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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I'm new in the forum. We have a 3-floor building and we are going to use Control4 with a simple EA-1 in each apartment to control lights, AA and shades. Also we are going to put a CA-1 with a DS2 with keypad in the main door. How can we link the 2 nets so we can use de door station from any apartment? even to see it in the TV or cell phones and being capableto unlock de main door.
  2. Hi All I have created a scheduler for playing a certain wave file at different times of the year when the doorbell call button is pressed (Control4 Door Station). Two questions: 1) In this program, a "normal" doorbell sound should only occur if all the other conditions aren't met. When the doorbell is pressed, it does play the July 4 sound, but it ends with the normal doorbell...I just added the line for July 4 today, and before I did this, there was no normal doorbell sound after the seasonal sound. 2) I would like to change the IF statement for July 4 sound to 6/30 to 7/6 r
  3. Recently installed a DS2 and am having several issues. First, trying to wire the existing lighted doorbell has been impossible. Have attemted to utilize the elk 930 transformer and still had no luck. Anyone who has successfully done this I would love to see your configuration. Second, I have not been able to get the call to pop up on any T3 screens. You cn see the DS2 camera and intercom and can initiate the call from a T3 but it will not initite when someone presses the call button on the DS2. Again, anyone who has installed this successfully I would love to hear any issues you had
  4. Looking to upgrade my door bell. Considering either Control4 DS2 or a Nest Door bell. For those smarter than me what are the pros and cons of both? ready go- and thanks in advance.
  5. I have a HC-800 and HC-250s (total of 3 available) for sale. I also have a recharging station for a C4 remote and a Door Station. EVERYTHING IS USED BUT IN GREAT WORKING CONDITION. Only shipping to the 48 US states. HC-250 Controller (total of 3 available), C4-HC250-BL-1A, PRICE: $200 obo HC-800 Controller (1 available), C4-HC800-BL-1, PRICE: $450 obo Control4 System Remote Recharging Station, C4-SRRS, PRICE: $35 obo Door Station (Satin Nickel), C4-DSC-EN-SN, ONLY includes door station hardware, screws. Mounting bracket NOT included, PRICE:300
  6. Hi, I've just tried to upgrade to the latest 210 driver for Door Station 2 and having issues again. Seems like something goes wrong each time I try to update the driver. This time DS2 is stuck after clicking on "Update Firmware" button. The properties window shows "ALERT | DS2 firmware update underway..." and it's been like this for hours. I've tried to restart it along with the EA-5 controller, but it's still in the same state. Clicking on "Factory Reset" button seems to have no effect either. Anything else I may try to bring it back alive?
  7. Hello, I believe we had this functionality prior to 2.9.1, but I may be wrong. I'm wondering is there a way to enable DS2 door station to send video to touchscreens along with an incoming call. Ideally, I'd like to see who's at the door before making the choice whether to ignore or a an incoming call. Otherwise, I have no information to make that choice based on as all I see is a black screen with two buttons -- red "Ignore" and green "Accept". Thanks!
  8. I have installed the C4-DSC-EN Door Station (old model). I want to know if there any possible way to answer the door remotely. It would be great to be able to view the camera but I really need only to be able to answer and listen the intercom. Lately on my neighborhood there have been a couple of break-ins and they both first ring the bell in order to be sure no one is home. Thanks for your help
  9. Hi. Did anybody use VPN for C4?
  10. I bought an aftermarket wifi antenna for the original door station and it doesn't seem compatible. Does anyone know of an aftermarket antenna that can be used with it? Preferably something I could order from Amazon. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I am struggling with Door Station DS2 so thought of checking with pros on solution. 1. The door station is loosing connectivity with the 10 inch touch screen often. It works sometime fine and as I press the DS2 bell, i can answer it from touch screen however it stops working after a while. I have not been able to figure out a pattern on when it works or does not work. Everything looks fine in the composer. I am on 2.8.2 .. Network is pretty solid and reliable. 2. How do I get the existing door bell to chime when some one press the door station bell? I have spoken to C4 s
  12. Hi, I have some question about door stations (intercom). I'm wondering are there some different gears I can use instead "doorstation" and integrate is with C4? Thanks.
  13. Hi there, I'm looking for alternatives to Control4 Door Station. I've read bad reviews about the old ones (C4-DSC-EN-XX and C4-DSC-EN-INT), and the new ones are very expensive. All I need is video and audio stream from the door station to my HC-800 and my touch screens. Don't care about video recording or activity log. Any suggestions? Regards, BRuno
  14. Hey there I am programming a system that has an XMAS party tomorrow and the doorstation will not trigger the doorbell sound we've put in on the speakers. Which means there is no sound in the house. We need to wait about 10-15 seconds for the 2 8 zone amps and 16x16 matrix to kick in then if you press it again it will work. I dont want to jsut program a long delay as that is way to long. Can I set the amp and switch to jsut be on all the time so that it will be more responsive. If so where do I find this? Thanks nick
  15. I recently read a post on c4forums to be able to mute the local and remote room when using the intercom feature between touch panels. I deployed this solution and it works great. However, I now noticed that when the doorbell on the door station is pressed, it doesn't play the announcement through the speakers because it gets the incoming video call. Any ideas on how it can be addressed? My Settings: session started - mute on incoming call - mute on session ended - mute off Thanks
  16. I have a door station and am being told by my installer and C4 that it's essentially worthless (my words). This thing has a camera and all I want is for it to tie into my NVR and record video just like my other cameras. So far, all I have is a $1000 doorbell. What's the point of having a camera if it can't record video? Running from the door station to my network room are: 1 cat6, 2 cat5 and 2 coax lines, so I have plenty of things to work with here. Any thoughts?
  17. Can someone please help me set a sound file (ie: doorbell wav sound) to go off when an event happens? I'm basically looking to have a sound broadcasted when the external door station "doorbell" is pushed. I want to figure out a way to get some sort of notification sound on my Infinity Edges, Portable Touchscreens (w/ camera), and most importantly my 8 zone C4 amp (V3). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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