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  1. Hi guys, We are starting a series of informational newsletters that we have named SMART HOME PRO TIPS. We will send this out through our Control4 mailing list in hopes that we can pass on the knowledge and educate both integrators and consumers about which products to choose from and what to do to create the ultimate smart home! In our first issue we talk about how easy it is to integrate ceiling fans with Control4 using technology from Bond and BIg Ass Fans. If you arn't subscribed to our newsletter you can view the first issue via the following link. https://mailchi.mp/c
  2. Chowmain - Generic TCP Command Driver Control4 allows for you to easily integrate infra red based audio/visual devices but it does not give you the ability to integrate TCP/IP based devices easily. This is where the Chowmain generic tcp command driver comes in. With customisable actions you can now easily fire off TCP or HTTP commands to any device or service contactable from your network. Features Everything is programmed from the actions tabHTTP commandsSupports URL encoded usernames, passwords and ports eg for HTTP GET and HTTP PostSupport for HT
  3. Hi guys we are facing issue of light flicking when we Dimming light from lutron app or keypad it is working ok but when we integrate those lights with control4 and try to dimming it flicking almost we try 10 different lights every light have same issue . can you help to resolve this issue
  4. Both of these drivers can be downloaded from our website (http://www.chowmain.co.nz). Note as free drivers they come as is and without support. Enjoy Arduino Nano This FREE arduino nano driver provides 12 dry contact inputs to your Control4 system through serial based communication. This is useful for connecting input based devices such as doorbells, motion sensors, door/window contacts, garage/gate sensors and more to Control4. A basic understanding of electronics is required to build this extremely cheap solution to expand your Control4 system. Parts Required Adruino Nano (or 3r
  5. Chowmain - Video Game Integration OS 2.9 introduced experience buttons. This allowed us to add icons to Control4's navigator user interface. It also allowed us to create what is called 'no control devices'. These devices when selected do not display any transport controls on the user interface. Control4 has done a good job in making a few of the more common devices. We have utilised the no control experience buttons to integrate EVERY video game console ever made. Combine it with the Chowmain Belkin WeMo Insight driver and have the system automatically turn on when the video game console
  6. Hi guys, Back in May i had the idea to start the 'SMART HOME PRO TIPS' series of informational newsletters through our mailing lists in the hope that we can pass on knowledge and educate both integrators and consumers about which products to choose from and what to do to create the ultimate smart home! Our first newsletter was about easy ceiling fan integration into Control4. We just sent out a new one today about easy blind / shade integration into Control4. Hopefully you guys find it useful. I just installed the Oz Smart Things Oz Remote Smart Blinds at my place and at $
  7. Chowmain - Sky+HD / SkyQ / Sky Q Mini for Control4 Sky is a British satellite broadcast service provider. Chowmain has developed an IP based driver that provides control over UK based Sky set top boxes. This IP driver eliminates the need to attach infra red emitters to the set top box and is compatible with the Sky+ HD, Sky Q and Sky Q mini boxes. On top of IP control the driver also provides automatic channel media list updates for Control4. This ensures that the channel listing on Control4's user interface is always upto date with the latest channels for that particular region. F
  8. Chowmain - Internet Weather Forecast Drivers The Forecast.io service provides free (upto 1000 calls per day) weather data and forecast. Forecast.io is backed by a wide range of data sources, which are aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location. The OpenWeatherMap service provides free weather data and forecast API suitable for any cartographic services like web and smartphones applications. Ideology is inspired by OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia that make information free and available for everybody. OpenWeatherMap provides wide range of
  9. Hi Folks! I have an Nuvo Simplese in league with an HC-250 (last of the big spenders me! 😹) I'm using the Simplese - FREE driver, and notice that the loudness options for the outputs, are greyed out everywhere. By contrast, the Grand Concerto - FREE driver allows loudness to be enabled Did the Simplese ever have a loudness facility? Are there any ways of tricking the HC-250 into thinking it's talking to a Grand Concerto & not a Simplese? Any other ways of faking loudness? e.g. editing Simplese driver (he said like he's know how to ...🙄) Gracias!
  10. Chowmain - Daikin Wifi Split System Driver for Control4 HVAC Split System integration has always been painful. As these systems are traditionally IR based dealers usually either integrate presets or learn every single code combination in. This makes it extremely cumbersome for Control4 dealers to source a reliable HVAC product and in many countries Control4 dealers do not even bother with HVAC integration because it is just too hard. Luckily Daikin has released its BRP072A42 Wifi module for their Daikin Split HVAC units. This is an extremely cost effective making 2 way integration
  11. Just a sneak preview of the new CBUS PowerTools Driver I'm developing (keep in mind, it's still in development, and certain parts of the architecture may change). It's designed for VERY fast commissioning of Clipsal CBUS Lighting Systems Features: VERY Fast commissioning of CBUS systems (5mins vs 2 hours for a standard CBUS System, with automatic group type detection). Managed drivers. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ENTER Group addresses, application addresses or even names of circuits. Less copy and paste = less mistakes Import from CBUS Toolkit (CGL / Tags XML) Built in We
  12. These are difficult times for everyone. With integrators and customers in lockdown the home automation industry is slowing to a standstill. So how can we make the most of this time? We at Chowmain we have decided to assist by providing additional resources to the industry which includes Driver trial extension increases (from 7 days to 90 days) Integrator Employees - Employees can learn about, test and enjoy our drivers in their home during these periods. Consumers - Integrators can reach out to customers to add value to their home automation system by installing trial
  13. Chowmain - Kaleidescape Driver for Control4 Kaleidescape presents the world's most authentic cinematic experience with the content you love. Whether on disc or as a digital download from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, Kaleidescape brings together all your movies in a visually stunning library making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy movies that truly matter to you. A premium product deserves an excellent interface to match as such the Chowmain Kaleidescape driver for Control4 offers full movie and music library access on all Control4 user interfaces for any IP controlled Kaleidesc
  14. Chowmain - Advanced Announcements Driver The Control4 Home Automation system has the ability to play audio announcements through the audio outputs on its controllers and speaker points. These announcements can play back any file encoded in a wav format. Traditionally these announcements have been used for doorbells and pre-recorded messages. Chowmain’s Advanced Announcements driver expands the announcement agent by providing integration with web based text to speech engines. This gives you futuristic dynamically generated voice notifications over your Control4 system without any additional h
  15. Chowmain - Generic Fan Controller Driver Infra red fans are widely available around the world. Chowmain's Generic Fan Controller Driver allows you to easily integrate multi speed IR fan's into Control4 for increased comfort in your home. Our driver introduces a low cost multi speed fan solution since no expensive hardware is required (infra red hardware comes standard with on all Control4 systems). Once integrated you can use your android tablet, iPad, Control4 touchscreen or system remote control to control you fan. You can also schedule your fan to turn on, control your fan remotely or eve
  16. Chowmain - Xiaomi Dafang / Xiaomi Xiaofang / Wyze Cam v2 / Wyze Pan / Neos SmartCam driver IP cameras can now be installed into the most budget conscious of Control4 customer homes thanks to a new driver by Chowmain. These USB powered indoor cameras come in PTZ and NON PTZ formats and can be retrofit anywhere where there is power and wifi. We have made the driver cost as low as we can to make the solution the most affordable Control4 integrated IP camera solution on the market. Features Support T3 Touchscreens, EA controllers, iOS, Android & Navigators Pan / Tilt functionali
  17. Chowmain - FREE Nice DMBM Shade Controller driver Chowmain releases FREE Nice DMBM driver for Control4. This driver automatically imports Nice shades and groups into Control4. Once imported it provides instant up, down, stop + set level control and feedback from any Control4 user interface including on-screen navigator, mobile, tablet, touchscreens, keypads and more. Integration into Control4 not only allows you to control it from any interface but exposes the shades so that you can automatically close the shades when you arm the security system, start a movie, when it gets dark and
  18. Hello. Can any one suggest 4k tv 50-55'' with control4 driver. Samsung Sony or maybe LG? I am new with control4 maybe someone tell where to look and who to ask? Thank you.
  19. Can anyone please recommend RGB LED strip dimmers with color control option which could be easily integrated with control4. Need Models with Driver Support. I need Good brands with working models. *I should be able to easily change colors and dim LED light strips. *Please recommend models which could support both DC LED light strips and AC/DC spot lights. *Also mention whether there's a special requirement to select a particular LED strip model along with the dimming unit. @Crustyloafer Please help if possible. Thank you !
  20. How can we request drivers from Control4 for 3rd party devices? Are there any tutorials available to write scripts and make drivers. I'm interested in learning as well.
  21. Chowmain - Kodi Lite (XBMC) Driver for Control4 This driver is developed for the Kodi Entertainment Center (formerly known as XBMC). Kodi Entertainment Center is a software based media player that can be installed on Windows, MAC, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android based platforms. Kodi offers a beautiful simple interface that enriches your playback experience. The Chowmain Kodi Lite driver enables us to integrate the Kodi Entertainment Center into the Control4 home automation system with seamless control and feedback. This is the most feature packed media player on Control4 to date providing
  22. Hi Guys I'm wondering if anyone can help with a BT YouView / Humax DTR-T2100 driver at all? Cheers Dave
  23. Chowmain - Sky New Zealand Channels driver Sky Network Television Limited (branded as SKY) is a New Zealand pay television satellite TV provider. It is also a wholesale channel provider to New Zealand cable television provider Vodafone. On 30 June 2018, Sky had 767,727 subscribers across satellite and OTT services, making it the largest pay television platform in New Zealand. Despite the similarity of name and services, such as Sky Go and My Sky+ shared with its British equivalent, Sky, there is no connection between the companies. The Chowmain Sky New Zealand Channels driver is de
  24. Winn

    Door locks

    Other than the smart locks by Kwikset, Yale and Baldwin are there other smart locks that have drivers available for control4? I have looked at the August locks also and curious to what additional choices I might have for a new house I am building. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  25. Chowmain - Android Driver The Chowmain Google Android driver is designed to primarily control Google Android Set Top Boxes. This allows you to utilise the Control4 SR-250 remote to navigate the Android operating system and control applications as you would with a normal infra red remote control. It also has the ability to mimic onscreen navigator functionality by using the Control4 application. Note that the Control4 navigator application was not designed to be used via navigational buttons and as such mouse cursor keys will need to be used. This driver also gives the ability to launch a
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