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Found 16 results

  1. We are pleased to announce the release of our Hikvision and OEM Doorbell driver. You can use the 21 Day trial to ensure the driver works for your model of Doorbell. Please ensure you have updated your device to the manufacturers latest firmware. https://annex4.link/drivers/hikvision-video-doorbell
  2. Hi everyone. got an issue with sound. There is a hc-800, matrix and power amp in system, sound works really weird. got all working good after installation, doorbell, all tunein stations, shairbridge. but, client called ones and told there is no doorbell, I came.... it worked but so quiet.... said "arbra cadabra", adjusted volume. got working..... got another call, doorbell is too loud. so, adjusted again.... got another call, sound is to quiet. So, sound with same presets sometimes is loud, sometimes is quiet. have never seen that issue. hardware problems?
  3. I have this simple program which does the following: When the Doorbird's doorbell button is pressed Execute announcement to ceiling speakers for 6 zones Take a snapshot of kitchen and living room Send C4 command to kitchen and living room Using the Navigation agent to route one of the NVR cameras to kitchen and living room TVs Wait 35 sec Recall the snapshot It works fine but if the visitor presses the doorbell button twice within the 35 sec timer and the TV is off, it does not turn it off again, so the TV will stay on the navigation screen. Any suggestions?
  4. Looking to buy an axxess doorbell
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to C4 and we are building a new home which will have C4. I just noticed they released a Door Station 2 Mini which is a smaller version of the DS2 w/o keypad. Can someone tell me what the difference is in this new model vs the DS2 w/o keypad? It looks like the retail list price is a few hundred bucks cheaper than the DS2 and has the same features? My dealer is saying they are going to replace the regular DS2 without keypad with the DS2 Mini on all their installs they are doing. Thanks!
  6. We are pleased to announce the release of our DoorBird driver, this driver has a very quick and reliable setup and some features other door station drivers don't have. This driver is also extremely affordable. For details see the DoorBird driver page on our LiNK portal. https://annex4.link/drivers/doorbird
  7. Control4 Doorstation Integration Driver by Cinegration now available! Features: SIP integration with Control4 touch panels Doorbell announcement Allows Control4 to play a special sound in the speakers of the home Unlock a Control4 smart doorlock from the touch panel or DoorBird app directly! Answer and unlock the door from a Control4 touchscreen! IP camera integration See the camera like a normal security camera in Control4 NVR support of the DoorBird camera Remotely communicate with someone at the gate and allow entry, all without changing apps on the phone Adjust the DoorBird microphone and speaker level Customer can “see” who pushed the doorbell button last at any time through the Control4 app Unlock any gate, doorlock or motor connected to Control4 from the DoorBird app Why DoorBird and not Ring? Well, for starters, the Control4 integration by Cinegration. We spend quite a bit of time customizing the driver and the DoorBird API for maximum integration. The DoorBird is a fantastic doorstation or doorbell replacement for any Control4 customer. Here is a breakdown of some of the advantages and differences in current technology: DoorBird (with Cinegration Driver) Ring Doorbell Control4 Doorstation Answer the door from a smart phone X X Customized doorbell sound X X Unlock the door from a touchscreen X X Unlock the door from a smart phone (while talking to the doorstation) X PoE setup X X Communicate with the doorstation from a Control4 touchscreen X X DoorBird wants you to know: “Are you interested in selling DoorBird in your region? If you would like to join DoorBird’s partner program, please register on their website at www.doorbird.com/partner. The price of DoorBird starts at $349,- (MSRP) and, of course, you as a partner would get a fair discount. For more information about DoorBird, please visit their website www.doorbird.com or send an email to media_us@doorbird.com” Interested? Please contact your Control4 dealer for more details. http://cinegration.com/driver/doorbird/ Thank you, Driver Team at Cinegration www.cinegration.com drivers@cinegration.com
  8. hi, does anybody use doorbird doorstation? I got questions 1. does it work well with c4? I mean communicates with TS well, fast respond,doesn't drop connection. 2. is it waterproof? 3. as I saw it works with it own app as well, does it mean it can work with C4 TS and iPad same time? can it communicate with both clients C4 system ( TS) and remote client (smartphone on LTE, not local wi-fi) same time?
  9. Hello, We have just had C4 installed in our house. Generally OK but a few problems to iron out! the most frustrating is the doorbell. In our system design the dealer included the functionality that when the doorbell is pressed, it triggers the EA5 and a WAV file is played through certain zones in the house. We didn't want/need the doorstation cameras etc. The problem is that when the doorbell is pressed, it takes 5-10 seconds for the matrix the the amps to startup, so there is a delay in playing the sound. Often it takes so long that nothing comes out at all. Needless to say that the doorbell is useless. It is frustrating that this wasnt clear when we designed the system, but now we need to find a workaround. Anyone have a solution where we can get instantaneous doorbell sound through our zone speakers, and get around the 'amp warming up' problem. many thanks
  10. Hi All, My Axxess doorbell has run out of juice and I need a new battery. Their website http://axxind.com/automation/doorbell-button/specs.php tells me that the battery is a 3.6 V AAA cell (ER10450). Does anyone know where to buy these? I have been googling and can get lots of 500 from alibaba, but can't find anywhere that will sell me just one! Thanks, jbat.
  11. Ring doorbell driver for control4 would be useful and an inexpensive alternative to control4 doorbell. Ring.com
  12. Having A LOT of trouble finding a dealer who can supply me one of the Axxess Doorbell Buttons here in Australia. Any chance there is a dealer in the US willing to sell and post one to Australia? Setup and programming will not be a problem.
  13. http://www.cepro.com/article/smartest_doorbell_camera_yale_look_door_viewer_intercom_z-wave_wi-fi_zigbee CES 2016 debut states they plan on shipping a zigbee version. Available in April.
  14. Hi there, I'm looking for alternatives to Control4 Door Station. I've read bad reviews about the old ones (C4-DSC-EN-XX and C4-DSC-EN-INT), and the new ones are very expensive. All I need is video and audio stream from the door station to my HC-800 and my touch screens. Don't care about video recording or activity log. Any suggestions? Regards, BRuno
  15. I have a challenge for you all, my wife and I are in a wheelchair and find automation of the home very useful. Except the one use case that would change of life's the ability to Anwser the door on our iPhones when at home or away. I was convinced to go with the he control4 doorbell but it only works with the control4 controllers , so I purchased 3 one portable put by the time we wheel ourselves to one of them 30 seconds could have past. So we are very disappointed with the solution right now. I want RING functionality working with Control4? In fact my solution right now is to remove control4 and replace with ring but obviously I would be jumping in and out of apps all the time. HELP!
  16. I've got an Axxess Doorbell kit that I've never added to my project. I had it sitting on my desk for a while for my next dealer meeting and left the battery in -- so it discharged. This specialized battery needs to be supplied by a dealer -- I've spent a fair amount of time trying to get this battery without resorting to China -- and Axxess won't supply it to me. Interestingly though, they did supply me with a firmware update to fix the short period discharge time that I apparently some owners had with it. I'd be happy to supply the driver to whomever wants it. Anyway -- I'd like to do a trade instead of a sale actually. Looking for a Nyce Motion detector, 2 outlet dimmers or two second gen or better regular wall dimmers in Almond. I purchased the doorbell kit for $140 plus shipping.
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