear: Control4-LU862 HDBT Outputs: Control4-LU862 HDMI Inputs Single Cl4-LU1E: All 6 C4-LU1E's:
  2. We are please to announce the release of the "Official" OPPO UDP-203 driver, this driver features serial and IP control among many other features. We have also included our LiNK Reveal API in the OPPO driver and updated our LG WebOS Driver to include LiNK Reveal also. LiNK Reveal allows devices to talk to each and send messages based on events from device to another. The OPPO will send notifications to the LG TV upon disc type/change, power on/off, and tray opened/closed. This is all done with a simple binding and a few drop downs, NO PROGRAMMING required. In the coming days we will also update the "Official" Anthem Receiver drivers to also include LiNK Reveal. https://annex4.link/drivers/udp-203 Currently the driver requires being logged in to download, this will be removed in the coming days.
  3. I’m itching to upgrade my current setup with a 4K matrix switch, but worried I won’t benefit much from it. Is there something I’m missing or is it just a waste of money? I have 3 TVs on C4 (2 are 4K) and one 4K TV not on C4. Each TV has its own DirecTV box and there’s a sprinkling of DVD players and Apple TVs here and there. I understand the obvious benefit of distributed video (eliminating duplicative sources) and it will let me bring the 4th TV on, but will it prevent me from distributing 4K content anywhere because of the one TV that’s not 4K (lowest common denominator)? I’ve been eyeing the LU642D so I can also play TV audio in a couple zones that rely on a TV from the adjoining room (think open floor plan). Also, I have 3 receivers that distribute to the 3 C4 TVs and also Power 5 audio zones (2 are obviously zone 2s). The house is wired for 4 more rooms of speakers, but I haven’t installed them yet. If/when I do, do I need a matrix amp? Or can I get away with using the video matrix into a non-matrix amp? I know I will still need 1-2 receivers for surround in certain rooms, so thinking 8x8. Thanks for the assistance
  4. Good Morning, I have a customer with Control4 and I wanted to assist him in switching out Apple TV to the newest 4K (5th generation) Apple TV. Forget about the programming, the display doesn't work when hooked up in exact place the old Apple TV was hooked up. I plugged new Apple TV directly into the Samsung TV hub and the Apple TV worked fine. I'm not quite sure why I can't get the Video to work at least. I talked to the customer and he stated that there was a firmware update possible (a while back), he updated to this new software and everything was failing causing a truck roll C4 Tech stated that they had to backdate driver and now everything is fine again. Except on this new Apple TV. I went to the Yamaha page and it said below Yamaha RX-A750 "This AV receiver completely supports with the latest HDMI standards. Thanks to transmission of 4K video at 60 frames per second pass-through, you can fully enjoy the high definition video quality of 4K without degradation. It also adheres to the HDCP2.2 copyright protection standard for 4K video transmission. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video which provide enhanced picture quality by simultaneously enabling greater detail for both the dark and bright parts of an image. Furthermore it supports wider color gamut of BT.2020 pass-thru. *Firmware update is required to enable HDR, and Firmware update schedule is to be decided." My questions are 1) Why wouldn't we be able to update the firmware to support the new 4k and HDR support on this Yamaha, has anyone ran into this? I feel as if the tech's should've already figured this out because there have been multiple calls and no results, but thorough troubleshooting on my part found the issue to be the receiver, not the apple TV or the control 4 configuration. 2) Fortunately, we are going to move this receiver to another room to support more of his hard wired sound, so he will need another Receiver that fully supports 4k and works with C4 as well, any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Looking for pre-owned: 1) LU642D - I’m open to 8x8, but probably only need 6x6 2) 8-zone amp - Open to non-matrix (Triad?) if I can find the matrix above, otherwise needs to be matrix Please PM me. I’m in DFW area if anyone is local
  6. Brand New in unopened box... customer changed their mind and wanted a more expensive one. PM me if interested! https://www.benq.com/en-us/projector/cinepro-pro-cinema/ht8050.html
  7. Does anyone know how to pair the C4 remote (SR 260) with the Comcast 4K cable box?
  8. Currently running a 2.8.1 Control4 system with an hdmi matrix to distribute video for 8 sources, 4 zones (all at 1080p). Everything works great... 90% of the time. I'm looking to upgrade at least my primary zone/HT up to 4k... which of course gives me dread since I'm currently using the hdmi matrix and it's not feasible to upgrade every screen in every zone. I've been reading about JAP and VS and am very excited by what they seem to offer. Both seem like great systems and users of both seem to have little to no complaints. I'm having a hard time doing a direct comparison of the two, so thought you guys can help me out with a few questions: 1) Cost to install. Sounds like VS might be cheaper? Are they at least close? I can't find much by way of pricing for JAP. 2) Is one better for using a mix of 4k and 1080p sources AND a mix of 4k and 1080p displays? 3) Do both have licensing costs? VS mentions them and says that once purchased, you can upgrade for life. Is that similar with JAP? 4) Can both do PIP and/or tiling and/or a video wall? 5) Do either integrate with Control4 better? 6) Do either work better for audio extraction or down mixing since my HT is 7.1 and all other zones are analog stereo through a Control4 matrix amp? (I currently use an Atlona HDMI audio extractor on HDMI output 5 that mirrors my HT output and then feeds the analog audio to the C4 amp. More details if requested) 7) Do either work better for streaming to my phone/tablet as a wireless display? 8) Are either better suited for Distributing A/V for gaming consoles (latency, etc.) 9) Any other perks for one over the other that I haven't thought about yet? Lol. That should give you guys something to chew on! Feel free to reply about any of the above questions without needing to answer them all at once. Thanks in advance!
  9. Don't see this here anywhere...announced Apr. 2...not an April Fool's joke. https://www.oppodigital.com/farewell.aspx
  10. hey everyone, Excited to finally have a true 4K UHD blu ray player connected to my system. samsung UBD K8500 Only problem is I'm failing dismally to edit a c4 driver to accept IR commands. Never had problems editing drivers before, but this time even though i've tried capturing the codes through both my hc800 and hc250, i can't get the codes to operate the device. (tried downloading codes to a logitech harmony remote and that worked flawlessly) any help on capturing IR codes to edit a generic driver much appreciated. or if anyone knows of hex codes for this device even better. (was wondering if there's a way to disect the codes from the harmony ?) any advice gratefully received. best, alex, los angeles (ps IR bud is functioning correctly - have tested on other kit)
  11. Hello Control4 Forums Users! I have for sale in excellent condition: CONTROL4 LEAF 4K ULTRA HD 8X8 AV MATRIX SWITCH - LU862 (Includes Rack Mount Ears and Screws) Four - CONTROL4 LEAF 4K ULTRA HD HDBASET RECEIVER (CLASS A) - LU1E These have been in use for approximately a year and are in great working condition. My wife and I are downsizing our living quarters and we no longer need an 8 x 8 switch so we are selling it along with the extra LU1E HDBASET receivers we have. The switch retails new for $8000 and each of the LU1E HDBASET Receivers are $370 new. I am asking for $4000 or your best offer. This price includes free UPS Ground shipping to the continental US with packaging and insurance. I have attached stock photos and data sheets of each of the units. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. LU1E Data Sheet.pdf LU862 Data Sheet.pdf
  12. All, I have the following hardware and my TV image clips if I run at the 4k or 4k HDR output of my hardware. Any suggestions? Roku 4 ultimate -> Marantz SR7011 -> LG OLED 65" B series Samsung 4k HDR -> marantz SR 7011 -> LG OLED 65" B series The TV has to reboot every time it switches from HDR to non-HDR mode. I just replaced the HDMI cable and even though it is a 50' cable I thought this would solve the issue. Is it the cable? Is it the settings on the hardware ( Receiver, roku, BD player)? I've heard some talk that using a receiver that even though it says 4k HDR pass through capable, there could still be issues. Is it my cable since it is a long run? I like asking on the forum since I get a lot of suggestions to try from several different perspective. Thanks in advance everyone! Eric
  13. Has anyone tried or actively using Layer3 TV? Is/are there driver(s) for it? How's the integration etc. ? https://layer3tv.com/ thanks!
  14. Hi All, I recently bought a ps4 pro. I have multiple 4k tvs and multiple 1080p tvs. I also have a 6x6 leaf matrix switch. In order to watch 4k content on a 4k tv, I have to lock the source. Annoying, but makes sense. My ps4 is hooked up via high speed hdmi cable to the leaf matrix switch. When I turn on the tv and playstation everything works in 1080p. Presumably, in order to get the 4k signal from the PS4, I would need to lock the source. When I do that, however, the screen goes black, and there is no sound. When the source is "unlocked" and I check the video output settings on the ps4, it shows 1080p, and the 4k options are greyed out. Additionally, it says HDR is not suppoeted and the hdmi is 1.4 not 2.2. I have tried everything I can think of to get it to recognize the 4k capabilities, but no luck. As a side note, just to make sure the ps4 console is not the issue, I tried hooking it up directly to the 4k tv rather than running it through the leaf matrix switch, and it worked perfectly (4k was recognized/displayed instantly). Any ideas on what the heck is going on, or ideas on how to get the playstation to display 4k when connected to the matrix switch? Thanks in advance for your help. Steven
  15. http://oppodigital.com/proddetail.asp?prod=udp203 $549 + shipping
  16. Hello Forum - I'm looking for a recommendation on a 4k HDMI extender running over CAT6. Here is the situation: HC-800 Controller and Denon receiver are installed in a sever room about a 60 ft run (+/- 10ft) from the TV. I just upgraded from a 1080p TV to a new 4k Samsung (KS8000). The current balun I've been using is Binary's B-320-1CAT-HDIR which works great but doesn't appear to support 4k content. I see numerous options for 4k HDMI extenders but haven't seen any that also include audio return channel (ARC). Does anyone know of a good solution for a 4k HDMI extender with ARC (preferably one which only requires external power on the transmitter side)??? As a reminder I already have CAT6 run to the TV and it's not possible to run a new HDMI cable. Reason I want the ARC support is to use the integrated Netflix app to stream UHD 4k content and push that audio back to the Denon in the server room to use the home theater. Alternatively, I suppose I can get a regular 4k extender without ARC support and purchase a Roku Ultra to stream 4k with audio. Under that scenario I'd get Netflix 4k content with audio, but I'd never be able to use any apps in the Samsung TV. Thanks in advance for your input/recommendations!
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