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Found 9 results

  1. I have been doing a lot of remote programming for people on this forum and otherwise for the past 5 years or so...without having officially posted about it. Well, here it is! I am an experienced, certified Control4 technician, with over 20 years of software development experience to back it up. My company, Epic Systems, also develops and sells drivers for Control4 (most notably, the Amazon Echo driver - www.epic-systems.com) I have installed and programmed hundreds of Control4 systems over the years, always making sure that my customers are happy (I'm sure several of the folks on this forum can chime in and verify). I am extremely responsive (usually within minutes or hours), and get things done quickly and done right. I have experience integrating Control4 with just about every system out there, including (but not limited to): -Voice Control (Amazon Echo, Google Home) -Music Services (Sonos, Autonomic, Fusion Research, HEOS, etc) -Networking (Pakedge, Luxul, Ubiquiti) -Cameras (Lilin, Wirepath, AMCrest, Panasonic, Nest, etc) -HVAC (Control4, Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, Carrier Infinity, etc) -Shades (Lutron, Somfy, Hunter Douglas, QMotion, etc) -Security (GE, DSC, Honeywell, etc) -Lighting (Control4, Lutron, Vantage, Vera, etc) -Door Locks (Kwikset, Yale, August, etc) -TVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, VIZIO, etc) -AVRs (Sony, Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo, Integra, etc) -Contacts/Relays (Card Access, NYCE, Axxis, etc) -several other 3rd party drivers from DriverCentral.io, HouseLogix, Annex4, DriversLab, etc. Please PM me with the details of what you need done, large or small! Thanks Ari Chopra ari@epic-systems.com http://www.epic-systems.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/arichopra
  2. I'am here to help this great community take full advantage of the powerful systems that reside in your home. Who ever, however, if you need help feel free to private message, post in this topic, or email me your questions and I will do my best to help. email: matthewslowe1@gmail.com Occasional you can find me here, and it may be hard for me to message you back! Some other relevant threads and great thank you's
  3. Hello, Looking to hire a programmer/dealer to develop an IR or TCP driver for the Monoprice Blackbird 4x4 HDMI switch. Also build by Lindy. Codes are here - https://www.lindy.co.uk/downloads/1459947591Command_codes_for_LINDY_38152.pdf Full docs and test app are here: https://www.lindy.co.uk/drivers_and_manuals/search/38152 Need it wrapped in a driver. Please send me a PM if you can assist. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, As the title says, I’m located in Bethesda and looking for a Control4 Integrator in the area. Any tips, reviews, referrals would be great. I’ve read a lot of dealer horror stories on here so trying avoid that! thanks to everyone!
  5. After 4.5 years of use controller has failed and with it all tv, doorbells, security system, thermostat, and other systems that work with it is not working or working properly. I asked my dealer whether he will install a controller (same control 4 controller) that I can buy from secondary market like ebay. I told him I would take the risk of its not working. But he mentioned that Control4 forbids its dealer to install its own product from secondary market ( it is saying that BMW dealership won't service its own car if you do not buy it from them). Is this true ? Would a control4 person reply to it ? The dealer had no issue trying to sell me the same used controller that he has but four times more expensive . I have started to have second thought about control4... I wish they would make their system simpler such that we do not always have to rely on the integrators. HK
  6. Hello, New to C4 and the forums. Have many questions, but will try to condense to a few main basic ones. Advice appreciated. System install was part of new construction. EA-5, network switch, dimmers, camera pre wires, lots of structured hard wiring, garage etc. 1. Although I got an EA-5 "Entertainment Bundle", it only included the controller. No remote. Is it typical for the remote to be an add-on for a $3800 bundle of an EA-5 in your experience? 2. None of my sources were added to the system (Somfy MyLink for window shades, Apple TV, BluRay Disc, etc) and the reason I was given was that's only if I have it in multiple rooms...so I'd have to buy another EA-1 to do that? Can I add those devices? 3. Why would I need(or how would I exploit) the RG-6 and HDMI cables coupled with Cat6/5e in various rooms 4. The OS was just installed and is on 2.1. Is that the latest version?
  7. Hi all, I had a full C4 system with KNX lighting installed less than 4 years ago from a local dealer, total system cost was just over £25k. System has been running fine apart from the odd tweak needed now and then until recently when the lights appear to be 'on' on the C4 remotes but they're actually off. Annoying but I've lived with it. My dealer said they're too busy to come out (early summer) and have now just informed me that they no longer support c4 maintenance or carry out c4 installs as their main focus is now as a training provider. I live in Sunderland, North East England (don't mention football 😑). I'm also looking to purchase an audio set up i.e. triad matrix, amps and speakers as i new this could be added on later when budget allowed. All zones have speaker cable that runs back to the rack so should be straight forward. Anyway..any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks, Lee
  8. All, Is there anyone that would be interested in a satellite dealer in the North Kansas City area? I have a group of guys that are doing installs and are getting in with several builders to add lv wiring and audio to new homes. They asked me, since I have been helping them with basic networking and other small technical endeavors to assist with that part of the installs. Since I have used control4 for several years and know the benefits of that system they asked me what it would take to add that to their list of offerings. I have no technical training and we are just starting to get this off the ground but with the amount of capital outlay required to be a direct dealer, a satellite dealer seemed to be a viable alternative. Please let me know if there is any interest and if this is something worth pursuing. Thank you all, Eric
  9. Hello, I am looking for a dealer who can provide remote assistance with my control 4 set up. I am US West Coast so ideally would like the same time zone if at all possible. Preferred payment method being PayPal. Thanks
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