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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there. Hopefully this will be something someone has tried and can tell me if it works. I have a client who has 12 zones of audio all via Sonos Connect Amps. Trouble is he really just wants to use Airplay for all his musical needs. I would like to know how clever C4 is when it comes to streaming through Sonos.. I believe it recently got a bit cleverer in that we now have some control over the line-in so I'm hoping that will extend to what I need to do. If I were to put in an EA3 / EA5 / however many streams via however many processors, then connect the audio outs of those to some random line ins from the many Connect Amps, would the system be clever enough to route audio into a line in and through the Sonos system to the relevant endpoint. I would like to create a Shairbridge instance for each room which would 'auto power' that room. Each room will of course contain a Sonos Connect Amp driver. In theory it seems like all the parts are there, but I just don't know if the logic exists in the drivers. eg EA3 line out 1 -> Sonos Living Room line in EA3 line out 2 -> Sonos Kitchen line in Shairbridge driver in Master Bedroom, auto power on Master Bedroom, Sonos Connect Amp exists in Master Bedroom Customer airplays to "Master Bedroom" shairbridge driver: will the EA3 start a stream, pipe it into the Sonos Living Room line in, then tell the Sonos Master Bedroom to play from the "Sonos Living Room line in"? Massive thanks to anyone who can offer advice on that
  2. VSSL A.1 provides Spotify Connect, Google Cast and Apple Airplay 2 to Control4 systems! Enjoy your music like never before. The VSSL A.1 gives you audio streaming in your house. Listen to any app in the world using Google Cast, Apple AirPlay or Spotify Connect all within Control4. The FREE driver developed by Chowmain will integrate the VSSL A.1 device via IP with the following functionality Features Automatic discovery upon entering MAC address Self Healing if IP address changes occur Simple setup of Automatic Room On assignment for amplified upon audio endpoint binding Automatic detection and display of streaming source via navigator (Airplay, Google Cast, Spotify Connect) Play/Pause/Stop/Skip Next commands for streams. Discrete Volume, Volume Up, Volume Down control and feedback Discrete Mute On, Mute Off, Mute Toggle and feedback. Metadata for streams RCA, Digital Optical, Digital Coax Input switching. Automatic Room on for 3rd party devices (receivers and other amplifiers) connected to the outputs. Front Panel LED control Line Level Output Fixed / Variable Volume Configuration Max Volume Configuration Source Priority Configuration Subwoofer Crossover Configuration Mono Output Configuration Disable Auto Switch on Inputs Configuration FAQ Why is this product exciting? We now have a method of integrating Google Cast, Apple Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect into Control4 from a single source with automatic room on. Add it to any AVR or just use the built in amp with some speakers for seamless integration. Where can i purchase the hardware? You can purchase the hardware directly from VSSL or via one of their distributors. See link below for more details. https://www.vssl.com/ How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver including downloads Chowmain Website How do I buy the driver? The driver is FREE of charge. Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is supported directly by VSSL.
  3. Hi, When streamed music from mobile through AirPlay (EA-5 with ShairBridge driver), rarely the soundtrack may not play consistently causing audio dropouts & glitches continuously. When this occurs, the audio isn't audible at all. If i exit the control4 app, reconnect & re-stream the audio will play without any issue. What could be the reason for this? The problem occurs very rarely though.
  4. Chowmain - Kodi Lite (XBMC) Driver for Control4 This driver is developed for the Kodi Entertainment Center (formerly known as XBMC). Kodi Entertainment Center is a software based media player that can be installed on Windows, MAC, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android based platforms. Kodi offers a beautiful simple interface that enriches your playback experience. The Chowmain Kodi Lite driver enables us to integrate the Kodi Entertainment Center into the Control4 home automation system with seamless control and feedback. This is the most feature packed media player on Control4 to date providing the user with an enriched movie playback experience. See below for more details Features IP based communications Transport controls Numerical buttons act as jump to percentage during video playback or SMS style quick navigation when in navigational modes. Number 0 in navigation mode will jump to the end of the list. Number 1 in navigation mode will jump to the start of the list.Support for PVR (Guide, Record, DVR, Channel Up, Channel Down buttons) Movie selection from Control4’s Navigator Import Movies from the Kodi library into Control4's library with meta data and cover art. Automatic update upon movie Kodi * library update notification. Automatic Room On (like the music bridge) on playback detection and automatic Room Off on screen saver activate. If the driver detects music it will only turn on your receiver (audio endpoint). If it detects video it will also turn on your projector/tv (video endpoint).2 way feedback via the JSON API for play, pause, stop, screen saver active/deactive, Detected File Type, Video Aspect Ratio, Video Resolution, Video/Music/TV/Radio currently playing, Memory usage, CPU usage, CPU Frequency, System Total Space, System Uptime, System Temperature, Client Platform, Client Version & Client NameAssignable buttons for non intuitive buttons Wake-on Lan functionality and Shutdown functionality can keep your Kodi setup power efficient. Can still select a movie from navigator and have it turn on the machine and play the movie upon start up. Power off options Ability to send custom messages to Kodi Entertainment Center via Kodi Notifications (similar to Control4 Announcements via Navigator). Audio End-Point assignment for line level volume up/down/mute functionality Video End-Point assignment Support for Android boxes (if XBMC app is closed it will launch upon ON command, also if XBMC exited by user you can navigate and control Android applications).Ability to play any URL via Control4 programming. This is useful for commercial systems.Frequently Asked Questions Why is this driver called KODI Lite? Initially we wanted to make the best KODI driver around however as we kept working on it our aspirations just kept getting higher and higher. As such the development efforts and timeframe has expanded exponentially. To get the driver to market quickly we decided to make two drivers. KODI Lite and KODI Full. Kodi Lite is the (as of date) best media player driver on the market with exceptional features. Kodi Full however will be THE best media player driver ever on the market with full library navigation, live meta data, cover art and more. They will be both priced accordingly. Some people won't want all the features available in KODI Full so we've made KODI Lite which is priced to suit. Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? Now with Android support you can purchase Android Set Top Boxes for under $200 that will provide you with the full XBMC experience and Android experience. Play games, surf the web and use XBMC.Create the perfect cinema experience by dimming the lights down when a movie starts, ramp it back up when the movie ends or if the user pauses or stops the movie. Also automatically set the cinema to different modes based upon the movie aspect ratio.Setup logic to change your LED lightings colour dependant on the movie name. If you're watching something set in the ocean set it to blue. If you're watching something set in the jungle set it to green or if you're watching something set in the desert set it to orange. It can be very disruptive while watching a movie to have navigator pop up and tell me that someone is at my front door or perhaps i have a new email or something. This driver provides the ability to send Kodi announcements. Like a Control4 Announcement this will pop up a custom message however in this case it will not interrupt the current Kodi activity. It will just pop up in the bottom right hand corner for a few seconds and then hide away.This driver provides two way feedback on what media you're consuming and what the state of the media player is. It will tell you when the movie is playing, paused, stopped or if it is a movie, episode, song or unknown media type. This information is useful for customising your lighting and environment to suit your customer's requirements. The driver has the ability to automatically turn rooms on and off. Using this functionality you can essentially turn on your tv and receiver upon airplay or UPnP photos, video or music playback. If you leave the room for too long or fall asleep at the tv the driver will automatically turn the room off (all av devices off) upon detection of screensaver activation. Some projectors have the option of clearing out the black bars (masking) in movies. This driver reports back the aspect ratio of the video it is currently playing as a variable. Using this information we can automate these projection masking modes and as such make the user experience nicer. This driver has feedback on CPU usage, Memory usage and CPU temperature. This information is extremely important for maintaining the health of the hardware platform it is on. Using this information we can automate shutdowns so that no damage can occur on the device. What hardware will this work on?? This will work on any hardware that KODI supports (Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android) running XBMC version 12 (Frodo) & 13 (Gotham) and KODI version 14 (Helix). Currently we prefer some of the higher end Android boxes as it is a more cleaner solution than the others. Why do you only support OS 2.6 and above? OS 2.6 offers a superior security encryption algorithm and a new and improved driver format. We have decided to only utilise this new format to ensure that the integrity of this driver is not compremised and that we can provide the best dealer/user experience available. Do you offer showroom discounts? We offer a 10% discount to dealers who want to use this driver in their showroom. Please contact our distributor Houselogix to arrange for this. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Download Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
  5. Chowmain releases major update to the FREE VSSL A.6 driver for Control4. Now supports metadata for Google Cast, Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay. Also has the added ability to add zones to existing streams. For those of you who have not heard of the VSSL A.6 before it is a matrixed multichannel amplifier which allows you to switch 8 x stereo sources to 6 amplified zones. It has 7 x streaming sources built in where you can send independant streams of Google Cast, Spotify Connect or Apple Airplay. It also allows you to connect two of these zones via the bus outputs to a 3rd party receiver or amplifier to pass through audio. It is a really nice piece of hardware and its now even better with the new features we have added to the driver. Check out the link below for more information about the free driver. https://www.chowmainsoft.com/vssl-a6-driver-for-control4
  6. Recently my Apple TV 4K auto updated to tvOS 11.2.5 which adds 'AirPlay 2' support. Now whenever I press the 'Room Off' button on my Control4 Remote, everything shuts off and then immediately turns back on and starts play music from my AppleTV. Pressing the 'Room Off' button a second time turns everything off as it should. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  7. I searched through many posts and can’t seem to find an answer for my question... some posts linger around it but not quite to the point. Ive been a Sonos user for a while, I am used to multi room audio using multiple Sonos connect amps, I just finished building a new home and I am very interested in C4 for many different reasons. One thing I really like about Sonos is that anyone conected to the WiFi network and has Spotify Can just select what room they want to play music on FROM the Spotify app. My question is this: Can any of my guests or myself select music and the zones directly from the Spotify app or would I/they need to have the C4 app to select zones and songs? Thanks!
  8. I think I have got my head around Shairbridge. Am I right in thinking that as long as there are enough audio routes connected physically and of course in composer (i.e. an EA-5 with all four routes connected to the house matrix) then Shairbridge just "finds" a channel to use automatically, and does all the legwork? My customer wants to use his Apple music all around the house. He suggested Sonos, I fear that will be too complicated and won't work well. If there are, let's say, 8 rooms in the house then could I add an EA-3 to the rack and connect up all the possible audio paths (including the HDMIs which go through a Leaf matrix and audio breaks out to the matrix)? Would that give 8 individual paths, meaning that in the unlikely case that someone streamed to all 8 rooms at once then the Shairbridge system would be able to complete all the routes? Are there any delays between the analogue stereo outs, the digital audio outs (which I would have to put through a DAC then into the matrix) and the HDMI (which as mentioned is going into an A/V matrix and audio passed to the audio matrix)? The matrix is a C4 16 way, the stereo outputs go into "dumb" C4 amps which power the speakers in each room. There is one specific "cinema room" with it's own AVR, which also has a stereo feed from the audio matrix.
  9. Hi, I got an EA3 controller about a month ago and love it! Last night for the first time I got an error saying Airplay cannot connect to Shairbridge. I do see Shairbridge in my Apple Music choices for airplay under my Apple TV however. Below is a screen shot. Was hoping to be able to resolve myself! Thanks for help! Matthew
  10. We were having audio drop-outs when using Shairbridge/Airplay, so the solution was to turn off advanced audio. This did work, but it induced a major delay in responsiveness. For example, selecting the next track appears instantaneous on your iPhone but the next track doesn't actually start playing for 5-10 seconds. This delay is consistent, but obviously annoying. EA-3 controller. Has the audio drop-out problem been fixed? I'd like to have the advanced audio turned back on so we have normal response time.
  11. My control 4 system will periodically stop connecting to airplay from my iPhone. Does anyone know a remedy for this?
  12. In a few projects, the system AirPlay disappears randomly. It's all instances of the driver. Other AirPlay devices like HT Receivers and AppleTVs still work properly. Network hardware is generally a Mikrotik Routers with Ubiquiti APs.
  13. Hi guys, Just released our Kodi Lite (XBMC) Driver for Control4. This is the ultimate media player driver in Control4 to date with movie library import (full cover art and meta data) and playback, automatic room on airplay/upnp streaming from your mobile device, automatic room off when screensaver activates (when you're fallen asleep or walked away), automatic screen masking based upon video aspect ratio, Android OS control & navigation (for if you want to exit XBMC and control other android apps) and much more. See link below for details. If you have any questions please post them in this thread. http://www.c4forums.com/topic/16085-chowmain-kodi-lite-xbmc-driver-for-control4/
  14. Hi All, I have two wireless music bridges connected to my setup, and am continually having issues with airplay dropping out and, at times, the wmb going offline. It is super annoying. Basically everything will work great for about 30 min or so, and then inevitably, the airplay will drop out, and my device will disconnect from the wmb. I typically connect to the wmbs through airplay using my phone or my wife's phone (new iphone 7s...all up to date). All the firmware on the wmbs is up-to-date, and my wireless network is very strong (I have a luxul router and two luxol access points), so I don't think it's the strength of my wireless network. I've tried rebooting the router, wap, and wmbs numerous times as well, but no luck. Also, the cutting out will happen even if the phone or other airplay device connected to the wmb never move. There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Of course I've called my dealer, but they are worthless.....they have no problem sending me bills, but take days to get back to me on a simple e-mail...Anyway, I would rather just take care of it myself at this point if possible. Anyone have these same issues with the wmbs, or know how to fix them? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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