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Found 10 results

  1. I'm looking for hidden type or small IP cameras compatible with C4 which can deliver high quality videos. My customer doesn't like bulky cameras as he's worried about aesthetics.
  2. ** Note: Will strike out the text below and mark when sold! ** Clearing out some inventory. Selling as a lot (8 cameras): All are brand new, never installed, and in the original boxes and are as follows: 3 x CK-CAM-BU832 (Bullet IP 2MP) 3 x CK-CAM-IN302 (Indoor Dome IP 2MP) 1 x CK-CAM-DO632 (Dome IP 2MP) 1 x CK-CAM-TU652 (Turret IP 2MP) Asking $650 for the lot. Shipped (from Colorado) w/ Tracking and Insurance. Paypal Payments Only please.
  3. I have implemented a security system with LUMA analog DVR. After a easy configuration, the system works great when i am in the same site as my system. But when I access the system by 4sight I have no image of the cameras. Does anybody knows if the remote camera viewing is supoorted by the luma analog driver? Or do I have a problem with the configuration of the system. I am using the following : Controller EA3 Luma analog DVR 4CH Luma Surveillance 300 series camera Luma_navigation.c4z luma dvr stream .c4z Thanks
  4. Are Digital Watchdog NVR's compatible with control4? Or a PC running the Digital Watchdog Spectrum Software? My other option would be for a Milestone NVR.
  5. So we have completed the work on the Libraries required for camera drivers. This means we can now produce basic camera drivers (PTZ, presets, Streams) in a matter of minutes. For anyone requiring camera drivers let us know the Brand, and Model. For anyone requesting a driver we don't have we will provide a FREE license provided you confirm and test the driver. Also we have 1 license for ALL cameras. So if you need to mix and match brands everything is 1 price that is very affordable for all Brands!
  6. I have a bunch of cameras (NOT IP) connected to a HIK Vision DVR. The DVR is on my network and can be viewed remotely or at home from an app. According to my programmer, Control4 does not have a driver to enable viewing within C4 unless they are IP cameras. I don't want control of them, just to be able to view them OR create a screensaver on a tablet (t7 and t10) which shows the feed of one channel. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. Hi, I got some problem. I had WPS-300-DVR with 8 cameras working, but recently it stopped, I can't see cameras on TS, ( I saw them before) and in composer if I check connection with "Test connection" it fails. But DVR by it self is online and I can see it. I tried to delete cameras and add them, no luck, tried to reboot DVR, no luck. Might be it wil be helpful to reboot cameras? any ideas?
  8. I am stuck like chuck here. I picked up a couple of hikvision cameras. I added the hikvision driver and added the ip and the credentials. The system sees the camera but all I see on the c4 side is the snapshot. when I test the mjpeg, i get the following: Testing Mjpeg ... Verifying address ... Address verified. Verifying address:port ... Address:port verified. Verifying URL ... URL not verified: Forbidden Test failed. When I test the H 264, I get: Testing H264 ... Verifying address ... Address verified. Verifying address:port ... Address:port verified. Verifying URL ... URL verification failed: Timeout. Test failed. When I double click the camera and bring up the interface, I am able to see the H264I stream but obviously not the H264 or Mjpeg stream. what am I doing wrong? is there a generic camera driver out there I should use instead of the HIKVision driver? Any help is appreciated. I'm sure i am missing something simple (I hope). RCT
  9. Hi, I have some question, if I have a regular DVR and analog cameras, can I by using some device (converter what ever) have cameras image in C4 app visible, Or might be some DVRs can do it for C4? I think I saw it ones, some DVR (with analog cameras connected) provided images from cameras to C4 App. and it was visible on TS and mobile devices. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, I just want to share a link: http://integratorstoolbox.com to my new site for our Prebuilt NVR's to support our Blue Iris Driver. We have choosens specific software to make to PC build as specific as possible to our needs, which includes some backup software that make restoring and backups easy. Our builds utilize high quality short depth rackmount components, with tray load drives, and optional quiet fan packages. We also include some typical integrator software that we use when setting up ip-cameras or doing remote network troubleshooting. Please check them out, I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Sincerely, Adam
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