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Found 11 results

  1. After upgrading to os3 my 4 sight takes about 20 seconds bring up my splash screen and takes a few more seconds to populate the rooms. Even after upgrading to os 13.1. Works superfast intranet - it’s just on 4sight that’s the problem
  2. Do I need to subdcribe to 4Sight if I'm using VPN to connect back to my house?
  3. I just had a C4 system setup in my home, and I purchased an auto-renewal license for 4Sight. Unfortunately, 4Sight will not function at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of my apps/software, to no avail. My dealer has been unable to resolve this issue. Can anyone provide guidance on how to get this functioning? I have ComposerHE installed..are there any settings that need to be enabled there, that could have been missed? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, I am paying the 4sight license, and I would like to receive email notifications with html format, is it possible, any ideas? Many thanks to the forum.
  5. Trevbot

    C4 app help

    I have an hc300 running 2.5.3 and i cannot use the app. It says there might be a license missing. I have tried both apps. (Control4 & My Home) Do I need to have a 4sight subscription to us the app on my own Wi-Fi?
  6. Hi everybody. Got an issue with 4sight log in. Client has Samsung 7. C4 app works on WiFi, doesn't work on LTE. My iPhone works, he's wife iPhone - no problems. only his Samsung has an issue. I deleted app, rebooted Smartphone, wiped dust, said abra cadabra, called C4 tech support. didn't help. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. I have an active 4Sight subscription which I use on all my iOS devices. Recently I have installed the Control4 app for Windows which works perfectly when I am connected to my home network, however when in my office or travelling it doesn't connect and asks for the Director IP Address. Can someone please help. I don't understand why I can connect with no problems using IOS, but not with Windows 10 on Surface Pro when not connected to the same Network as the Director. Thanks SF
  8. I am wondering is the third party driver for SMTP email still work these days? Strangly most of our project stopped working for no reason... Some used the Chowmain Notification Suite, the free SMTP driver and the built-in SMTP feature of a Lilin camera driver. Tried: - ISP SMTP, does not work. - Google SMTP, does not work (even with SSL, port 465 or 587, @gmail.com sender, nothing work). - AOL SMTP, does not work - ReachMail SMTP, does not work Don't get me wrong, the mail is "sent" but never arrive. We can see the driver to send the email correctly while looking at the debug log but we never receive it. We tried tons of different email as recipient to avoid being trap in junk mail but it does not help. My client are connected to different ISP and they all have issue... Some test with my own Google account lead to an email from Google to my recovery address saying "Unauthorized connection from a client that does not support modern security feature). This test was done using the Chowmain driver but since no other driver work, I think the issue is the Control4 OS witch is a customized Linux that may not be recognised as a PC OS or I don't know... My question is, what are you using you guys to send SMTP email without using 4Sight? Can you post a config that work with OS 2.8.x using a public SMTP service?
  9. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows if I can create a custom button to preheat a connected Wolf Stove that can be activated remotely? if so, any help would be appreciated. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi everyone, I've had a c4 system for a couple years and my ipad and android apps aren't working anymore to control my system. I believe it's because my 4sight subscription ran out? Can someone email me so I can get it re-subscribed (if that's the issue)? I've tried contacting my old integrator, but to no avail. Thanks, David
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