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Found 11 results

  1. Is it possible to set up announcements based on whos code unlocks the door? For example: If john unlocks the door with his code, an announcement occurs with "John has unlocked the door" and if Jane unlocks the door with her code, an announcement occurs with "Jane has unlocked the door." Is this possible at all? I was trying to figure it out by looking through composer HE. I have a Yale lock.
  2. Hi all, I've checked the forums, and I see several other people had a similar issue... unfortunately, the solutions on these threads didn't work for me.... https://www.c4forums.com/topic/32513-announcements-audio-file/ https://www.c4forums.com/topic/26634-adding-wav-file-to-announcements/ https://www.c4forums.com/topic/29717-annoucements-continued/ https://www.c4forums.com/topic/22851-cant-add-wav-files-to-announcements/ Thanks to @Dunamivora @Cyknight @ILoveControl and others for these posts. Maybe you guys can help! I am having the same issue, I believe. When I click on Agents | Announcements, my three pre-set Announcements load. When I click on one of them, the "Play Audio File" box is unchecked, and there is nothing loading up in the dropdown box. When I try to add a new WAV file, I get the error message "the user name or password is incorrect." - I have enabled SMB1 on Windows 10 Home Edition - I have set my network to "private" - I have enabled "insecure guest logins" by entering this command at admin prompt: "net user guest /active:yes" Any further ideas? Super frustrating to have all of my doorbell Announcements fail. Thank you in advance to the awesome C4 gurus on these forums! - Michael
  3. I've set up a few announcements in Composer HE and programmed them to play when someone enters the front door i.e. when a user enters their code into the yale door lock the announcement will play through selected room speaker zones i.e. ' X has entered the front door'. It works as expected, however, if someone is watching the virgin media tivo, weather that be Neflix via virgin media or a recorded program for some reason the announcement forces the tivo back to live TV. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. I'm facing a problem with the announcement. My setup is: EA-5 controller. C4 8 zones amplifier C4 16 zones audio matrix Doorbird The connection between the amplifier and the controller only through the LAN. Problem: Pressing “Doorbirdbutton” or execute announcement from the composer (First time). Control4 doesn’t play the announcement (Doorbird successfully push the notification). Pressing “Doorbirdbutton” or execute announcement from the composer (Second time within few seconds). Announcements play successfully (Doorbird successfully push the notification). I suspect that we are missing a physical connection (relay) between the controller and the amplifier. Is there any direct wiring between the amplifier and the controller? The announcement is configured to play on 6 zones, I tried increasing the start delay (tried 500ms to 1 sec per zone) with no luck. *** I'm using Cinigration Doorbird driver V2
  5. Was wondering if anyone was thinking/doing any doorbell ring (from DS2 or DS2 mini) thru SIP integration into a home VOIP phone line - so the phones ring basically. I have an OBIHAI 200 device and just upped firmware to most recent. For my DS2 mini, Communication Agent setup has Local, External, and SIP Servers. The C4 documentation only covers external, so figured I'd start there. For sip Device Info, I Called ID and SIP AOR are required * Called ID: what is to be displayed...I'll put in "doorbell" without quotes for a test * SIP AOR is user@IP format. For IP, that is a known for the OBIHAI. For user... not sure but trying the userid to login. I did see OBIHAI devices have parameter X_REFERAOR checked so that seems doable. Tested and nothing happened on the phone, so I'll do more digging.
  6. Here's what I'm dealing with: I have a motion detector installed at my front door to receive an announcement when someone approaches my front door. I use the C4 generic announcement and play if over 3 separate rooms over my sonos speakers. The thing my family HATES is that when watching a show (using the same sonos speakers), and someone comes to the front door, the announcement goes off and the sonos plays the announcement, but the TV stops playing the show and it takes a good 3-4 minutes to get back to the show, and rewind to where they were. Any brilliant ideas on how to handle this in a more natural, less irritating, way? Many thanks
  7. I created a script to fire an audio announcement to 3 zones when a doorbird button is pressed. Announcment in not playing all the times. I'm running 2.10.1
  8. OS2.10.1 has squashed many of the bugs in OS2.10. The one bug that I am still seeing and was wondering if anyone else is seeing this and if there is any work around? Whenever I play an announcement and there was Digital Music already playing in one of the zones where the announcement plays, the announcement does not end properly. When it ends, the digital music (playing in, say, one zone) starts to play in all the Announcement zones (at the announcement level) for around 30 seconds and then turns off (except in the zone where it correctly should be paying). As we use an announcement whenever the door bell rings, this is really annoying! Most amusingly, our aupair was watching our youngest daughter on the evening of Valentine’s Day... someone rang the doorbell a couple of times after our 3 year had been put to bed with nursery rhymes playing. Each time the bell was rung, Humpty Dumpty (or something similar) started playing throughout the house for 30 seconds at high volume freaking out the poor aupair!
  9. I had a similar problem in the past. When trying to add a wav file in announcements I get the message below. It is even showing up on files that I have previously been able to add.
  10. I'm on I made some announcements in the announcement agent (while on this version). I went in to update the audio file and the announcement agent doesn't show the current file, and when I select a new file I get: (X) A specified logon session does not exist. It may have already been terminated. [ Ok ] The announcement will execute as is, I just can't edit the audio file it plays. Also, I can create a new one, but it gives the same error when I try and add any audio file. The audio files will play in Windows media player, and are on the local drive, so there isn't a permissions issue to the file. This used to work fine.
  11. I have a motion sensor outside at my front door and I'd simply like for the sonos in my bedroom and the sonos in my kitchen to play an announcements...but for the announcement to be synchronized. I'm having issues getting this to work...in fact, only the bedroom plays the announcement at the moment. FYI - I have a variable "BeQuite" that is true after 8:00pm and turns false at 8:00am so I can adjust the volume of the announcements. Any help is appreciated Also...not to take this thread into a different direction, the motion sensor executes the above programming when it starts to sense motion...not when it stops. I don't know why but it only worked when I put this programming in the "Motion Sensor stops sensing motion".
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