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  1. We've just launched our Tesla Driver for Control4. You can find more information here - https://www.intrinsicdev.com/downloads/tesla-vehicle-driver-for-control4/ Please contact your Control4 dealer to get this integrated with your Control4 system. What does this driver do? This Tesla Vehicle Driver for Control4 allows a Control4 system to communicate with Tesla’s cloud server to read vehicle data and send commands. Features: Control: Control charging Wake Up Vehicle Honk Horn Flash Lights Lock/unlock car – it is possible to enable this feature, however, from a security point of view, we do not recommend these are implemented. If you do choose to enable this function you do so at your own risk. Intrinsic Group Limited, or its subsidiaries, accepts no liability for their use. Programmable Commands: Start HVAC Stop HVAC Charge Standard/Max Charge Start Charge Stop Flash lights Honk horn Feedback: Vehicle is Locked Vehicle is Unlocked Internal Temperature External Temperature Speed Heading Latitude Longitude Sunroof Status Odometer Time Until Fully Charged Charging Status Range Please note – This driver uses Webview to create a custom interface. Currently Control4 only supports this on touchscreensand not through their apps. As soon as Control4 make this available on their app the driver will be updated to support this. Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) technology for key free licensing, update alerts and enhanced support
  2. Hey guys a little help. I have a job site where they have qty 4 Aprilaire 8820 wireless thermostats installed. C4 has a certified driver for this, I can't these to pair with C4 for the life of me. I set the thermostat to Automation Mode Logged into the thermostat directly and added it to wifi. I see it on the network. C4's instructions are to just enter the IP address in composer and refresh navigators. But it just says offline. I talked to Aprilaire and they were at a loss. They said the blink wifi symbol and the fact that it was on scannable on the network means it's not connected to the automation system. The automation system, in this case C4, says to enter IP address and refresh navigators. I called C4 and they said it might be network issue. So I unplugged my network, plugged the EA5 directly to the Comcast router and added the thermostat to the Comcast Wifi. Disabled firewall completely. Still can't get it pair with EA5. Says that the thermostat is offline. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello Control4 Forums! We will be borrowing this space to share with you the latest and greatest from the best third party driver development team from Colorado: Cindev We hope you'll find this information useful! For any inquiries not relevant to the posts here please reach out to us via email info@cindev.com If you would like to reach us across different platforms we can be found here: Web: www.cindev.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1wheSVU5ShVWlgK3CH4fg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cindev.software Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cindev.software/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cindev_software LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/76184943/admin/
  4. Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well during this Coronavirus Pandemic and are staying safe. Seen as I have some free time on my hands now, if anyone needs any control4 support please let me know. Im located in the UK, but i'm available pretty much 24/7 (A very light sleeper) I can do anything from upgrades to adding new drivers etc... Iv’e helped some users on this forum in the past. Please PM if anyone needs any help! For all of my US folks out there I now have Venmo [emoji4] You guys can now contact me direct through WhatsApp using this link: https://wa.me/447803464444 Thanks Muj
  5. So I'm having some difficulty keeping my kids locked out of the living room TV when we don't want them on there. I currently have an experience button set up in a separate room that is only visible on our phones but somehow my six-year-old is getting past it. Not sure if it has to do with the Samsung TV and the 30 second delay between commands but I think I've got something wrong in my programming that it's not keeping the TV locked down. It's currently run through a receiver for all inputs. It's currently programmed so that if the video source changes it waits 5 seconds and then Powers down the room. I honestly don't care if they listen to audio but I need to stop them from watching TV. The reason I suspect the Samsung TV is the issue is because everything seemed to work fine with the LG TV that was there before. Any advice or help would be appreciated
  6. We are releasing a new solution for RGB LED Control with Control4. There is not so many good and affordable solutions of this kind right now, this driver may fill a gap many people wanted since a while. If you have tried other RGB LED Control solution for Control4 that are on the market right now, you may have find they may produce disappointing results, or other solutions may be better but for a price. The driver we are presenting if focussed mainly to work with RGB LED and use DMX as the standard lightning control protocol. It teams with a powerful interface that is the RS-232 DMX Engine from Engineering Solutions Inc. This little box have enough power to allow a complete management of RGB LED, Color effects, smooth fades, and more. Best of all, it does cost less than the other popular DMX solution for Control4. The driver fully support Advanced Lightning Agent scenes with perfectly synchronous activation with no external tool required to build a scene, it also feature a highly user friendly color effect management and native Control4 dimmer control to keep the experience similar the same as with Control4 own lightning system. Quick features list: - Native Control4 Dimmer Control - Full Advanced Lightning Agent support - Perfectly smooth scene activation with no popcorn effect - Smooth fades and color transition - Built-in Color Loop and Chase Effect - Effects are fully customizable - No CPU overhead - Support parallel tasking - Ultra fast response time - Exclusive Effect Switch for easy color effect creation - White override for RGBW Lightning The total cost of the driver and the interface is lower than the actual most popular DMX solution for Control4 and will produce better results, guarantee. Many people are already using it and they liked it. Check out this demo video of a basement with RGBW lightning, all controlled with Control4 and this driver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQsbtevZwSg The whole DMX Lightning control solution is sold on the Houselogix Marketplace: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/lighting Driver documentation: http://www.domaudeo.com/Control4/Drivers/DMX/Instructions.pdf Driver package download: http://www.domaudeo.com/Control4/Drivers/DMX/DMX_for_Control4_v1.2.zip For pricing information, go to Houselogix https://www.houselogix.com/shop/domaudeo or contact info@domaudeo.com Feel free to ask question on this forum, we will gladly try our best to answer.
  7. Chowmain - Ultimate Dahua Driver for Control4! Overview Dahua, who is a popular surveillance manufacturer, produce a range of PTZ and NON PTZ based IP cameras for a range of residential and commercial applications along with network video recorders (NVRs) As one of our top requested drivers we felt that we needed to create the ultimate Dahua driver for Control4. We have worked closely with Dahua to ensure that the integration provides the best user experience possible. This driver pushes the integration of Dahua by offering functionality that allows the cameras to push the boundaries of security and home automation. This means that surveillance is no longer just for security but can also be used to trigger motion-based programming like lighting. The driver is also compatible with Dahua TiOC range of cameras. TiOC, also known as three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-color monitoring, active deterrence and AI into one smart and innovative solution, greatly saving time and financial costs for distributors and installers. TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn off intruders, effectively protecting life and property’s safety. Features Control4 OS 3.0 Support NVR Remote control simulation / Dahua onscreen control over IP for NVR5XXX-I and NVR5XXX-4KS2 model NVRs (via customised firmware made for Chowmain) Remote Control Commands - Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Back, Play, Pause, Stop, Escape, Skip Fwd/Rev, Scan Fwd/Rev, Menu,Grid 1, Grid2, Grid 3, Grid 4, Check and Channel numbers Configurable buttons for Control4 remote Smart handling of events from cameras connected behind an NVR Grid view Navigate recordings and playback menu Changing Channels Camera (PTZ and Static) Supports PTZ & Non PTZ Cameras View live camera stream on Control4 interface Control4 Push Notification Snapshot Support (push notification photos to mobile phones) PTZ control (Up, Down, Left, Right, Preset, Zoom) Select PTZ camera presets Can be controlled direct or behind a NVR Auto Setup of Camera to be Control4 compatible Works with cameras direct or behind an NVR You can set camera resolution configuration for best performance for Control4 via a single button press from Composer Driver auto configuration when binding to an NVR Camera event handling via bindings for enhanced programming. Supported Events: Video Motion Traffic Vehicle Position Audio Anomaly Audio Mutation Cross Line Detection Intelli Frame Programming Commands: Illuminator manual/auto/off and brightness level Goto Preset Flash blue and red warning lights (TiOC) Wiper once/continous/off FAQ What NVR models does the driver support? The driver will work for all models however if you want remote control simulation to control the Dahua NVR HDMI output then you will need to utilise the customised firmware that was built for us by Dahua. This customised firmware is included in the driver zip file. The following models provide onscreen navigation via a customised firmware developed by Dahua in partnership with us. NVR5208-4KS2 NVR5216-4KS2 NVR5232-4KS2 NVR5208-8P-4KS2 NVR5216-8P-4KS2 NVR5232-8P-4KS2 NVR5216-16P-4KS2E NVR5232-16P-4KS2E NVR5416-4KS2 NVR5432-4KS2 NVR5464-4KS2 NVR5208-8P-4KS2E NVR5216-8P-4KS2E NVR5416-16P-4KS2E NVR5432-16P-4KS2E NVR5464-16P-4KS2E NVR5816-4KS2 NVR5832-4KS2 NVR5864-4KS2 NVR5816-16P-4KS2E NVR5832-16P-4KS2E NVR5864-16P-4KS2E NVR5816-R-4KS2 NVR5832-R-4KS2 NVR5864-R-4KS2 NVR5816-R-16P-4KS2E NVR5832-R-16P-4KS2E NVR5864-R-16P-4KS2E NVR5216-16P-I NVR5216-8P-I NVR5864-I NVR5432-16P-I What cool things can we do with this driver? The driver's Auto setup functionality makes configuration of the cameras quick and easy. This driver provides the ability to attach snapshots to Control4 Push Notifications (4sight required). Tie this in with the camera's motion events and your customer can get notified (with an image) if the camera detections motion. This camera provides live feedback of events which is useful if you want to tie in lighting to motion and other events. View the Dahua NVR onscreen display via its HDMI output and control it via IP. This is compatible with NVR5XXX-I and NVR5XXX-4KS2 products using a customised firmware that Dahua developed for us. Control illuminator functionality so that the camera image is optimal during night time viewing. Control wipers for compatible model to ensure rain does not effect the cameras. What products will this work for? This will work with Dahuas range of IP cameras and NVRs. Some manufacturers OEM Dahua cameras and rebadge them as their own so it will also work with those cameras (eg Amcrest and Lorex). Please test prior to licence purchase. I want to try this driver out before buying it? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial. Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go. No registration required. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. PDF Product Slick Driver Link
  8. Chowmain - Plex Full Plex is a centralized home media playback system with a powerful central server (Plex Media Server) that streams its media to many Plex player Apps which can reside on a number of devices from Roku, Amazon Fire TV, HTPC’s, mobile devices and even Smart TV’s. The Server is available on many platforms like Windows, OS X, and many flavors of Linux, as well as many NAS devices. The Chowmain Plex Full driver is one of the only Control4 drivers to have full library integration including Movies, TV Shows, Music and photo browsing/searching/playback and can be used to control Plex on various platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Sony Android TV’s (FY15 up), Dedicated HTPC’s running Plex Home Theater or Plex Media Player. This complete solution provides the consumer will seamless playback of content from any Control4 interface including SR-250/SR-260, Onscreen Navigator, Touchscreens, IPhone/Android based Navigators and more. This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.7 and above. Features Ability to browse/search/playback Movies, TV Episodes, Music & Photos from any Plex client/server with cover art including local or remote servers. Ability to browse content by recently added, recently aired, recently viewed and more. Ability to resume movies or tv episodes from where you have left off. Ability to program any event in Control4 to trigger playback. Eg keypad on the wall, security system disarm, motion sensor trigger. Ability to automatically turn the room on upon playback. This is good for dedicated Plex systems where you might want to send playback of content from your mobile device or tablet to your TV. Two way feedback for client state (Play, Pause, Stop, Playing Video, Playing Music, Playing Photo, In Navigation) Can be setup for any Plex Client including Plex Home Theater, Plex Media Player, Plex for Roku, Plex for Amazon Fire TV and Plex for /Android TV's. Ability to launch Plex on Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices. Upon media playback the driver will launch Plex on the device, wait for it to startup and then start playback. Support for Sky Now TV and Telstra TV boxes (Roku rebadged boxes). Ability to return to the Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Sony TV drivers upon exiting Plex. Makes the experience seamless. Ability to return to onscreen navigator on playback ended. This is great if you want to hide Plex’s interface and use Control4 only. Ability to switch users. This allows for content restriction based upon username/passcode. Limit children to G rated content only. This also allows multiple family members to resume playback from different spots. Frequently Asked Questions I'm confused which Plex driver should i be using? A while ago we created the Plex Home Theater driver and Plex Media Player driver. These drivers utilised the older Control4 media player interface which could only handle movie integration. Back in August 2015 we released Kodi Full. This driver utilised a new method to display content on Control4’s devices. We decided that we would improve on our Plex driver’s by doing something similar and have named it to match our Kodi Full driver. Plex Home Theater is still an excellent driver and may do everything that you want. Plex Full however is superior to Plex Home Theater and the development time period reflects that. Do i need to the Plex Media Server driver as well? No additional drivers are required to operate Plex Full. Please read the installation PDF to get an understanding on how the driver works and how to set it up. Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? Browse/search/playback movies, tv shows, music, photos from Plex.on any Control4 user interface including touchscreens, onscreens, smart phones, tablets and remote controls. Resume content that you have started watching from where you left off from a different Plex client. Complete your media playing solution by pairing our driver with a Roku or an Amazon Fire TV. Both devices can utilise streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. With our driver installed the customer will now be able to browse/search/playback any of his own personal content on the system. Create the perfect cinema experience by dimming the lights down when a movie starts, ramp it back up when the movie ends or if the user pauses or stops the movie. This driver provides two way feedback on what media you're consuming and what the state of the media player is. It will tell you when the movie is playing, paused, stopped or if it is a video, photo, song or if it is in navigation. This information is useful for customising your lighting and environment to suit your customer's requirements. Start a movie on your tablet and then cast it to your theater to have your theater automatically turn on. Fall asleep at the TV? The driver will automatically turn the room off once the movie has finished after a period of time. Setup a button on your onwall keypad to start playback of you or your family’s favourite movie. One touch playback. Great for kids. Limit the content your children can watch to G or PG-13 rated content by using User/Pin codes. What hardware will this work on? This driver has been tested on Roku (including Telstra TV and Sky Now TV variants), Amazon Fire TV, Sony FY15 Android TV’s, Plex Home Theater (OSX/Windows), Plex Media Player (OSX/Windows). If you choose to use it on any other platform you do so at your own risk. It should work however you will find the problem is launching into the application on the platform of choice. It is recommended that prior to purchasing this driver you utilise the free 48 hour trial period for testing. NOTE: Amazon Fire TV OS 5 and above currently has a bug which do not allow multiple ADB connections simulataneously. If you chose to utilize the the Fire TV with OS 5.0 and above then you cannot add in the official Control4 Amazon Fire TV driver. This is due to a single connection limitation for ADB. You can however utilize the Houselogix Amazon Fire TV driver as it will launch Plex for us. Why do you only support OS 2.7 and above? We utilise methods exposed only to the Control4 OS 2.7 Driverworks software development kit. It will not work with any lower versions of OS. I want to try this driver out before buying it? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Download Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary. Do you have any videos of it in action? Yes we do. See link below for a video we made previewing the driver. Preview video
  9. For sale is the Control4 C4-LU862 4K Ultra HD 8x8 HDbaseT Matrix with 6 4K Receivers (C4-LU1E). Brand new condition. If it wasn't for the box you would think it was brand new. Most of you know but the C4-LU862 Is one of the best Control4 4K matrix's (apart from the C4-LU1082D and Control4-LU862D) with 6 HDBaseT outputs. It does UHD 4K@60Hz 4:2:0, UHD 4K@30 Hz 4:2:0 with 10bit HDR and also down to FHD 1080p@60Hz 4:4:4 10bit HDR. The C4-LU862 also has the lowest range @ 100m and also carrying audio (All common surround sound formats from Dolby Atmos to Multichannel PCM), Ethernet, IR, RS-232 and POE. The 6 C4-LU1E receivers are the best with UHD: 4k@30 4:2:0 10bit or down to FHD 1080p@60Hz 4:4:4 10bit HDR. It also outputs audio (All common surround sound formats from Dolby Atmos to Multichannel PCM), Ethernet, IR, RS-232 and power. Again most of you know the specs but more details on the Control4 website its the C4-LU862 with 6 x C4-LU1E receivers: link to the products details on the Control4 site. Looking for £2000 for the Matrix and £125 per receiver or £500 for all six. So for the full fit its £2500 plus postage. Happy to ship anywhere in the world as its all boxed up ready to go in a box about 40cm x 50cm x 15cm. Collection from North West UK is fine by me also (Covid rules though ) Cheers If there is no interest from you guys then I will stick it on the popular auction site. There is some interest on the Facebook Control4 Users Group though. Control4-LU862 Front: Control4-LU862 Rear: Control4-LU862 Rear: Control4-LU862 HDBT Outputs: Control4-LU862 HDMI Inputs Single Cl4-LU1E: All 6 C4-LU1E's:
  10. So I'm looking more for help with my networking configuration, but I'm asking in here because I want someone who knows what the do's and don'ts of unifi gear in a c4 environment. 1) first priority is my son has a website required by his school that for whatever reason is getting blocked - not sure if it is his laptop blocking it or my UDM-pro 2) I have a google voice setup to run through a obitalk 212 that is having issues getting calls in and out. 3) I have (renewed) concerns about my network security with unifi and my IOT devices. I would like to have my network analyzed for security holes. 4) possibly have my network broken into several vlan's (to help with security and packet efficiency) 5) I'm open to suggestions for how to develop my network for the future and get a plan together so I can budget hardware cost if necessary Since most of this will be done remotely, I can arrange access any time of day and unless there is a need for a person to power cycle or move cables I can be available any time.
  11. Can someone recommend good control4 compatible door locks suitable for Asian region? Thank you.
  12. Hi Everyone, We are getting closer to when we have to determine low voltage and would like to solicit your help. We currently are in a two story home running the system via WIFI usling routines via Alexa and and using the various apps for SoundTouch, iRobot, Wemo, Nest Door Bell, Ecobee, August Door Lock, MyQ, Bond, Leviton and harmondy Elite and remotes to manage our home. I am thinking of moving to SmartHub or Control4 for our new home. The existing equipment for our current home is listed in the word doc. The attached Low Voltage Audo Video pdf shows the floor plan of our new home, which is a ranch and where I am currently planning to run Audio, TVs, 5.1.2 (atmos=2), Cat6 and RG6. We do not have any plans to run video cameras or security alarm. The equipment will be placed in the unfinished basement and is basically right under the Great Room and Kitchen divider. Here is a breakdown of what is in the pdf. Yellow – 5.1.2 Orange – Audio, 11 runs, 6 zones (maybe 4 if we only pre-wire for Bedroom and Dining room) Study Kitchen Patio Primary Bath Primary Bedroom Dining Room Green – Cat6, 14 runs Bedroom 2: 1 Kitchen Pantry AP: 1 Study: 4 (two for TV locations and two for Work and MAC) Closet off Study AP: 1 Great room FP: 2 Great room Entertainment Center 4k UHD Player: 1 Primary Bed: 1 Garage: 2 (1 each from Home Run zigzag above keypad, zigzag by opener and terminate in LB box by eye) Fireplace Control: 1 Pink RG6, 7 runs Bedroom 2: 1 Study: 2 Great Room FP: 1 Great Room Bass: 1 Primary Bed: 1 Demarc to HR: 1 (Comcast internet for Ann work) Basement to soffit for satellite: 1 RG6 Builder Provides From Demarc to Home Run 2 Cat6 1 RG6 1 18/2 Fiber Basement add dedicated 20amp What are your thoughts on the low voltage runs? Adjustments, changes, etc.? Audio Speakers: We will more than likely based on budget go with 4 zones to begin with, Primary Bath, Study, Kitchen and Patio. Then add bedroom and dining room to pre-existing prewire later. Video (2 zones) Study Sony 40Bravio KDL-40V2500 Roku Ultra Do we place Directv Genie in equipment rack or on TV stand in Study? Echo 4th Gen Great Room LG 65” OLED656P above fireplace Bass by entertainment rack in Great Room Samsung UBD-K8500 4K Ultra in entertainment furniture Equipment Rack Pioneer Elite Receiver – VSX-LX503 Roku Ultra Directv Mini – 4K Coax model (or attached to back of TV) Video Basement Local not on Control4 today but may if we finish basement. Sony XBR65-Z9F Roku Stick Bose Accoustmass 300 Soundbar Bose 300 Wireless Bass Echo 4th Gen Devices on WiFi: Kitchen: Echo Show 8 Master Bedroom: Echo Plus 2nd Gen Great Room: Echo dot 4th Gen August Smart Lock Future: Adding light switches, battery powered blinds Would it make sense to use Control 4 with 8x8 Matrix versus 8 port audio switch and amp? Would you go with two EA1, 1 EA3 or? Based on this, what are your thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas? The builder has a low voltage guy that we will talk to and I am starting to reach out to Control4 dealers to get their thoughts but I know the knowledge on this forum is good and hope to get some guidance. Thanks, Tim Current Home.docx Low Voltage_Audio_Video.pdf
  13. We offer a range of HDANYWHERE integrations for Control4 that are supported by HDANYWHERE and therefore free to dealers. Our range currently supports MHUB PRO 2.0 4x4, MHUB PRO 2.0 8x8, MHUB U 4x1+1 and a CEC Display driver. View the range here - https://www.intrinsicdev.com/?s=hdanywhere+control+4 Features: Auto-discovers MHUB and has self-healing built-in should IP addresses move or change unexpectedly. Emits IR commands directly from Composer meaning that no control processor (from Control4) is required. Provides rich two-way IP communication for better automation decisions to be carried out. Allows for video switching, audio switching and power control. Requests ARC from displays and routes to any available audio output.
  14. Hello, I'm working on writing a Python library to do what navigator can do. With the use of Python many complex functions could be achieved. Currently, I have lighting implemented. The description is in my blog: http://theengineeringguy.blogspot.com/2014/03/control4-set-lights-with-python.html The python code is in my git repo: https://github.com/sapatel91/pyControl4 Also, for anyone who is new to Python I'll consider making a tutorial to set it up if there's interest. I use Eclipse with the PyDev plugin and it works great. The version of Director I have is If you have any questions, please ask.
  15. Hi guys, Control4 just released a new driver they developed today. Pretty cool. Works great. DLNA Music – An alternative digital music experience Control4 is pleased to announce the availability of the DLNA Music driver. This is an alternative to the standard My Music digital music driver for use where the customer’s local music collection is stored on a NAS drive. Most NAS drives ship with a DLNA music server which is compatible with this driver. The advantages of the DLNA Music driver in these situations are: No Music Scanning Required – The driver uses the information already scanned by the DLNA server. New Music Appears Quickly – The DLNA server can constantly monitor for new music. Searching - Music collections can be searched by Artist, Album, Genre etc. ‘His and Hers’ music collections – it is possible to set up different libraries for different members of the family. Justin Beiber shall never intermingle with your Prog Rock collection again. Tailor the navigation – many DLNA servers allow you to tailor how the information is presented to the user. Some are particularly good for Classical or Jazz collections. It is important to remember that this driver does not scan the music collection or lookup metadata. If customers that have already copied their CDs or purchased music from online stores this is not necessary. It also means that the driver does not edit or change the customer’s metadata. If a customer uses iTunes or other programs that lookup metadata as they copy CDs this driver can be used successfully. Supported NAS drives and Servers The driver has been tested using the following popular NAS drive and DLNA server solutions. QNAP Use either Twonky which is shipped with the NAS, or install Asset (Free or Paid versions). The QNAP native DLNA server is not supported. Netgear Ready NAS Use the built in ReadyDLNA server. You can also purchase Twonky for some models. WD Live Use the built in Twonky DLNA server. Synology The built in DLNA server will work but does not support searching. For other NAS drive manufacturers look to see if they include or support either Asset or Twonky. iTunes The driver is ideal for customers that have their local music collection on iTunes. By moving the iTunes library to a NAS drive it is possible for the customer to enjoy their iTunes music collection via their Control4 system without needing to keep a computer permanently running. Classical and Jazz Collections If you have customers with classical and jazz music collections then they often want to be able to search or browse their collection by Composer, Orchestra, Conductor or Soloist. The Asset DLNA music server available for the QNAP NAS offers these abilities. It relies on the customer’s music collection being accurately tagged. dbpoweramp also provide CD Ripper which is particularly good at accurately copying and indexing classical music collections. Available Now The driver is available now in Composer via the online database. You can find it under Media Service, Manufacturer Control4.
  16. What does this driver do? This Naim Uniti Driver for Control4 allows for the integration and control of a Naim Uniti from within a Control4 system with audio streaming functionality. This driver is manufacturer supported and therefore completely free for dealers to use. Features: Streaming Content: Navigation of all Naim streaming services with metadata and cover art Two way IP Control Zone Power Control Zone Volume Control (inc Mute) Source Selection Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) technology for key free licensing, update alerts and enhanced support Official manufacturer endorsed driver Download includes both the Zone and Media drivers with integration notes Download the driver here
  17. Hi guys we are facing issue of light flicking when we Dimming light from lutron app or keypad it is working ok but when we integrate those lights with control4 and try to dimming it flicking almost we try 10 different lights every light have same issue . can you help to resolve this issue
  18. G'day guy's, (finally) introducing my new Cloud-based C-Bus Powertools Driver for Control4 designed for Clipsal CBUS Lighting Systems. Clipsal CBUS is a Lighting system developed by Clipsal/Schneider Electric which is common particularly in Australia. This is a dropin for the Extra Vegetables drivers (or long term standalone driver) with Cloud functionality for remote access to the lighting system, and fast provisioning. This is currently a time limited prerelease!! We're still looking at distributors for the driver. As this is a pre-release, we recommend only using it for testing on production systems (Sniffing is probably safe to use, but our powertools auto-provision drivers will likely break). Download and more Info: https://cbuslink.com/ Why use it? Cloud Gateway. Access Application logging and test components of the CBUS system remotely. No port forwarding required. SSL encrypted Rapidly commission Clipsal C-BUS Lighting on Control (5mins vs 2 hours), with sniffing, imports, auto-renaming, and auto-provisioning of groups/applications Import XML Tags/cgl files quickly into the database. So, you can have a sparky commission the system, and just give the c4 the programming to import, which can be imported in seconds. No need to keep the sparky onsite. If you don't have the CBUS file, you don't need CBUS Toolkit. Just walk around the house pressing light buttons and look at the application log for ID's. Also perfect for when you miss a circuit in an existing extra veg system and can't get back onsite due to isolation Drop in with Extra vegetables. You can still (mostly) use the sniffing capabilities, and merge both systems safely (you'll miss some functionality however) What doesn't work Currently, you must must use an Extra vegetable driver and legacy mode with it. That's not a bad thing (it's safe to do, and allows mixed systems for testing)... Allows easy migration too This trial will break eventually because I'm making some major changes to the API. The final will be a stable api You can rename drivers in the Web, but changes to the drivers directly won't be relayed to the web.. You can still change them, but the database won't update correctly Other minor things Dimmer and lighting relay/On off drivers seems to work here, the rest of them are lessor tested No blind driver yet.. Still on the lookout for a module.. You can still intermix the extra veg blind driver in legacy mode anyway (just no auto-provisioning of that driver Contact me Details are on: https://cbuslink.com/ Also, still on the lookout for extra modules (such as blind). If you work with extra vegetables and still have the source code, please feel free to get in touch too (as this would allow me to upgrade the original drivers to support auto-provisioning, or at least I could provide the commands I require to do so) Demo Video
  19. My parents recently had to move and hastily boxed up an entire media closet setup in hopes of having me set it all up. I'm leaning towards this being too great of a challenge for me to take on for them. So.. I found this forum in hopes that someone can take the below items off my hands so I can just re-invest in a simpler setup for them, save some money, and less frustrations (for me and for them). I'm a bit of a newbie with control4 tech, so any honest feedback/offers will be greatly appreciated! I'm in DFW if any of you live around there, we can meet up if you'd like to see the items below. Here's everything I have unpacked that's up for sale. I'd prefer to try and sell it all in one package, but I realize the likelihood of that is pretty low (I'll definitely negotiate if you help me save time not having to deal with tons of buyers) C4-WMB-B Wireless Music Bridge (I'll toss this in for whoever buys some stuff) Panamax M4300-PM Home Theatre Surge Protector Price: $115 C4-HC250-BL Home Automation Controllers (I have 2 of these) Price: $25/each **Thanks for the advice everyone!** C4-SR250B-Z-B Remote Controls (I have 2 of these, they aren't in the best shape cosmetically but work fine) Price: $40 for both C4-8AMP1-B 4 Zone Amplifier Price: $400 (I'll take care of shipping) RX-A750 Yamaha Receiver Price: $200 If you're interested, make me an offer! Thanks Jason
  20. When I view the cameras on the C4 app they show as SD by default. How do I change them to default HD? This was the same on the Hikvision app but their was a toggle to change from SD to HD. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, I'm brand new so please excuse my ignorance. I've been searching through this forum and a lot of resources online. Apologies if my newbie questions have already been answered somewhere else - perhaps direct me there. About to start on a brand new construction of a home in Australia. Was ready to include the Schneider Electric CBUS system and Wiser control as the home automation solution specification. But then I started doing some of my of own research and it appeared that the Schneider CBUS with Wiser control system and user software generally hasn't received a lot of love from Schneider and Control4 might better suit the outcomes I am trying to achieve. From my online research it also appeared that Control4 has a lot of user focussed online resources and information compared to CBUS. From an outcome perspective here is what I'm trying to achieve with a system: - Automated lighting control and scenes. There are a lot of lights inside and also outside and couldn't possibly control each individually - Electronic lock control for the external entry doors and a video intercom at the main entry - Basic media integration. I use an appletv to stream most media. If possible also the ability to make use of an enormous library of MP3s which are stored locally. Simple multi-room audio. Don't require multi-room video - Blind/shade control - Specifying a Mitsubishi VRF HVAC system. Mitsubishi has a pretty good wifi control app. A bonus but not essential would be integration of the HVAC with the main automation control system - Integration with the security system. Ness M1 with Hikvision IP cameras is what was recommended but can look at alternatives if better integration - Integration with keypad and RFID access control on the external doors - Away/Home features - Remote viewing of camera and security event alerts - User adjustable settings. Not the whole thing but little tweaks to lighting scenes for example or which physical buttons control what - Price is a secondary consideration. Reliability and user friendliness rank first - Home will otherwise be wired with Unify switches and access points Next step I will speak with a Control4 dealer and get a specific proposal. But I thought it might be good to check with this community first for their biased (or hopefully somewhat unbiased) views on the good/bad/ugly of C4 and in particular why they chose it over CBUS. Or perhaps why someone chose CBUS over C4 if they are on this forum. Of course not wanting to start any arguments. Just a newbie looking for some advice. Thanks in advance. And again sorry if this has already been answered a 1000 times before. Point me toward those answers and I'll leave everyone alone.
  22. Currently have 12 cameras (all coax). Unable to pull Cat6 to half of the locations but would like to replace current DVR system and cameras. What would you recommend that integrates with my C4 system? Also don’t want to spend $10k.
  23. Currently have a Crestron lighting system and would like to look at options to replace. What do you recommend?
  24. Hello Everyone, I've had my first Control4 system installed in 2017and it was love at first sight. I installed it in a show room for DEMO purposes (i construct and sell houses and apartments). I am really satisfied but unfortunately the time to sell the house has come and the new owner doesn't want to use it. That being said I was wondering if I can sell the equipment online. The dealer in my country is not very helpful in terms of buying and selling Control4 equipment from another source, except from his company so I turned online. The system comprises of: -Control4 C4 EA5 Controller -SR 260 Remote Control -SR 250 Remote Control -4 Zone Amplifier Control4 C4 AMP104 -Touch screen White 7" In Wall Control4 C4 WALL7 (with its plastic housing) -HD Anywhere MHUB 4K HDMI Matrix (4x4) MHUB 4K431 I have the invoices of payment for all the aforementioned equipment. Please feel free to contact me if interested. Cheers
  25. Hi Guys, I have a few items listed for sales, Most all of them are brand new in boxes and will send out pictures if needed. I can also do a video chat if before final purchase. Buyer pays for shipping and all are in CND$ Happy shopping!
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