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Found 51 results

  1. This looks to be a pretty nice product. A touchscreen device that cost < $200 ($150 right now) that replaces a since light switch or bank of light switches. The touchscreen has a camera and alexa built into it. Looks like it works with Sonos, Bose, Wink, Smartthings, Ring, Honeywell and others. Will be interesting to see if this things works as well as the demo. Regardless, I think that the idea of having Alexa built into the touchscreen is something that Control4 needs to follow. https://www.brilliant.tech/
  2. I usually get a long delay and then Alexa saying, "The device is not responding." When this happens, there is a chance that Control4 will respond. I've run discovery and checked the customer.control4.com portal, etc. Just not very consistent and wondering why? All my other Alexa skills are running full speed. This only seems to be a Control4 issue.
  3. I have a Control 4 Based Home Automation System running in a 4 Bed room Villa. The Set up has 5 Alexa units in each of the respective areas 1. Living Room 2. Home Theater 3. Master bed Room 4. Sons room 5. Daughters room. Each room has lights that are connected to Clipsal dimmer and Air conditioner connected via Infra red to the Control 4 Controller. Also Apple TV and Tata Sky controlled via IR to the Control 4 Controller Each room can be controlled independantly via Control4 Touch Panel installed in the each respective room. All good. Now the customer asked us to install Alexa into every room so that it can control device via Voice Commands. 5 Alexa Units were installed and programmed for Control 4 device control. Now we have programmed each area to the controlled with the following voice command Alexa , Room/Location Name , Device , State ie. For Master Bed Room Area to Turn on the Lights we have to say --> Alexa Masterbed room , Lights on ie. For Master Bed Room Area to Turn on the Tata Sky we have to say ie. --> Alexa Masterbed room , Tatasky on AND ie. For Home Theater Area to Turn on the Lights we have to say --> Alexa Home Theater room , Lights on ie. For Home Theater Area to Turn on the Tata Sky we have to say ie. --> Alexa Home Theater , Tatasky on We have programmed this way and it works fine. Now my customer comes and says he does not want to mention the Location Name every time. If he is in the Bed Room, he wants to say "Alexa, Turn on lights " and the lights of the Bed room alone must turn on. And if he is in Home theater and if he says the same voice command "Alexa, Turn on lights " ---> Only the Home Theater Lights must turn on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have checked creating a Smart Devices Group and tried various ways to do this. But Alexa allows only one Unique Group name or voice command as all 5 of my alexa are connected. Is there a way in which i can make the Alexa in a Room or location to control only the devices in that room or location alone and that too by giving a simple command like Alexa ,Device , State i.e Alexa, Lights on or Alexa Tatasky on Can anyone help me do this in Alexa. Each room i must be able to use the command Alexa Device and State to control the devices in that location only. I tried the Smart Home Group but it does not help me create a unique group name only for one area. I tried this option. Kindly help.
  4. I was using the Epic Systems driver but since the Amazon firmware update there does not seem to be much information regarding any progress on a fix to the Epic Systems driver. Fortunately I received an email from Prakash Rola from DTI Automation. They have developed a driver which looks and acts very similar to the original Epic Systems driver and it works with the new Amazon firmware on version 3 of Control4. They are an Indian company and very friendly - if you need this type of driver it is worth looking them up and dropping them an email.
  5. Check out this article from wired https://www.wired.com/story/lasers-hack-amazon-echo-google-home/ Basically using a simple laser, voice assistants can be triggered from distance to follow commands. Supposedly Google and Amazon are aware and working with the researchers who discovered this major flaw.
  6. I'm not super techie when it comes to A/V systems, so go easy on me... Thanks to the recent drivers/integration, I can now play Amazon Music (Prime, playlists, my music, etc.) over my C4 system if I use the app on my phone. I can also ask Alexa/Echo to do a few things with my C4 system. What I really want to figure out is to string it all together so I can say to my Echo/Alexa: "Alexa, play songs by The Beatles from my Amazon music using Control4 in the Gameroom." Ideally in fewer words than that, but you get the idea. I have four C4 speaker zones. I want to be able to ask Alexa to play specific Amazon music on a specific C4 zone. Any way to do that yet? We're still just listening to our Amazon music over our Echo device instead of over the C4 system most of the time because it's so much easier to do it that way. But it's a bummer for the system to be going to waste... Thanks!
  7. Can I operate Control Gate station (open gate etc), using Alexa Dot?
  8. Hi all, I recently upgraded my system from 2.10.6 to OS3 and have since found that my Echo Show and the Alexa app on my iPhone have stopped connecting to my lights with the Control4 skill. I have tried to disable the skill and reconnect but it still won’t discover the devices. Has anyone else come across this issue and if so what have you done to correct this?
  9. I can get my lights to turn on/off using Alexa, but I cannot get my TV or projector to turn on. I have discovered the scenes. When I try to turn on the tv using Alexa, she says that she had trouble communicating with the device. I'm using a theater switch to switch between the TV and the projector. Both devices are connected via AVR.
  10. How to configure Alexa to play a playlist created in the EA-5 controller through a flash drive?
  11. The scenario is this, I have created a Media Scene called "Deck Music" Under Programming, When Scene is activated I select the audio source for the Room. As long as this is an audio source that is "already active i.e. Satellite OUTPUT etc" the sound works perfectly, and the Audio Zone comes on. What I want to do is be able to select Deezer as the Audio Source and get it to play my Deezer Flow ... but when you select Deezer manually as the source, you have to select either "Start Flow" or pick an album or playlist. How do I program it to select the "Start Flow" command after selecting Deezer as the Audio Source? Essentially to get it to Auto Play my Flow on Deezer for me when I Activate the Scene? EDIT: There are Deezer Specific Device Actions: SelectAlbum, - you can specify an album - and set it to shuffle SelectPlaylist, - same as album, StartFlow, BUT none of these ACTUALLY turn the ZONE ON.
  12. I've recently purchased an Echo Dot and completed the basic setup using the free C4 Alexa driver. I can control lights, etc. I've also added the Voice Scene driver and created a scene called "Netflix in Family Room". I've programmed the scene to "select the Netflix as the video source in the Family Room". I've also confirmed that within the Control4 customer portal the "Netflix in Family Room" Alexa skill is listed. When I ask Alexa to "turn on Netflix in the Family Room" she responds by saying that it's not responding. Is there anything I'm missing?
  13. In case you haven't heard yet...we have released a really really cool, simple yet extremely powerful driver for the Amazon Echo. In a nutshell, it allows you to define custom keyword "triggers"...such as "kitchen", "house", "TV", "downstairs", "master blinds", etc...(you can create whatever keywords you like, other than a few words which are reserved by the Echo, such as "play", "pandora", etc.) For each trigger that you define, you can program any control4 activities to take place (activate a lighting scene, raise blinds, turn on TV to specific channel, etc...anything that can be controlled via your control4 system based on whatever components you have installed). For example...you can say "Alexa, turn on downstairs", or "Alexa, dim (or brighten) the kitchen", or "Alexa, turn off the house"... and have those commands trigger any programming that you desire in Control4. Here are a couple videos of the driver in action: Comet Smart Homes Video Video 1 Video 2 As with any driver, you will need your dealer to add the driver to your project and configure it to work with your Echo(s). The driver can be purchased from www.epic-systems.com Thanks! -Ari Download Driver Documentation Download Driver
  14. Anyone else noticing previous working Epic Driver commands not working all of the sudden? I'm getting: Front Gate or Fountain or Living Room Shades etc "Doesn't Support That".
  15. Hi, I got Amazon Echo dot, tried to connect to C4. got message "unable to do it now pls try later", keep getting for 2 days I got lutron connected and sonos working, no problems, what is going on with C4??? just got 4sign licenses and can't make it working, any thoughts?
  16. Hi all, i'm new to the forums and looking for some advice on the best audio solution for my C4 system. About 3 years ago i had a c4 system installed including an 8x8 HD matrix combined with a KNX lighting system, door locks and integrated heatmiser heating controls. At the time of installation i also had speaker cables installed in every room but wasn't quite ready to pull out the additional cost for the system at the time. I'm now ready but since then amazon echo has arrived! Or should i go with sonos and install a connect amp for each zone and install in ceiling speakers? Or maybe just go for a separate sonos speaker system? or should i go with a C4 16x16 audio matrix and install ceiling and bookshelf speakers? There's so many options! Here is the important stuff that might make the decision easier to make... Number of zones in the house 15 Number of wired speakers required 24 (if a wired system is what i go for) Budget - £3-£4k - obviously if i decide to go for Sonos connect amps i'll be lucky if i get 3 zones out of this budget but it can be expanded over time... Would like to play music from streamed services such as amazon music and spotify from my phone - will this work with a C4 audio matrix? Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome, i don't know much about the technical side so please keep it simple and if there are other systems out there that will offer the above that i haven't mentioned please do suggest. Thanks in advance!
  17. I'm starting a new thread about this because the other one got hijacked and is not current and is 14 pages in length. I bought a 6-pack of the 2nd-gen. Echo Dot and had the dealer guys over to work out some kinks. I am their first to use the new drivers (or any voice control) so they had a learning curve. They had to re-do a lot of tags on devices to make it more intuitive with voice control. It is controlling my lights well and my Haiku fan. Also got hunter-Douglas shades integrated into the Control4 system. So far, this is very fun. It will turn on the theater and select inputs, haven't figured out how to change channels with voice command yet. Issues: I have hidden the Dots above cabinets in the kitchen and living room. They hear me very well except when music playing, then I have to repeat like 3 times to get a command through (ususally, "Echo, STOP!"). I don't have a spare cable running from the kitchen to the matrix to connect audio. For now I am still using Chromecast Audio as I use Google Play for all my music and am happy with that. It would be nice to have native support for Google Play + Control4. Echo will turn on and off different rooms' audio, but that's of limited utility since I am going to my cell phone to control my music anyway. I'm thrilled that Control4 offers this capability, I hope Amazon adds a feature where I can hook up an additional Dot at the audio matrix and tell the Dot in my kitchen to play all music through the one connected to the matrix, without adding another wire.
  18. Hello all! Wanted to see if anyone on here has integrated an Ecobee Alexa smart switch that was just released? I have the epic driver and muliple dot's and have been quite happy. I was looking at these switches for some rooms where i'm not concerned about dimmers for a nice streamlined/clean looking alexa solution. Any thought or opinion on the product would be great!
  19. Hi, I am extremely confused about what amazon alexa devices i need to purchase and would appreciate some help. This is for a new build which will have a c4 controller, matrix amp and sonos amp connected at the head end. 50% of the room have ceiling speakers (via matrix amp). We also have a spotify subscription What i would like to do is have something like an echo dot in the kitchen, and be able to say "Alexa play x song in the kitchen" (via spotify) "Alexa what is 10gram in ounces" and the response/music is played through the kitchen ceiling speakers. and say if i were to say "alexa play chilled music in the whole house" then it plays through all the ceiling speakers. Is that somethign that can be done and how many amazon devices do i need to purchase / which ones?
  20. Hi all, I'm in !! New Zealand and just encountered a problem with alexa voice control - Amazon echo has just been released (officially) and I received an email that stated I should change my amazon account to the.com.au domain with English(AU) as the language preference. I've had my Dot in the C4 system for about 12 months having purchased on a trip to the UK. My Amazon account had always been.com (US) and shipping had been via a postal service. I didn't have the Epic driver yet but am looking to add soon ( I have the native voice scenes driver). since making these two simple changes the Control 4 skill has gone and can't be found and I can't enable it to run device discovery. I've signed out/in on the app and lots of good things occurred, weather localised, flash briefing localised, etc etc but no Control 4 skill?? Tune in and Spotify also disappeared but after logging in/out again they came back, as did hydrawise. The other skill I'm missing is Ring video doorbell? Any ideas whether control 4 & Ring will reappear in the skills if I wait for the cloud to update or are they only available to US/UK accounts??
  21. I've just bought an Echo Dot, and I've linked it with my 4Sight account and can control the lights and volume. I'd like to use it to turn on music and perhaps wake up scenes. Can I do any of that in HE, or do I need a dealer? What does the Epic Driver add that C4 doesn't? I don't have heat or blinds, only music, lighting and video in multi-zones, so I'm not looking for anything over the top. The Dot is going in my daughter's room, where she has a speakerpoint. It's not set to local; can I plug the echo into it and have it play through her speakers? Also, if I bought another one, could I plug it into my amp or HC800 and have it stream through the house? Thanks, Toke
  22. Hello I do not have ComposerHE or any fancy Alexa drivers - so therefore a more basic setup than some of the other users in this forum. But I feel constrained! I have Alexa working (though for c4 only really works for lights scenes, and a few old dealer programmed c4 routines), and have used WhenThen (ok but too limited to be really useful - cannot change volume level on amps or choose streaming playlists for example). Also the routines I set up in when then don’t link through to Alexa (presumably only those scenes set up by dealer in the c4 system make it through). Anyway - I have read lots of posts and can see that to get what I want to do may need complex programming. But just in case..... - Alexa routines look great. But how do I get Alexa to ‘see’more of my C4 system to programme’. Now I can see (a) all lights, (b) light scenes (c) room volume and (d) the very few old scenes my dealer did in install (eg switch on Netflix in cinema). I cannot add or change this list. Is there any way at all to add devices or to programme new ‘groups’ so that for example I could - set volume in three zones to 50, change lights AND play a specific artist on Spotify THROUGH my C4 system not Echo? Or Turn TV to a certain channel? - does all this need me to be in the programming of C4. Ok if needed but what is the easiest way? Thanks!
  23. We have had the Epic Driver running with Alexa for the better part of the year and have been very happy with command response time for turning on lights and activating different scenes in the house. We have been underwhelmed with Alexa itself in a semi noisy environment and speech recognition. Setup is 8 Echo dots spread throughout the house fully integrated with C4 setup. We decided to purchase a couple Google Home Minis to run a couple room test/comparison to see if the speech recognition/noisy room responses were improved at all. Since the Epic Driver for Google Home can no longer discover devices, we have been looking at the IFTTT driver for integration. Question to anyone who has used both: How do response times compare? We were not happy with the lag time on the native C4 Echo driver. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  24. So I have an ancient Honeywell Vista 10P security system. From what I read, it's compatible with C4 (with 4232CBM module). Once integrated: 1. can I control it with Alexa? 2. Does C4 sends push notifications for remote monitoring? If so, do I have to pay for 3rd party Security Monitoring service in addition to 4sight to get phone notifications? 3. Will I lose any critical controls if I get rid of old wall controllers? Thank you!
  25. Is this new or did I just miss this? I just created a routine in Alexa and the app asked me which device, "The one hearing it" or I got to choose. This was great because I created a Good Morning routine and told it to use the bedroom echo. Works great and is ignored on other devices. But now I can't create any more and chose the device... bummed. What am I missing? Would have been better to name a routine, such as good morning and then added steps under each of my devices.
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