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Found 5 results

  1. Chamberlain has basically said they want no integration that doesn't give them recurring revenue, shutting down any attempt to get an official driver. Between that and MyQ drivers now discontinued, the only feasible integration (which was always preferred I suppose) is to connect to a myq official opener by soldering, or if it's compatible the engadget pre-made option (some wall-mount units are NOT compatible however - which happen to be the most popular option around here....) Go complain to chamberlain/liftmaster and choose alternate options (Genie, or other more basic doors) ­čĹ┐
  2. We have just released a FREE driver for the MyQ Brand of Garage door openers from Liftmaster and Chamberlain. This will allow T3 Touchscreens to open the MyQ interface and manage devices as well as open and close the garage doors. This does NOT allow any event based programming, the only supported method for doing that would be via Wink. This being a link to the MyQ webpage is not subject to any API changes. https://annex4.link/drivers/myq-webinterface Enjoy, many more FREE things coming and some new fully integrated items too. annexÔü┤ Team
  3. Hey folks. I have attached the first beta release fo the Chamberlain/Liftmaster MyQ driver. There are two drivers. One is the controller which talks to the MyQ web service and relays information back and forth to the specific device drivers. The other is a garage door opener driver. I have plans to also release a driver that will work with the MyQ lighting devices in the future. The default license key which will work until the end of June is posted below. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a license. Please test away and let me know what issues you find or suggestions you have. Thanks! Eric Edited on 11/13/2015 to include the latest release - this release is free and does not require a license key. Edited on 12/11/2015 with a new version that supports some of the newer openers. EDS_MyQ_Chamberlain.zip
  4. Version 2.0


    EDS Controller Driver For Chamberlain®/LiftMaster®/Craftsman® MyQ® This driver enables communication between the Control4® system and Chamberlain® MyQ® devices. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the following other EDS drivers for MyQ® Devices: * Garage Door Opener - This driver enables Control4® integration with a Chamberlain® garage door opener * Light Device - This driver enables Control4® integration with a Chamberlain® light device The following devices are known to work: * Chamberlain®/LiftMaster® MyQ® enabled door openers connected to a MyQ® gateway * Chamblerain®/LiftMaster® MyQ® retrofit door opener connected to a MyQ® gateway * Chamberlain®/LiftMaster® "MyQ Garage" with Virtual Garage Door Opener transmitters * Chamberlain®/LiftMaster® MyQ® Remote Lamp Control This is an old version and I'm unable to upload a .zip or .c4z file. Please see the following post for the new version: http://www.c4forums.com/topic/17360-eds-myq-driver-revival-and-free/
  5. This week, HouseLogix released the LiftMaster / Chamberlain MyQ device driver for integration with the MyQ-enabled product family. This includes MyQ garage doors, as well as, lighting controls. MyQ is a cost effective solution for adding additional lighting or tying in a garage door over IP, without hacking and soldering remotes and relays together. The LiftMaster MyQ driver is tested and supported by HouseLogix. You can find more information at our website.
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