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Found 43 results

  1. Hi all, I've had a Texecom Premier Elite 48 panel alarm system installed for a couple of years now and its fully integrated into my C4 system but i'm not using the system at all because no programming has been set up in composer. My C4 dealer/installer ceased all C4 support and i'm pretty stuck to be honest as there inst any other C4 dealers in my area which is a separate issue.... Anyway I have Composer HE and was wondering if there are any guides or advice out there so i can get my alarm system up and running with C4. I have integrated Yale Locks that push out notifications and also trigger audio announcements but it would be great if i could disarm the system on entry, and also set something up that arms the system as part of my 'Goodnight' command. Thanks!
  2. Dear C4 Comrades, I would like to install a copy of Composer HE. I looked everywhere for one, but couldn't find it. Considering this is the home edition, you think it would be easier to access, sadly that is not the case. Can anyone give me a download? I would preferably not pay for it, but depending on how low the price is I might be able to cough up a few bucks.
  3. Hi all, I recently tried to update my EA3 controller from 3.0.0 to 3.1.1 and it hung/failed at the HID section of the update. When I exited and checked via sysmanager, it appeared as though the controller had updated to version 3.1.1, but it would not appear in the Composer local system list. After numerous attempts to reset, reboot and network reset (with no luck), I read an article which mentioned an issue with 3.1.1 and that a factory reset was required. I have since performed the factory reset and it has gone back to version 2.8.1, but I still can't connect to it in Composer (using 2.8.1 or any version). The following error appears when trying to connect: Could not connect to Director/Broker at 192.168.1.xxxDirector status: disconnectedBroker to Director status: disconnectedBroker status: disconnectedMessage: Location is invalid Does anyone have any ideas where to from here for me now please?? Regards, David.
  4. Hi, The action pane is not active, does not allow me to change anything in this section. Any ideas what am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance
  5. So my work schedule changes daily based on where I need to travel to...I'm looking for a way to trigger a good morning routine based on when I get up. I thought about a pushover notification based on a calendar event but I have yet to get it to work. I'm open to any ideas because there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I don't have a T3 screen so the chowmain scheduling driver is out. Thanks everyone!
  6. Hello, New to C4 and the forums. Have many questions, but will try to condense to a few main basic ones. Advice appreciated. System install was part of new construction. EA-5, network switch, dimmers, camera pre wires, lots of structured hard wiring, garage etc. 1. Although I got an EA-5 "Entertainment Bundle", it only included the controller. No remote. Is it typical for the remote to be an add-on for a $3800 bundle of an EA-5 in your experience? 2. None of my sources were added to the system (Somfy MyLink for window shades, Apple TV, BluRay Disc, etc) and the reason I was given was that's only if I have it in multiple rooms...so I'd have to buy another EA-1 to do that? Can I add those devices? 3. Why would I need(or how would I exploit) the RG-6 and HDMI cables coupled with Cat6/5e in various rooms 4. The OS was just installed and is on 2.1. Is that the latest version?
  7. Hi, I wish you guys can help me. We have a big site with so many issues and it's driving me crazy. Just when We are about to leave the site and call it a day and then we test the system and when client uses the system and viola, no video output on the TV in some areas and the projector in the cinema do not have any video output. The AV receivers are on, system is all ON. When I check the binding on the composer, I was shocked to see that the video endpoint binding was disconnected. The binding from AVR output to the HDMi input of the TVs and projectors were disconnected in random zones. I had to bind them back to get the TVs and projectors work. This issue happens on a daily basis and only happens at night. I called Control4 support and he told that it must be a bug or corrupted driver in the system and I need to re-do the whole C4 programming from scratch. The next answer he gave us was it was a networking issue. System info: (1)EA5 (5)EA1 (5)SR-260 remote (1)C4 HDMI 8x8 matrix (1)C4 Audio Amplifier (1)C4 IO extender (2)optoma projectors (1)barco bader projector (2)Samsung TVs (2) Apple TVs (2)IP TVS (1)Dish TV (3)PS4 (1)XBoX Drivers: Tisco KNX, Azan (muslim prayer time),
  8. Is there any comprehensive guide to what the values of the system variables represent? I want to write a piece of code that is fairly simple in that it will send me a notification regarding the battery levels on my SR260's. I'm a bit confused because, as an example, the current "battery_level" variable one of my remotes is reading 4. The icon in the display window of the remote shows an overwhelmingly charged battery (roughly 90%). Does the 4 represent the LOSS on the battery (i.e. 4%)?
  9. I just upgraded to 2.10.1 and upgrade went well. But now HE is read-only! Has anyone else experienced this. I cannot programming anything in HE due to the fact it says read only
  10. Hi! Every time I try to log in remotely to a user account with Composer 2.10.1 it quits unexpectedly (in differents accounts). If I connect locally, it works correctly. Local connections are ok, and versions 2.10 and lower are ok to. Do you know what is happening?
  11. I’d like to buy a composer HE license. My installer avoids the topic every time I bring it up. Is is anyone willing to sell me a license?
  12. I'm running into a problem activating a license on a new computer. I understand that I need to log into my.control4.com dealer account and remove an old computer before adding this new one. I'm at my limit. However the interface seems to have changed and I can't seem to figure out how to see the computer names, and those specifically assigned to my login. My login shows our whole dealer account with all of the users in one tab, and all of the devices (composer, iOS devices, etc) in another tab. The devices tab doesn't show computer names though or which user they are associated with. I used to be able to select myself and it would show the computers with currently active composer licenses. I can't find anything like that now. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. I have a few months before I become a dealer, and according to my distributor I have to be a dealer in order to have access to "Driver Editor", and "Composer". I believe those are the 2 fundamental software needed to test code. I found a zip file of an older version of driver editor on the net, which was available for download, but as I downloaded composer it asked for a username/password, so no way to get past that. What is the solution?
  14. Would you like to take more ownership of your Control4 system? Do you (like many others I've met) own Composer Home Edition (HE), but don't really know how to use it very well? I am offering 1 on 1 personalized training sessions for people like you! PM me for more information or to schedule a session. I am a certified Control4 tech and have been programmed dozens of homes over the past several years. Thanks, Ari
  15. ecschnei


    If I understand it correctly...if I update the controller to 2.91 I have to update composer to 2.91 or can I still login and make changes with 2.90? Thank you All,
  16. Recently upgraded to 2.10. One of my touchscreens is the C4-TT7, which C4 said it supported in the new version. However, in order for me to install 2.10 I had to take the drive out of 2.9. Now that I am using 2.10 I cannot put the driver back in. It's in the drivers but says obsolete and will not allow me to put it back in. Has anyone figured a workaround on this yet?
  17. Hello All, My first post . Is there a way to make Navigator select an item/driver in the "Listen" field after the audio has changed for that room.
  18. Hey guys, trying to connect a Denon AVR to my system, using C4 pro, having an issue identifying the AVR, is all connected, control 4 sees that the AVR is there, but I cannot connect, driver says to press 2 buttons on the front, when I do this the AVR says "Control4 identifying" but this doesn't register on the networks tab? Any Idea?
  19. Hey Guys, I'm trying to map some Philips hue led strips to my system, i can control them with C4 and change colour with hue app, using the single lamp brightness seems to give the best result, using the full colour seems to have an issue where brightness is effected by all faders and colours are all over the place? I tried to create custom scenes with an iPad but still have major problems as when i want to change colour both scence's come on at the same time preventing the colour change. is there a way to map custom macros to buttons within the lighting scenes? or will i have to have these as separate custom buttons? any help greatly appreciated. using Hue Bridge Driver OS2.9 (v0.04) Single Lamp Brightness Driver (v8.0.5)
  20. Anyone know if there are any plans to make a web based Composer and Control4 app (old MyHome)?
  21. Hey I was attempting to update composer to the latest build (2.91) on my Windows 7 PC. I'm 2.81 now. I download the file, close all extraneous programs, start the install, and it fails with a file corruption error on libvorbisenc-2.dll. That is under gstreamer. The error options are abort, retry and ignore. Retry gives the same error after a few seconds, ignore simply goes to the next file and it fails the same way. I tried re-downloading the install file. I rebooted the PC. No luck. For fun I started up my MAC running Win7 via parallels, on which I currently have 2.90. It fails in the same way on a different file: libxm12-2.dll. Has anyone seen this? I asked C4 via chat about it and they said yes, there is an issue but you'll have to call in to tech support. The wait was forever so I bailed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...cathleen
  22. What variable do I use to pull the outdoor temperature that shows up in my navigator to program my thermostat from? I have a c4therm and no wunderground driver loaded but I thought there was a variable I could still use to adjust my setpoints based on outside temp. Is this the case and where do I look? The thermostat driver has 2 outdoor temp variables but it doesn't seem to be updating throughout the day. Thanks in advance! Eric
  23. Hello: I'm trying to understand if it's worthwhile to get a license for Composer Home Edition. I've reviewed the info from Control4 at http://www.control4.com/documentation/System_User_Guide/Composer_HE.htm I don't have any lighting or security devices installed (yet). Just multi-source and multi-zone audio and video. Any "media" stuff according to this page looks like something the Media Edition would also do. It mentions something about "program the device-specific buttons on your System Remote Control" which sounds helpful but I'm skeptical. Would it be fair to say that HE is not helpful to someone at all if you don't have any security/lighting yet? Anything helpful otherwise?
  24. Thanks to the awesome assistance of Sally my HC300 is back up and running and I'm continuing my quest to migrate from 1.6. In the interim I'd been running my lights from the second controller on my network, an old Home Theatre Controller. Question: I can now see both Controllers on my network, both have fixed IP addresses but Director is running on the HTC. Does anyone recall the process in 1.6.x for designating a different controller to run Director? I know how to move the Zigbee network but I can't for the life of me remember how to specify that Director should be running on the newly revivde HC300. Further extending the fun, if it's in "System Manager" I can't run that at the moment -- on 2 different brand new Windows 7 installations System Manager crashes when launched. But if that's where I need to go to move Director I'll focus on getting that working. Thanks for any advice!
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