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Found 11 results

  1. (7) keypad dimmers (White) new in box. $180 each. 7” T3 table top touch screen. BRAND NEW IN BOX, asking $500 msrp is $900 (2) EA1s. Barely used, client upgraded to EA3s after 2 months. Asking $300 each obo. Control4 8 zone amp used, in good working condition. Asking $250 obo C4-16S2-E-B Audio Matrix used in good working condition. Asking $300 obo Message me for deals on multiple items I will work with you.
  2. As an system integrator of Control4 I want to be sure that each system is not overloaded, monitoring systems gives you an idea on what controller the next customer should go for an why. We have a demo system running a EA1 with lots of drivers and lots of automation programming. And monitoring the SNMP Load Average shows a steady 6+. Sometimes peaking at 9+. And from my understanding the EA1 seems to have 4 cores?, meaning 6 or 9 in load is very bad. But then again the system seem fine. CPU seems fine and low, the memory on the other hand is low but steady on 21% left. Have anyone else done some research and monitoring on this?
  3. Cleaning out some extras. (3) C4-SW120277 Control4 Switches NIB, $100/each or all 3 for $240 (1) Wirepath WPS-100 DVR 8 channel DVR $60 (1) EA1 processors $290 (1) Control4 AMP108 8 zone amplifier NEW!!! Make an offer (1) Luxul XAP1230 (1) Brightsign XD1030 (1) Sonic Wall NSA 220 Network Piece (2) Control4 Ipod dock 30pin connectors (1) Niles AC3 Brand new (1) Niles MSU440Z IR controller Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Prefer US shipping. Thx
  4. Cleaning out some extras. (2) EA1 processors $375 obo (NIB) (1) HC250 processor $200 obo all plastic on unit, never powered up out of box, with all cables. (1) AMP108 8 zone Control4 amplifier (NIB) (1) Luxul XAP1230 (1) Brightsign XD1030 (1) Onkyo TXNR-414 Edited to add items Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Thx
  5. Greetings all Has anyone had an issue with 2.10? I updated a clients system remotely, using the Express iOS app, enroute to the client. And now their whole system is not working. It's as if the network is flooded with commands. C4 send sends repeat commands to devices, it seems like it' gets stuck in loops. None of the rooms stick to their sources, it keeps jumping to the C4 OSD. The reason I went there is because Tune-in was jumpy, audio is consistently jolty. But I have created a much bigger problem. I've tried factory resetting the EA3 (director) and reloading. I cleared the project and created a mini project, and that was stable. But when I reload my project, same issue. My plan is to clear the project, and rebuild the whole system room by room. Or try to roll back to 2.9.1 and load the project again (it would be the project from post-firmware update, can't find previous versions) Does anyone have any other ideas? Or similar experiences? Thanks
  6. In a few projects, the system AirPlay disappears randomly. It's all instances of the driver. Other AirPlay devices like HT Receivers and AppleTVs still work properly. Network hardware is generally a Mikrotik Routers with Ubiquiti APs.
  7. Hey Guys, Would really like to see native integration with Nest Cam streams for security, other than using blue iris as a workaround!
  8. I have a slightly used EA1 for sale. I don't have the box, but I do have all the items/accessories that come with it. Message me for price, OBO. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am looking to buy the following C4 Gear: (Please do not bother sending me offers for MSRP) PM me with offers. - Wall7 - Wall10 - TT7 - APD-120 - KD-120 - Outlet Swich - EA1 - Door Station (Newest model only) - KA-120 Also i would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for adding the items to my C4 Controller. I am capable of installing all of these physically, and refuse to pay $100-150 an hour for pre-wiring. Thanks for your time, and let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Hi there, I have the option to pick up an old ethernet control4 speaker point. Question is, will it work with an EA1 (running 2.9) as I hope below? Basically I have an EA1 in my garage (my only controller) that it used to control some din rail lighting packs, heatmiser heating and some somfy blinds. My downstairs is basically one big open plan zone with in ceiling speakers. All the ethernet and speaker wiring terminates in a cupboard on the 1st floor. Could I add the speaker point there, put it on the same LAN as the EA1 and use it to drive the ceiling speakers? If so, could I have a an echo dot wired into the 'audio in' on the speaker point and by able to select the echo dot as a source with the control4 interface when desired? Thanks in advance Martin
  11. This might be a dumb question but a question none the less, New integrator and still getting my handle on C4. I have a basic EA1 that I have programmed in the composer. Here's my question. The bedroom that I would like to put it in doesn't have any network wiring in it so I am trying to connect the processor to the WIFI and control it that way. I'm pretty sure this is a possibility because it has the antennae on the back for WIFI I've looked in the composer for an option to enable wifi and on the back of the processor and can't seem to find anyway to accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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