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Found 14 results

  1. I'm not super techie when it comes to A/V systems, so go easy on me... Thanks to the recent drivers/integration, I can now play Amazon Music (Prime, playlists, my music, etc.) over my C4 system if I use the app on my phone. I can also ask Alexa/Echo to do a few things with my C4 system. What I really want to figure out is to string it all together so I can say to my Echo/Alexa: "Alexa, play songs by The Beatles from my Amazon music using Control4 in the Gameroom." Ideally in fewer words than that, but you get the idea. I have four C4 speaker zones. I want to be able to ask Alexa to play specific Amazon music on a specific C4 zone. Any way to do that yet? We're still just listening to our Amazon music over our Echo device instead of over the C4 system most of the time because it's so much easier to do it that way. But it's a bummer for the system to be going to waste... Thanks!
  2. Hey all, just wanted to share this with you. Seems to be one of those things that works great for some, and barely works for others. I'm definitely in the "barely works" category. Since a bunch of my customers keep requesting them, I can't just turn a blind eye to it. Nor am I a big fan of the USB-IR adapter. So after weeks of working on this, I think I figured out a way to resolve this and wanted to share my results with everyone. This has been tested on both Fire TV Stick and Fire TV box. The main issue seems to be (or at least from what I've noticed) is if the Fire TV falls asleep, the Control4 IP driver can no longer communicate with it. So I then went on the journey of trying to figure out a way to keep this awake since Amazon for some reason does not provide any options to keep it awake. Could have went the Control4 route and setup a timer to hit the "up" button on the driver ever hour, but that could cause some unwanted distractions during viewing (and it's not a very elegant solution) Also looked into sideloading an Android app (like KeepAwake or RedEye) on to the Fire TV to keep it awake, however this seemed to produce mixed results and even appeared to add a performance hit to the Fire TV Stick. I was about to give up until I stumbled upon this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireTV/comments/4jc22o/nonroot_prevent_sleep_on_fireos5/ I can proudly say after settings the sleep_timeout value to 0, both the test Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Box have stayed awake and responds to Control4's command every time we pickup the remote. Now after that whole intro, some instructions on how to get this done. 1. Disconnect the Control4 Fire TV driver during this process. If it's occupying the ADB session, you can't perform the following tasks so this is key. 2. Install ADB - https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.html#download (You really only need the platform tools that provides the ADB executable) 3. Find the IP address of your Fire TV, run adb from a command prompt/terminal as followed (without quotes) "adb connect fire_tv_ip_address" 4. If you received an error, check your network connections and check to make sure you have the proper IP of your Fire TV (and it's awake). You can also try turning ADB Debugging OFF then back ON to clear the sessions (this is done from the Fire TV). If no error was received, enter in "adb devices". It should show the IP of your Fire TV and after that "device". If it says "offline" after the IP, make sure Control4 is disconnected from the Fire TV and also try turning ADB Debugging OFF then back ON from the Fire TV. 5. Now type in "adb shell" and it will then provide you shell access to the Fire TV and change the prompt on the screen. 6. Type in "settings put secure sleep_timeout 0" and hit enter. Then type in "settings get secure sleep_timeout" and confirm the value returned in 0. If it doesn't return that value or gives you an error, make sure you are typing the command in properly. 7. Type "exit" or "quit" (can't remember offhand) to end the shell session, the prompt should change back to your normal command prompt/terminal prompt. Then type in "adb disconnect" to kill the ADB session. 8. Add the IP address back in to the Control4 Amazon Fire TV IP driver. Just remember, don't add quotes to any command when typing them in to a command prompt/terminal. I hope this helps those out that have continued to have control issues with Fire TV.
  3. I'm starting a new thread about this because the other one got hijacked and is not current and is 14 pages in length. I bought a 6-pack of the 2nd-gen. Echo Dot and had the dealer guys over to work out some kinks. I am their first to use the new drivers (or any voice control) so they had a learning curve. They had to re-do a lot of tags on devices to make it more intuitive with voice control. It is controlling my lights well and my Haiku fan. Also got hunter-Douglas shades integrated into the Control4 system. So far, this is very fun. It will turn on the theater and select inputs, haven't figured out how to change channels with voice command yet. Issues: I have hidden the Dots above cabinets in the kitchen and living room. They hear me very well except when music playing, then I have to repeat like 3 times to get a command through (ususally, "Echo, STOP!"). I don't have a spare cable running from the kitchen to the matrix to connect audio. For now I am still using Chromecast Audio as I use Google Play for all my music and am happy with that. It would be nice to have native support for Google Play + Control4. Echo will turn on and off different rooms' audio, but that's of limited utility since I am going to my cell phone to control my music anyway. I'm thrilled that Control4 offers this capability, I hope Amazon adds a feature where I can hook up an additional Dot at the audio matrix and tell the Dot in my kitchen to play all music through the one connected to the matrix, without adding another wire.
  4. Hi, I am extremely confused about what amazon alexa devices i need to purchase and would appreciate some help. This is for a new build which will have a c4 controller, matrix amp and sonos amp connected at the head end. 50% of the room have ceiling speakers (via matrix amp). We also have a spotify subscription What i would like to do is have something like an echo dot in the kitchen, and be able to say "Alexa play x song in the kitchen" (via spotify) "Alexa what is 10gram in ounces" and the response/music is played through the kitchen ceiling speakers. and say if i were to say "alexa play chilled music in the whole house" then it plays through all the ceiling speakers. Is that somethign that can be done and how many amazon devices do i need to purchase / which ones?
  5. Hey this is the first time I'm posting in a while. I'm in the Tarpon Springs area. I'm a programmer for a sound decision. And I had a question I can't seem to figure out. The 4k TV is pretty great for a budget 4k quad core smart TV. But I'm finding that selecting the inputs are a bit of a pita. I'm stuck making a macro which launches the home launcher app via the custom_app driver then executing a series of button presses through the menu to then select the input. This seems very tedious and not always guaranteed to work. Since the command is going over the network. Unfortunately this TV does not treat the inputs as applications. So selecting the input on the TV is not as simple as asking the Fire TV to open an app. Also the remote on that TV only admits and I are code when pressing the power button. Making it a strictly toggle power via IR. You can wake it/turn on the tv via advanced programming by launching the app drawer using the Custom_app driver. But I'm stuck turning it off using an ir. I tried using the "sleep when off" property but it puts the TV in more of a stanby mode. Has anyone seen or even heard of a way to use these type of TVs yet in a not so complicated fashion. I've been a programmer for 7 years and this is the first time I've ever had to post about anything.
  6. Hi, as a prosumer I needed to connect my newly purchased Amazon Fire Box to an EA1. I asked my support engineer to do this, but he couldn’t get the Fire Box to install, so returned the system to a previous state, which utilised an Amazon Fire Stick. Are there any issues with the Fire Box which need special attention ? Any advice I can pass on would be great fully accepted. regargds Kevin London, UK
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-MW46WB-Introducing-Echo-Show/dp/B01J24C0TI/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=14-18-20&linkId=67c7e39762a6f045f326cdb575081011 Seems this thing can look at live video from Arlo and Ring. Wish Control4 would get some drivers for that.
  8. Hey Guys, Just been trying out some alexa triggers to turn the tv on and off, just was wondering how to get my remote to read the states the tv is in, for example turning on the tv with a voice command does as its told, however when sitting on the sofa and trying to use the remote, the remote needs to be navigated through the menus and the source selected, the source then switches (blank screen mute 2-3 seconds) then is back up and running with full control, Is there a way of controlling what the remote state can be and for this to change so this doesn't happen?
  9. Hi, I have a Dot in my kitchen and I've run the RCA cable to my basement when I have the C4 amp. I've plugged in the RCA to input 7 and it has been binded. I have speakers in the kitchen that are also run to the C4 amp. The question is, when I ask Alexia a question, how do I get the audio to play on the kitchen speakers and only the kitchen speakers? Basically anytime I ask Alexia something I want it answered over the kitchen speaker. I understand that if I play music, I can add the Dot to other rooms as a source to hear the audio. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  10. I have a Alexa Echo. It can show the lighting scenes on the composer and Control 4 Alexa page.Then i used the Alexa to call out the scenes, she said cannot find the scenes. How to fix this problem? Thanks Anyone have this issue before? Kent
  11. Hi, did anybody try to integrate Amazon Echo (Alexa) with C4 in Canada?
  12. Since unveiling Josh.ai at CEDIA a few months ago we've received numerous requests for a C4 driver. I just wanted to post here that the driver is almost ready and we're quite happy with how it's turning out. If you're not familiar with Josh.ai, check out http://josh.ai to see a video and get some info. Happy to answer questions here or by email at alex@josh.ai. Right now we're very much focused on the high-end of the market in terms of dealers and pricing (typically 8-10,000+ sqft homes), but we'll be unveiling a number of new products in 2017 we're pretty excited about. For now we're very happy to integrate nicely with C4!
  13. Hi, Im trying to trigger playing intune radio stations via control 4 using Alexa voice control (using Epic Systems driver). I can trigger internet radio in control4, but cannot see how to program intune - Is it possible?
  14. We're pleased to announce the official release of our IP integration of the Amazon FireTV into Control4. This is something that has been highly requested of us since we released our free IR driver last year. Not only is it quick and easy to setup and features very responsive controls, but our driver does not require hacking or rooting your device! For more information, visit the HouseLogix Marketplace. Update: STEREO and DIGITAL_COAX outputs have now been added to the FireTV IP Driver. This feature makes it very easy for dealers to provide Amazon Prime streaming, and other streaming services, on an analog distributed audio system. However, you will need a digital to analog audio converter to complete the physical bindings. Amazon FireTV IP Control4 Driver
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