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Found 23 results

  1. I am moving and going to sell all of my Control 4 equipment all in good working order and no damage. Listed is the items I have to sell. Prices do not include shipping and are negotiable. I also have a paid 4Sight subscription through Jul 2020. HC 800 Controller $150 HC 250 Controller $50 Remotes x 2- $25 per remote 7" touchscreen $100 Door station $50 4 Zone Matrix AMp $150 Wireless Music Bridge $50 Switch x 4 $15 per switch (one not shown still in place but will be removed) Dimmer x 2 $20 per switch
  2. I've removed my entire C4 system and would like to sell ALL the items in ONE BATCH if possible. (Rather than dealing with 15 or 20 piecemeal sales.) I spend an hour on eBay looking up the AVERAGE completed sale price (items that actually sold) for each item. The total for everything came to around $2,400 - $2600 (I used the low to middle average used sale price. Not the high-end bids) I'm willing to sell everything to one person for $800 with shipping included - ONE THIRD the going rate! All the items work fine. The remotes admittedly aren't that nice anymore. The 260 looks fine but the 3 others (all 250s) are not in great shape. They all work but one is missing a button and pretty scratched up, one is missing the battery cover... All include the base and cable. 3 of them are the rechargeable versions. CONTROLLERS... 1 - HC800 includes power cord 2 - HC250 includes power cord 1 - HC250 no power cord. Works perfect via POE REMOTES... SR 260 - includes rechargeable battery 250 B-Z-B includes rechargeable battery 250 B-Z-B includes rechargeable battery, missing back cover 250 missing button PAGE UP button - scratched up SWITCHES... 13 — C4-SW2-Z-x 10 — Wireless switch - LSZ-101-x 1 — Wireless switch LSZ-102 DIMMERS... 3 — C4-DIM1-Z-x 3 — Wireless dimmer LDZ-101-x 1 — Wireless ELV dimmer C4 TDIM1-z 6 — Keypad Dimmer C4-KD120 BUTTONS... 3 — 2 button LSZ 101 1 — 2 button LSZ-3W1 1 — 3 button KPZ -3B1 $25 3 — 2 button keypad - C4-KP2-z-x 3 — 3 button Keypad - C4 KP3-z-x 2 — Configurable Keypad C4-KC120277 5 — 6 button keypad. KPZ-6B1-x END Not all the switches and dimmers and such made it into the shot. So don't go by the number you count in the picture, go by the list above.
  3. As an system integrator of Control4 I want to be sure that each system is not overloaded, monitoring systems gives you an idea on what controller the next customer should go for an why. We have a demo system running a EA1 with lots of drivers and lots of automation programming. And monitoring the SNMP Load Average shows a steady 6+. Sometimes peaking at 9+. And from my understanding the EA1 seems to have 4 cores?, meaning 6 or 9 in load is very bad. But then again the system seem fine. CPU seems fine and low, the memory on the other hand is low but steady on 21% left. Have anyone else done some research and monitoring on this?
  4. Adding some new items. Make me some offers I am motivated to sell! NEED TO MOVE SOME GEAR Free programming 1 hour included for anything you buy, and does not even have to be for the product you buy! All prices are negotiable. First reasonable offers takes it. Wedding in September need to move it before it all goes to Goodwill yea tax write off ha! 1st gen io extender $250 Luxul ABR 4400 dual wan router. has some cosmetic scratches on bottom corner. $100 https://www.luxul.com/routers/wired-routers/abr-4400.aspx HC250 $200 Amazon fire tv gen 1 $50 Roku 3 $25 Samsung Blu-ray player network apps no wifi $20 Sony blu-ray player network no wifi $20 LIlin mini NVR https://www.meritlilin.com/en/product/NVR404C $100 Cisco router and 8 port SG100d-08 WRVS4400N V2 $50 each 1 Apple Airport Express $25 each and apple Airport $25 I have 2 HC200's 2.52 currently can update to any compatible os and install for you. (great for extra ir control or another navigator) $50 each Music Bridge $50 Control4 Media Player (plays movies from your network storage) $50 HC500 works great for music storage believe it has 500gb hd $20 you pay shipping 8 Inch Episode In ceiling speaker $75 Brand new never used. http://episodespeakers.com/products/product/architectural-speaker-in-ceiling-350 6 inch in wall sepaker $75 Brand new never used. http://episodespeakers.com/products/product/architectural-speaker-in-wall-350 used dual voice coil speaker great for smaller rooms $25 various switches some 5 port and 8 port 2 poe i believe well. 25-50 each. Trades im looking for Shield TV Roku Ultra C4 compatible zigbee Deadbolt v3 touchscreens portable any v2 lighting switches, dimmers, keypads phillips hue lighting mainly need light strips now 94 4runner compatible off road accesories open to any control4.
  5. Cleaning out some extras. (2) EA1 processors $375 obo (NIB) (1) HC250 processor $200 obo all plastic on unit, never powered up out of box, with all cables. (1) AMP108 8 zone Control4 amplifier (NIB) (1) Luxul XAP1230 (1) Brightsign XD1030 (1) Onkyo TXNR-414 Edited to add items Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Thx
  6. I apologize if I'm asking a question that may have been answered previously. I am on 2.9.1. I'm upgrading to a HC-800. I already have a HC-250. The 250 is coordinator while a HC-500 and HC-300 are ZAPs. Is an upgrade possible without having to re-join all my devices? I believe moving the coordinator requires re-joining all devices. I believe I have some switches/dimmers/outlets that were originally on embernet. I was also wondering if a factory reset on these devices will reset them back to embernet? Thanks, AJ
  7. Need to replace a 250 unit in a 5000 sq ft 1 floor home due to intermittent failure. That unit is the Zigbee transmitter, located in the center of home, and controls some equipment. Home also has an 800 unit located in one end of house controlling many devices. Total number home devices about 90. System has occasional switch failures requiring rebooting switches, with occasional incomplete scene activations. Should 250 unit be replaced with an Ea-1 or Ea3 ? Would the Ea3 transmit stronger Zigbee signal than the Ea-1?
  8. For 10 years we kept an SR250 remote in the shower sealed in a vacuum seal bag to control lights, music and a TV behind a glass window. It worked amazingly well and the 4 NiMh rechargeable batteries inside would typically last a year since it was only being used for a few minutes a day. When the batteries died I'd cut open the vacuum bag, replace the batteries and be back in business for another year. With our migration to 2.9.1 we've lost our SR250 remotes and I suspect the SR260 isn't going to last as long between charges. I know I could go with an easier method like ziplock bags but i'm inclined to switch over to a waterproof Android device that can live in the bathroom, charge on the counter and be taken into the shower for control there. I've read about a few such tablets but was curious whether anyone had had good experiences with one as a Control4 controller. I don't need a lot of screen space so either a 7" screen or even a prior generation waterproof phone that I might find used on ebay (assuming that a new phone without a contract is going to be way more expensive than a simple wifi tablet. Grateful for any leads! -Jason
  9. I have been lurking on this site for a while. Largely because of reading posts here, I decided to install C4 on my new house. I really look forward to getting to know the system. Almost through the install and just noticed that my dealer installed an EA3 controller instead of the EA5 that was spec'ed. I have a 4,000 ft2 house with at least 20 light switches, 7 audio zones and 5 may go to 7 video zones. I understand that there is about $1,000 difference in cost. I am pretty upset as there have been a few other corners cut on this project that I have caught. Should I have him replace with EA5 or ask for price difference? Thanks,
  10. Hey, folks - I'm purging some backup gear I have, starting with two HC-300 controllers: HC-300-B is fully functional: http://r.ebay.com/wLxr9m (comes with a used SR-250 remote) HC-300-B which works, but the Zigbee radio is dead: http://r.ebay.com/hNrGVe Both have been reset to OS 1.8 and have been un-registered as a controller in my account. Bids have already been placed, so I can't take offers here, but happy bidding - hope one of you can put these to good use! Feel free to PM or reply here with questions.
  11. I have posted in (troubleshooting) part of forum where my HC800 went to a brick. I now realize that the original power supply has been a trouble maker for some time now. 1) it was plugged into a UPS in the rack. Yet when we had a big power drop or power failure the controller would shutdown and reboot when the generator came online. 2) Also posted here where the DATA light was always on with nothing running in house no demand on controller ? 3) 2 days ago it ended corrupting and shutting down controller ( detailed in other forum section) I have since replaced it with a universal power supply and guess what we just had a power failure and never lost controller. The DATA light is on when playing music only. Over the last 2 years I have sent out the UPS for full comprehensive testing only to return with bill of good health. That should have tipped me off but got me going in all sorts of directions, ignoring the obvious ! My system finally works the way it should. This all because of the cheapest thing in the system and I mean cheap, I am not impressed with the power supply from C4.......... Going to go to bed smarter tonight ........ I Know I know , not for long. Cheers
  12. Hi, Guys I intend to buy a new/used HC250 controller from ebay and bring/import to my country (Brasil). I heard that I may find some trouble in registering the controller. Do you know if I can register and use? A local dealer affirms the it is not possible but i believe he is biased. It is gonna be my primary controller so I understand that registration is compulsory. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi Guys, just getting started here but not new to programming. I have an EA-1 and EA-5 and when I open composer and try to connect to either device it just says cant connect to device whether configured via ethernet or wireless on either device? A few questions: 1 - I can pin either device fine which tells me a an auth issue? Am I right here? 2 - Is there something simple I am overlooking here? so for the basic question here but I am new in control4 but not so much in automation... 3 - Another thing is a I am running windows XP (and I am not a windows guy) and when I try to connect to virtual assistant it won't give me access there either. I get a windows error in the log (i will post that later). Is XP compatible with VA?
  14. In need of an HC250-BL-1 the most Plus: KPTK1-M-WH Tabletop Kit Wireless (2/3) button keypads KP(2/3)-Z LOZ-5D1 Wireless Outlet Dimmers LOZ-5S1 Outlet switch DIM1-Z-WH or LDZ-102 or LDZ-101 Wireless Dimmers TSWMC7 7" Touch screen Shipping to Canada
  15. Hi All!! I am new in the forum. I have been reading many posts and learned a lot! I am new into home automation, right now I am living out of my home country, but when I get back in few months, I would like to automate as most as possible of my home. I am planning to include: - Lighting (indoor and outdoor) - AC system - Security camaras - Window blinds - Door access My main concern is, how would all this have a benefit when they connect to a controller from Control4? I have been looking the new EA series. They seem to be pretty nice, but I can see that they are more oriented to audio and video devices. Although they support ZigBee protocols and have a large variety of third-party compatibility products, these third-party products have also their own local controlllers and Apps. I hope you can guide me to decide, whether I need a controller from Control4 or not. Moreover, the installation of this controller seems to suitable for a beginner. Why is it so? Looking forward to hearing from you! Antonio
  16. I have an HC-800-BL-1 (includes site licenses) for sale, in great working condition. Was installed in a spec home but never really used...still has about 6 months warranty remaining I believe. Comes with rack ears, power supply, antennas. Can't seem to locate the connectors for the contacts/relays but I might be able to find them if I keep looking. IR bugs not included. asking $900. System has been updated to 2.8.
  17. I have a Sonos Connect that is fed into a C4 8x8 audio matrix. Sonos is running the latest software and I'm on 2.8 for C4. Sonos worked fine previously, but with some recent software updates I can no longer get Sonos to play. When I go through my C4 App and choose a playlist, it pops up on the Sonos program on my desktop but it doesn't play. If I click play on the desktop software it plays the music and sounds fine. But I can't get it to just play by choosing a playlist or anything else. This same issue applies to Apple iTunes playlists, TuneIn, or any service. It pulls it up, but doesn't start playing it. Anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?
  18. All items are used but in excellent condition. Want to sell in order to upgrade. Home Controller HC-300 The Control4 Home Controller HC-300 provides options for controlling lights, home theaters, distributed audio systems, and other devices controlled using various protocols, such as Infra Red (IR), Serial, Contact, and Relay. It provides extensive media management services for audio sources, such as CDs and DVDs stored in connected devices. It allows you to use an external storage device with USB support for media storage, and it has multi-zone audio capabilities that can send music to rooms throughout the home. Once the controller and other system components are installed and configured (using Control4 Composer software or another Control4 setup program), your users can control the system using one of the two user interfaces included with this controller: On-screen Navigator or System Remote Control or any other Control4 user interface device (available separately). For more info: http://www.control4.com/files/dealers/documentation/200-00031_RevF_HomeControllerHC-300_Online.pdf Two-Way Universal Control4 Remote Control Features * Easy to use High visibility screen and backlit keys for easy use in any lighting conditions. Tons of control in a small package that fits perfectly in your hand. * Quick access control Single button press to turn on your A/V gear and start watching or listening to your favorite movies or tunes. * Bi-directional communication Two-way communication with the Control4 home automation system gives you status information as well as control of any connected device. * Anywhere control Wireless connectivity enables control of any intelligent device from anywhere in the house no more pointing the remote at the TV. * Anything control Control an entire home automation system with this compact remote. Ditch all the other remotes in your house this does it all. MFG: CONTROL 4
  19. I have a Control4 hc800 controller with rack ears, IR bugs, the ZigBee antenna, and a 150 remote. I have the factory box with this as well. No licenses, I'm not a C4 dealer so I don't have access to programming and such. It is factory defaulted. It is in great shape, was in a customers house for about a year, he used it very little. I'll take $550 for all of it, shipped. Any questions ask, I'll be glad to help. Thanks for looking.
  20. For sale. Used. Works fine. No dents or scratches. 2.6 was installed. Make me an offer. Ships from Los Angeles.
  21. not available anymore
  22. I have an HC-250 Controller and an SR-250 Remote for sale for $599. License not included. FREE SHIPPING! Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks for your interest!
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