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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I am using OS 3.2.1; Vertilux Bridge driver 1002; Vertilux driver 1004 for shade controllers. I am using Vertilux serial interface controller. The operation is very buggy to the point it is useless. Vertilux does not update with the status of the shades, so it is not possible to program something like "if shades are open then close". That would not be a fatal problem if you could program something like "close living room shades at 6PM". The problem is that if the system thinks the living room shades are already closed, it does nothing. So, if you opened the shades with t
  2. Hi guys, Back in May i had the idea to start the 'SMART HOME PRO TIPS' series of informational newsletters through our mailing lists in the hope that we can pass on knowledge and educate both integrators and consumers about which products to choose from and what to do to create the ultimate smart home! Our first newsletter was about easy ceiling fan integration into Control4. We just sent out a new one today about easy blind / shade integration into Control4. Hopefully you guys find it useful. I just installed the Oz Smart Things Oz Remote Smart Blinds at my place and at $
  3. The wife wanted to reorganize the living room, and that meant putting the TV on the wall above the fireplace. At the same time we're getting a surround sound system installed, new 4k BD player, et al. While we were at the store the salesman showed us the C4 system, and I said: "Yes, that's a necessity." especially since my dad is kind of technology impaired, and couldn't figure out how to watch the game on our current setup when they came over to watch the pets / house. However, since we're going to be putting the home theater on the C4 EA3, I was curious if anyone would know how to integrate
  4. Chowmain - FREE Nice DMBM Shade Controller driver Chowmain releases FREE Nice DMBM driver for Control4. This driver automatically imports Nice shades and groups into Control4. Once imported it provides instant up, down, stop + set level control and feedback from any Control4 user interface including on-screen navigator, mobile, tablet, touchscreens, keypads and more. Integration into Control4 not only allows you to control it from any interface but exposes the shades so that you can automatically close the shades when you arm the security system, start a movie, when it gets dark and
  5. I am new to C4 and want to make sure I understand the C4 limitations when using Lutron Serena electric blinds. There will be about 6 windows, some in the same room and some blinds in other rooms, with electric Lutron Serena blinds. I like the Lutron blinds due to quality, high reliability, low noise, etc. but can only afford the Serena low end blinds. I would like to have a C4 switch for each blind that has a full open, full close, up, down and 1 or 2 other preset heights (say 1/4 down and 1/2 down) buttons on the single switch. I will also plan to replace my existing Lutron Maestro dumb
  6. I recently installed a set of QMotion QIS Roller shades. They are hardwired (CAT5) and powered into the QMotion Power / Comms Hub found here: http://www.qmotionshades.com/products/25-controls/270-power-and-communication-panel From what I can gather, there are two RJ-45 ports on the control hub. Control4 doesn't support communication with the shades over these RJ-45 ports, correct? From what I've been told, those RJ-45 ports need to be converted somehow to RS-232? Is this true? If so, would this piece of hardware work? https://www.amazon.com/Serial-Communication-Converter-Adapter
  7. Hi, I've got a Lutron QS Standalone system I have intergrated into Control4 and which works fine. I have a set of three blinds in which I can control as the following: Group1 - All Open Closed 50% Group 2 - Center Blind Open Closed 50% Group 3 - Outer Blinds Open Closed 50% They're all working using a generic blind driver and just adding the "When blind open" -> "Press Lutron Keypad" . The issue I have is with how it looks. I have to have each blind funcation as an individual blind due t
  8. Hi everybody. Does anybody have an experience with "neo smart blinds" Can't make it working with Control4.... I made it working with smartphone app, but can't connect to C4.
  9. I recently purchased some blinds w/ Somfy CL32 motors for my theater room. The blinds are located in the same room as my HC-800 controller. I want to fully integrate the blinds into my C4 system so I was wondering what is going to be needed outside of the normal C4 programming. From what I learned on this forum and a few other sources is that all I need is the Somfy Universal RTS Interface II. Is this correct and has anyone had any issues with getting Somfy CL32 motors, Somfy Universal RTS Interface II and Control4 to work together? Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. Sound Effects is looking to hire experienced Av installers, sales reps, and automation programmers. We are located in the Phoenix Az area in Mesa. Pay depends on experience. Please send resumes to rich@sfxav.com
  11. The blinds have their own Web Control module for their proprietary software, but I can't find Control4 integration options. Other than wiring relays from the rack to every blind, is there a way to control these over IP/Serial?
  12. I have Lutron blinds that are west facing that I want to lower 25% 90 mins before sunset, 50% 60 mins, 75% 30 mins before sunset, etc. I am getting used to Composer HE and understand it generally, but have tried a number of different ways and haven't been successful. I have tried putting the commands at set times (versus waiting for sunset every day) and can't get the blinds to respond at all so I don't know if I am putting the command statements in the wrong place? Does anyone have blinds working based on set times of the day who could share how theya re getting this done? Seems it should
  13. I have been driving myself crazy looking for decent blinds. I want the silhouette blinds from hunter douglas but my local dealer is asking for 1k per blind!! 34"x64". Is that the going rate for those blinds?? Anyone have any other recommendations for a battery solution, that integrates into control4 and looks like these? http://www.hunterdouglas.com/sheers/silhouette Maybe even a dealer recommendation that offers competitive pricing? Any help is appreciated!
  14. Hi, I got project with A-OK blinds controller. Does anybody know what kind of driver should I use???
  15. The Hunter Douglas blinds are cheaper to install than the somfy motors. Hunter Douglas would be power view with their new "hub" to allow integration into C4 and DC voltage. The Somfy is an extra 1k more and are AC with their integration. Either would integrate into an HC-250. Trying to figure out if the Somfy motors and track record of reliability are worth the extra money?
  16. Is it possible to send simple TCP/IP commands such as the following with access to Composer HE only? I do not have any special TCP/IP drivers. This would be used to control blinds. local host, port = "", 522 local socket = require("socket") local tcp = assert(socket.tcp()) tcp:connect(host, port) tcp:send("$inm03-;") tcp:close() This would be initiated from various areas in the system such as keypad buttons, timed events including specific times weekday vs. weekends, sunrise/sunset, etc. Thank you
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