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Found 11 results

  1. Apple announced "Homekit" which is a common network protocol that will let users control their smart locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs, and switches from one app with secure pairing to ensure only your iOS device works. I think this would be great for the Home Automation industry because it will bring basic control to end users...so when they decide to step up, we could sell them Control4. What do you guys think? Threat or opportunity??
  2. Will we ever be able to use our Streaming Apple Music subscriptions in Control4 like we can Pandora?
  3. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has found a way to bridge the Apple Home app with a Control 4 controller to allow you to control your Control 4 system via Siri?
  4. Is anyone else having issues with the new iOS release 4.2.2 on GEN4 AppleTV. I have one room that is on this update and it is like the unit is possessed. It is almost like a button is pressed and not released. selections hop all around the menu and I cannot select items properly or play anything without if fast forward or rewind. Just curious if anyone else has seen this. Thanks
  5. Did any of you try to run plex on a apple tv and control it via control4 ? All my movie are on my WD nas and i would like if possible to add a apple tv running plex. Is the allan chow driver will be good for that and integrate it with control4 ? Like a media player ?
  6. Hi folks we've just installed an EA3 and I'm eager to learn how to get this to work with Apple's Homekit so Siri can take over. I'm actually quite surprised it doesn't have a clear path. This fellow seems to have the answer, but I'm wondering if someone will post a"how to" set this up.
  7. I have one issue in my living room and that is when I shutoff my living room for the night and turn back on apple TV in the morning I get a blank screen. I have checked the apple TV and it is set to NOT go to sleep and NO screensaver. I have attached my C4 settings. Not sure what is causing this. I have to take the AppleTV remote to wake it up. Any suggestions?
  8. Please PM me with any questions/pricing. Selling brand new IPAD PRO 128GB WIFI Silver from Apple. Bought 6 for a client and they only wanted 5 I have too many I will include the Keyboard for $99.99 also
  9. Hi, I need assistance in playing apple non-drm music files (*.m4a) through my home setup. I have an iPod connected to the HC-250 controller on the 2.7 firmware. When I play music through the different Speaker Points of the setup I'm unable to get sound from the m4a. They play in the sense that they get recognized and the time bar of the song progresses until the end, but no sound comes out through the speakers. When playing regular mp3 files from the same source there is no issue. I'd appreciate any help on this matter. Regards
  10. If all the rumors are true there will be a new Apple TV with an SDK and App Store. Do you believe Control4 makes an app? I would think so.
  11. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_TEC_APPLE_HOMEKIT?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2015-06-02-08-33-14
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