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  1. Artcoustic CPH-ATiB RS232 Driver for Control4 This Artcoustic Control4 Driver allows a Control4 system to communicate with a Artcoustic CPH-ATiB-10 via serial to provide audio zone functionality. Features: Source Switching: Select any of the devices sources Zone On/Off Control: Two-way status and control of on/off Volume Control: Two-way volume control for each discrete output Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) technology for key free licensing and enhanced support Official Artcoustic endorsed driver Visit our website to download this FREE driver. This driver is now in all dealer showroom packs, simply download and install on your showroom controller - no need to apply for a license.
  2. Can we use Amazon Echo Dots as audio endpoints for multi-room music ?
  3. I need some assistance programming multi-zone playing the music from Media Server. I have a QNAP in the project and i have scanned the music in media. How do i program the keypad that will activate 3 zone playing the music from media? I tried Room Control it doesn't give me the option for the Preset to select the playlist or the album. I tried to programming but it only activates one zone. However if you see the session on Control4 app show all the 3 zone are active but they are individually active and not in one session. This is how i programed In events i have selected the Keypad In Actions Select Room --> Command --> Select Media --> Playist. (Did for all 3 zones). So basically three different program lines. Tried same things with Marcos and activate marcos but still doing the same thing.
  4. Hi All, What's everyone's experience binding audio to keypad buttons? I'm curious what's worked well. Here's my current thinking. Button 1: Pressed: "Rush". Plays the Tidal Rush Playlist across main floor audio zones. Double-Tap: "Stop" for all main floor audio zones. Button [3,4,5] Pressed: "<More Playlists>". Plays the Tidal Pop Playlist across main floor audio zones. Double-Tap: "Stop" for all main floor audio zones. UP Button Pressed: Pulse Audio Up for all main floor audio zones Pressed: Pulse Audio Down for all main floor audio zones Each room has a default volume of 30%. Questions: Volume control seems sketchy. Is there a "Max Volume" per room? Should I use the "Pressed/Released" to ramp volume? Is there an easy way to integrate a "Next Song" / "Play" / Pause functionality? Keypad "Up/Down" buttons have a "Track Last Button" option. Is this useful for anything? This is all "Hand" Programmed. I could clean it up a bit with Macros, but it seems there's a better way to do this. //Chris
  5. My fancy LG TV's have nice built in apps (Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc). Is there a way to get audio from the TV into the C4 system? Would be nice to take sound from the system (XFinity, etc) and be able to pipe it to the audio zones throughout the house. ARC/eARC seems ideal, as the TV already has a connection to the EA5. It doesn't seem the EA5 supports this though, which is a bit unexpected. Is optical from the TV to the EA5 the only option? As the EA5 doesn't have optical in, that means a Optical/Coax converter, which seems silly...
  6. Denon Professionnal DN-508MX driver for Control4 https://www.denonpro.com/products/view/dn-508mx A good alternative to DBX ZonePro for your Control4 commercial audio projects! We've just released a Control4 driver for this nice commercial audio mixer. If feature 5 stereo inputs, 8 zone output and 5 mixing Mic/Line inputs (all balanced or unbalanced). The driver integrate most of the matrix features in Control and take advantage of WebView to allow your customer to interact with the device Web Mixer right from the T3 touchscreen. So you get the best of both world! Control4 integration for keypad binding, easy volume and zone control and deeper mixer control through the Web Mixer. And best of all... it's much cheaper than the DBX Zone Pro! The driver is available at Houselogix: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/denon-pro-dn-508mx-control4-driver
  7. Hey all, I want to venture into audio with c4. Specifically multi room audio and doing it right. (Running an ea3/3.1.2 for my main system). if this wasn’t control4 I would just buy a fancy new Yamaha or Sony receiver with Spotify built in, connect the speakers and be done. but wanted to see what you guys and gals normally do. it will be 5or 6 zones when I’m all said and done. However my one requirement is my wife has to be able to just open Spotify and select the room using Spotify connect (like my current Sonos is setup). 2 of the 6 zones will be in rooms with tv’s but I’m planning on running JAP for video content.
  8. Is there a way to stream Tv or windows 10 laptop's audio to the C4 speaker ?
  9. For a house already being built, due to certain limitations, I need to avoid pulling speaker cables from the bottom floor to top floor. So is it recommended to have a EA-5 controller, AMS and PAMP in each floor getting connected to the same IP network? What would be the disadvantages of having a setup like this (decentralizing)? The EA-5 controller in the bottom floor would act as the main controller.
  10. Sorry, I'm new to the AV side of composer. I want to plug my amp into the audio-out of the HC-800 using a red and a white cable, and have the Amp play they music that's coming through those red and white cables. Is there a way to play mp3's through the 'AUDIO OUT 1' STEREO connection of the HC-800? Do I need a driver to load the MP3s? Is it even possible to play music through the AUDIO OUT 1 Stereo connection? I feel like this should be very simple, but it looks like everyone else has the controller controlling another device that contains their music. Thanks
  11. Hi, When streamed music from mobile through AirPlay (EA-5 with ShairBridge driver), rarely the soundtrack may not play consistently causing audio dropouts & glitches continuously. When this occurs, the audio isn't audible at all. If i exit the control4 app, reconnect & re-stream the audio will play without any issue. What could be the reason for this? The problem occurs very rarely though.
  12. Is there a way to stream from a mobile phone and play it through the EA-5 Controller, just like we run a playlist in a pen drive?
  13. I have a client that we updated to 2.10.6 and now have lost all audio out of the controller. (announcements, digital music, streaming music) Any Ideas?
  14. I have a KD-4x4CSX key digital 4x4 hdmi matrix with bauluns for sale.Looking to get $500.00. was installed in show home with minimal useage. Thanks Scott
  15. Hello, New to C4 and the forums. Have many questions, but will try to condense to a few main basic ones. Advice appreciated. System install was part of new construction. EA-5, network switch, dimmers, camera pre wires, lots of structured hard wiring, garage etc. 1. Although I got an EA-5 "Entertainment Bundle", it only included the controller. No remote. Is it typical for the remote to be an add-on for a $3800 bundle of an EA-5 in your experience? 2. None of my sources were added to the system (Somfy MyLink for window shades, Apple TV, BluRay Disc, etc) and the reason I was given was that's only if I have it in multiple rooms...so I'd have to buy another EA-1 to do that? Can I add those devices? 3. Why would I need(or how would I exploit) the RG-6 and HDMI cables coupled with Cat6/5e in various rooms 4. The OS was just installed and is on 2.1. Is that the latest version?
  16. So i have a simple audio arrangement with two pair hardwired speakers and want independent audio. Have an EA-5 but have not chosen an amp yet. If feasible, is there a cost-effective way to use the EA5 for stereo audio distro to those two zones or should I add a combo switch/amp? I dont think id be expanding hardwire speakers in future. maybe wireless speaker points most streaming is via amazon which i guess is not part of native capability of the controller But I can switch to whatever is native if needed
  17. Hi all, I had a full C4 system with KNX lighting installed less than 4 years ago from a local dealer, total system cost was just over £25k. System has been running fine apart from the odd tweak needed now and then until recently when the lights appear to be 'on' on the C4 remotes but they're actually off. Annoying but I've lived with it. My dealer said they're too busy to come out (early summer) and have now just informed me that they no longer support c4 maintenance or carry out c4 installs as their main focus is now as a training provider. I live in Sunderland, North East England (don't mention football 😑). I'm also looking to purchase an audio set up i.e. triad matrix, amps and speakers as i new this could be added on later when budget allowed. All zones have speaker cable that runs back to the rack so should be straight forward. Anyway..any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks, Lee
  18. C4 setup has 3 floors and multiple rooms in each floor so lots of audio playout possibilities as each room has ceiling speakers. If I use the C4 app on my phone I can select a room and choose a source like Pandora or iHeart and have them running concurrently in different rooms. But if I program a schedule to select a[n] [audio] channel in a room it plays, but then choosing another room and a different channel (e.g., Pandora first, then next room is iheart) the first room is shutoff. I don't use media scenes and in programming variables, every IS_LINKED is false. But say in programming of a scheduled event I say: select channel "3712338696085784552 - Bon Iver Radio" in Master delay 5 seconds select channel "5068 - WNYC-FM News, Talk_Culture" in Kitchen Then when the Master comes on with Bon Iver from Pandora, it shuts off when the kitchen turns onto WNYC on iHeart. Again, there's no media scene involved, or shouldn't be if you're programming at a room level so I'm curious why this is happening. I'm on 2.10.1 btw.
  19. Building a new home and have a simple home audio requirement. Need some help sorting through dealers quote and suggestions i have 4 sources, including the desire to use my iPhone for Apple Music streams and for content like audio books, etc. i have 4 rooms/zones, one of which I want to double as a home theater room. i want to control all this with my iPhone. would like matrixed control of sound Not interested in other home automation options, like lighting, blinds, or thermostat, etc. the dealer has quote (summarized for brevity): EA3 and an audio matrix Couple network switches 15 keypad zigbee extenders a host of additional nicnacks like cables, etc. 3k to set it all up my questions: why do I need the keypads? They are firm that these are required to control the speakers throughout the house, that a zigbee mesh is required vs controlling the audio from my phone on my home WiFi . This triples the cost of the equipment and install price. is control4 overkill for my basic audio matrix needs?
  20. Reset Apple TV to update an applied and now Apple TV only sound does not work - any ideas?
  21. I think I have got my head around Shairbridge. Am I right in thinking that as long as there are enough audio routes connected physically and of course in composer (i.e. an EA-5 with all four routes connected to the house matrix) then Shairbridge just "finds" a channel to use automatically, and does all the legwork? My customer wants to use his Apple music all around the house. He suggested Sonos, I fear that will be too complicated and won't work well. If there are, let's say, 8 rooms in the house then could I add an EA-3 to the rack and connect up all the possible audio paths (including the HDMIs which go through a Leaf matrix and audio breaks out to the matrix)? Would that give 8 individual paths, meaning that in the unlikely case that someone streamed to all 8 rooms at once then the Shairbridge system would be able to complete all the routes? Are there any delays between the analogue stereo outs, the digital audio outs (which I would have to put through a DAC then into the matrix) and the HDMI (which as mentioned is going into an A/V matrix and audio passed to the audio matrix)? The matrix is a C4 16 way, the stereo outputs go into "dumb" C4 amps which power the speakers in each room. There is one specific "cinema room" with it's own AVR, which also has a stereo feed from the audio matrix.
  22. I have a 4-Zone matrix amplifier added in one of the rooms and a touchscreen. I am able to play the music successfully in the room that I have the amplifier and the touchscreen in. But when I select a different room from the touch screen and play the music it still plays in the first room (Mr. Will's Office) and not in the demo room or the marketing room (see the attached picture). Any idea what am I doing wrong here?
  23. Hey guys, trying to connect a Denon AVR to my system, using C4 pro, having an issue identifying the AVR, is all connected, control 4 sees that the AVR is there, but I cannot connect, driver says to press 2 buttons on the front, when I do this the AVR says "Control4 identifying" but this doesn't register on the networks tab? Any Idea?
  24. Hi I am using a zigbee keypad, and trying to get an LED on a button to indicate a room's audio state - on/off. I've tried using POWER_STATE in room variables and change the LED when the room powers down. But I can't get the LED to hold the status of the room. It changes when the room changes, but then goes to "off colour". Is there a method that I am missing?
  25. Hi all, I have a full C4 setup in my home but now Im building a pool with a cabana. I would like a setup outside. My rack and 800 are in the basement. They are going to break wall to get subpanels and all into the basement so I was thinking of running cable from the rack to the cabana underground. THE RUN IS APPROXIMATELY 200 FEET. WILL I LOSE ANYTHING WITH CABLES THAT LONG? Heres what I was thinking for a TV, wifi, and audio system. 1. Run 2 cat 6 cables-- 2. Run 1 coax 3. Run 4 runs of 16x2 audio cable Thanks in advance for your help.
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