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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, looking into getting either the Qolsys IQ 2+ or the ClareOne. Both seem to have decent intg into c4 and have the sensors I care about: recessed door outside gate smoke detector freq sensor (I have good hardwired smoke detectors I just put in I don’t want to replace). any votes for either or? If there is a ClareOne dealer feel free to dm as my current dealer hasn’t recommended it so I have a feeling they either don’t like it or sell it. I’m leaning towards the qolsys cause of alarmrelay.com and their $20/month cellular plan but certainly open to other suggestions as well. the solution needs to be wife proof
  2. Hello, I have a Texecom Premier 48, which was connected to my Control4 (via "rs232 connection"?). I could access my alarm panel via my C4 app, and had some switches programmed to arm my alarm. However, since the update from Control4 OS v2 to v3, I have lost this connection / functionality (my dealer gave it a go, managed to re-add the alarm panel to my app, but couldn't get it to connect (it just shows as 'offline' within the C4 app). My dealer has since advised that I need to purchase the Texecom Smartcom (£170 fitted), plus the Texecom ComIP (plus another £115). It's pretty disappointing to have to spend another ~£300 to keep my alarm connected to C4. Can I enquire if there has been (or if there will be) any updates to this "rs232 connection" / Texecom driver(s) that would enable me to reconnect my Texecom Premier 48 (without the need to purchase the Smartcom and ComIP)? Much appreciated, Mat.
  3. Hi all, I've had a Texecom Premier Elite 48 panel alarm system installed for a couple of years now and its fully integrated into my C4 system but i'm not using the system at all because no programming has been set up in composer. My C4 dealer/installer ceased all C4 support and i'm pretty stuck to be honest as there inst any other C4 dealers in my area which is a separate issue.... Anyway I have Composer HE and was wondering if there are any guides or advice out there so i can get my alarm system up and running with C4. I have integrated Yale Locks that push out notifications and also trigger audio announcements but it would be great if i could disarm the system on entry, and also set something up that arms the system as part of my 'Goodnight' command. Thanks!
  4. I have a scantronic alarm system and I am thinking of upgrading the I-On 40 control system to their network connected version with app control, has anyone integrated this in to Control4 and is there a driver available. i am only looking to arm and disarm with a pin code through the Control4 app and touch screens I have searched this site and googled and could not find any info. thanks steve
  5. Hi Gurus wantes to know if anyone is using an integrated DSC alarm with the DSC Shock and Contact Sensors too? (http://www.dsc.com/index.php?n=products&o=view&id=86). Do these integrate properly into C4, as there are effectively two sensors in one..... Thanks in advance!
  6. After almost 4 years, I finally have most of the glitches worked out in my GE/Interlogix Concord integration. I use push alerts to self monitor and always have. The only way anybody is going to know I have an alarm if I don't get my push alerts is by the sirens waking up and pissing off the neighborhood. Here are a few nightmare scenarios just to see where I'm coming from with this thread: I am out of town. Internet is down, or cut by an intruder. Alarm goes off. Even if my neighbors or police call me about the alert, I have no way to turn off the siren.I am out of town. Control4 crashes. Alarm system is still up, and something (valid or not) triggers the siren. I won't know about it from Control4, and when I find out from someone else, I have no way to turn off the siren or alarm.So I'm looking for the best way to mitigate these risks. Please check my logic: Seems at the very least, I need to make sure multiple trusted family members and/or neighbors have codes to enter my house (Yale locks) and Concord alarm panel codes to disarm my alarm. These should both work independent of power or C4 issues at my house, so it should be idiot proof. Any other better or additional options? What about this for some peace of mind? Do a "heartbeat" push alert from C4 with a different interval depending if the alarm is set to away or not? You could completely turn the heartbeat off in certain situations where occupancy by owners is definite (motion, etc). Then you at least have a clue when your internet is down or intentionally interrupted and you are miles away from your house. Does anybody have anything more creative than just going on a timer and maybe pushing out a picture with the hearbeat? Is there anything you could use as a trigger on the actual alarm system to make it more than an arbitrary interval? Ideally, there would be a router that provides cellular backup when my main cable internet goes down but I have never found one that seems to be a good residential option. That would prevent the burglary attempt success that includes cutting my cable, unless the siren actually scared them off. What do the residential paid services offer (like ADT or alarm.com) to prevent losing internet or land line connection for the system to report an alarm? Do they operate on a heartbeat method? I know commercial is that way.
  7. I remember seeing an example that when the alarm is in stay or away mode, you can change the default screen on the ts to the red alarm circle. I want this for the ts near my entry doors and master. Am I able to program this using he? Has anyone done this and would you mind sharing a screen shot of the programming please? My dealer doesn't believe that this is possible hence I need to program it myself.
  8. So I have an ancient Honeywell Vista 10P security system. From what I read, it's compatible with C4 (with 4232CBM module). Once integrated: 1. can I control it with Alexa? 2. Does C4 sends push notifications for remote monitoring? If so, do I have to pay for 3rd party Security Monitoring service in addition to 4sight to get phone notifications? 3. Will I lose any critical controls if I get rid of old wall controllers? Thank you!
  9. I'm trying to set up an auto notification that shows the tripped zone when the alarm goes off. Its a new DSC Neo with the free C4 driver. I see a number of variables for partition 1 that would/should include this data such as trouble text and display text, but when I put them in the notification they do not return any data at all, just NULL. Any thoughts on this?
  10. New to the group but I had an issue when I tried to wire my existing Honeywell Alarm to integrate with my c4 system. I got it working but hate the way I got it working. So, I am looking for advice. Here is my issue. I bought the Honeywell circuit board (4232 CBM) to help the Alarm panel "communicate" with my 800 controller. I stuck it inside the alarm panel with two-way tape, on the door, which made sense because the wires (power etc..) going to the alarm are right there that needed to be connected. However, to plug it into the 800 control I used a 12 pin serial cable which I cut the male portion off. I used the Orange, Green, and Red for TX, RX and Ground pin wires for communication out of the serial cable. I then ran a CAT5 cable over from the 800 to the alarm panel about 8 feet away to connect to the RX, TX and Gound on the circuit board. This did not work. I asked an installer Friend and he said try moving the alarm closer to the 800 and get rid of the CAT5. Half-heartedly I tried it. Putting the physical alarm panel door with the 4232 CBM on top of the 800, connecting the serial wire direct and using the CAT5 for the power to the alarm. It instantly started working. UGLY work around. Out of curiosity I took it all back to the Alarm door and 4232 CBM back on the alarm box and ran the receiving wires back to the CAT5 again. Again, did not work but not UGLY. I asked my Friend again and he said you CANNOT use CAT5 to send and receive data from the alarm which baffles my mind. My next option is to peel the 4232 CBM (without damaging it somehow) and stick it to my 800 and run the serial cable to it again without the CAT5. Back to UGLY but working Any advice/help on how to keep the panel door with 4232 CBM on the alarm panel box door AND have it communicate with the 800 controller?
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